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-Old rivals-

Naruto had been training with the rasengan for six day and it was already late, his chakra may have been still able to go on but he needed rest like everyone else, as he headed back he though back on his progress.

'I've already go it into a stable sphere in my palm, and I finally was able to keep it stable when I move my arm, but I still can't seem to be able to comtrol it when I hit something, it just blows up. Maybe I just need to practice keeping it stable when something is pushing against it. How the heck am I supposed to do that?' He had made it into his and Jiraya's room and went to bed thinking of how to win the bet. A few blocks away Tsunade and Jiraya were having a drink.

'I can't beleive I'm going to do this.' In the middle of their conversation the woman slipped a drug into her teamate's sake. 'Do I really trust that snake?'

The next day came quickly, Jiraya remembered falling asleep in the bar but woke up tied up to a stake.

"What happened last night?"

"Good of you to join us Jiraya." At the voice the old man turned to see both of his former teammates to his left.

"Tsunade what's going on?" He tried to cut his bonds but found that his chakra wasn't cooperating. "Don't tell me, are you working with him?" She didn't answer, the woman turned away.

"Kekekeke, don't be too hard on her old friend, she only wants to be reunited with her lost lover and brother; however, I did ask for two sacrafices, Tsunade."

"You dirt eating snake, I'll kill you!" The group turned to the new voice, there stood a boy dressed in orange with his arms crossed and glaring at the men.

"The insolent brat; Tsunade is this your second sacrefice?" She looked at her teamate, then the boy, then the tied up old man.

"No.... the only one going to die here is you!" Within seconds she had thrown a kunai releasing Jiraya's bindings and brought out a second to try and decapitate the traitor. He dodged and he along with his personal doctor jumped back from the group. "How dare you insult the memories of my loved ones, they'd never want to live if it meant the death of others!"

"You're quite bold but you seem to have forgotten something about yourself, Kabuto..."

"Yes sir." The boy swiftly cut his master's arm, blood ran from his small gash. Tsunade lurched forward, the memories of her loved one's deaths ran through her head.

"You've really let youself go Tsunade, I'll finish this quickly, Kuchiyose no jutsu!" A gaint snake appeared in an explosion of smoke. "Time to lose some thorns in my side, Manda."

"I demand many sacrifices from you Orochimaru!"

"I've seriously had enough with you, you traitor!" Naruto angrily glared at the two on the snake, chakra flared around him. Jiraya stood up shakily, his chakra was still messed up but he was able to gain some control.

"Kuchiyose no jutsu!" Gamabunta shook the smoke from his face and saw his summoner's rival riding one of his least favorite animals. "You think you're ready for a fight Gamabunta?"

"Well let's just say I've been looking for a new snake skinned wallet for a while now." The two beasts clashed with their respective summoners on their heads, Kabuto jumped down to try and get rid of the remaining Sennin before she decided to begin moving again, his path was stopped by Naruto however.

"Kabuto, should have know."

"Hello Uzumaki, are you ready for your death as well?"

"No, I don't think things will work out that well for you."

"And why is that?"

"Just a thought." Tsunade appeared behind the white haired assistant and kicked him in the ribs, she landed with a shutter, her own appentice ran to her side from behind a boulder.

"I hate blood."

"Well then that is a problem." Kabuto rose from the small crater he had made; the summons still fought it out in the background. His side seemed to snap back into place but blood still seeped from his mouth. "This will be an easy kill."

"Alright I've had enough with you four eyes, and I've had enough of this little game, it has gotten too easy."

"What are you talking about, genin?"

"Well if you must know..." He put his hand to his grinning face. "I'm a Chunnin, and I'm about to show my true colors." He pulled his hand away and powerful chakra flooded the area, the boy grew several inches and his atire darkened, his grin was still on his face.

"A-an illusion."

"Yep, your information sucks." Demonic chakra began to envelop the area.

"So you have the the nine tail's sacrifice with you?" The two beasts clashed, sword to fang.

"What's wrong Orochi, scared?"

"I don't remember Konoha being so annoying."

"Then you don't remember Konoha." Kabuto was gaining his confidence back as Naruto's chakra settled.

"It doesn't matter what you do if I can just heal myself."

"Let's see about that theory." The blond appeared before the medic in a flash. "Oni Tsume!" The wave of energy cut into Kabuto's stomach throwing him back and burning his stomach.

"Ugh." Orochimaru's assistant rose as the damage began to heal it's self. 'What was that?'

"Well that didn't kill you, you'd make a good cockroach." He didn't answer, instead Kabuto ran at him with chakra scaple blazing, Naruto backsteped several swipes. In an instant the glasses wearing ninja's attack was stopped by the blond's hand, the chakra blade cutting deeply into it. The defected nin soon felt the blond's knee digging into his stomach.

"Didn't I tell you, I can regenerate." Kabuto shifted around ready to slice his head off when he felt even more pain in his stomach. He coughed at the force, behind Naruto a small amount of smoke cleared.

"I can't beleived that stablized it." The grin grew on his face and Kabuto caughed again.

"Wha-what is this? Ugh."

"I'm not one to tell others my secerets." Moments later Kabuto went flying from the sheer power of the attack. 'I though the clone's help would increase the Rasengan's life but it actually allowed it to fully work, but it still needs work I can't do this by myself yet.' The medic didn't come out of the rock he slammed into this time.

"N-naruto, what are you?" The old woman looked at his face, yet again she saw what she had come ot detest, blood.

"A sacrifice." But then again, it wasn't a comrad's blood, a loved on, someone she cared about; it was the life blood of a traitor and village enemy.

'Maybe I've just been reminded of their deaths so much I've lost sight of myself.' Jiraiya was weak, he couldn't beleive the best he could do was just summon the gaint frog, he couldn't fight with it yet either.

'Tsunade don't you know giving somone you're trying to help an extremely powerful drug is a bad thing!' Orochimaru was taking advantage to this fact.

"It seems our rivalry is near its end." The man readied to release his famous blade, the action was stopped however with a smoke cloud erupted from the other side of the feild; a gaint slug topped with Naruto, Shizune, and Tsunade appeared.

"I'm tired of this pointless fighting, I don't care about any of these complicated situations but I lost a bet; also for the memory of my dear brother and lover I'm going to take care of Konoha's biggest threat." The snake was quickly overpowered when two summons and an angry female sennin attacked him at once; the blond on top of the slug began to built energy in his hands.

"Oni Tsume!" was forced to return to its home. Without the use of his hands Orochimaru was at a disadvantage.

"Kabuto, we've been out numbered." The medic crawlled from his self shaped hole and escaped with the snake sennin. The summons disipated and the group thanked their victory.

"Why arn't we going after them?"

"Thanks to Tsunade." The woman chuckled bitterly at her failure when he shot her a look. "I'm still weak and that snake always had his subbordinates near by, we'd be in trouble if we were attacked."

"Fine, I didn't know that you'd become senile." Tsunade looked into the sky as the two bickered.

'I guess I'm really going back.' Shizune sighed slightly happy for the event, her master had finally gotten out of her slump thanks to these two, but...

"Come back here you Gaki!"

"Try and catch me old man!" If all of Konoha was like them then her life had just gotten harder.

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