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Pairing: Naruto/Hinata, Deadpool/Kurenai

Rating: M

Chapter 1: The Strange Stranger

It was a quiet night in the leaf village, and the homeless seven year old Naruto had just lost the mob of angry villagers chasing him. It was only a week after the orphanage kicked Naruto out. He's been chased three time within that one week period, but he didn't know why everybody hated him. He didn't do anything to anyone, he just asked random strangers if the had any food they could share. And every time, people would start chasing him and call him 'demon child'. Naruto was scared. Scared to talk to people, afraid of being chased down and beaten up for reasons he didn't know. While catching his breath, Naruto heard a villager shout. "Here it is! The demon carrier is over here! Lets hurry up and kill it before the anybody sees us!" Nine other men rounded the corner and saw Naruto. They all had on glares on their faces and began to slowly walk in his direction. That's when Naruto started running in the opposite direction, trying to get away for the second time that night. The men followed shortly after, carrying pitch forks.

(Meanwhile, a Couple Blocks Away)

A man came panting down the street, tired from his long and difficult quest. 'That is the last time I trust a damn fortune cookie!' Thought the man as he stared at the tiny slip of paper in his hands. This man wore a full red and black costume, and was carrying two Katana swords on his back. He also had a belt with several pouches and two guns attached to it. As people gave his strange looks, he continued thinking to himself. 'I mean, I 'looked beyond what I saw' and I still haven't found 'the thing I truly desire' which is a lonely super model looking for a man! On the other hand, it was a freakin' tasty fortune cookie! Though getting lost in a foreign place isn't my idea of fun in the sun. I guess I'll stay here and see if I can find some work in this oversized China Town.' The mercenary rounded a corner and saw a blond kid with whisker birth marks on his face being chased by a bunch of men. Naruto saw the strangely dressed man and hid behind him, holding him leg. Deadpool looked down and saw that the boy had cuts and bruises on his face. Naruto looked up with scared, tear filled eyes.

"Please….help me. T-those men are trying to h-hurt me and I don't know w-why." Naruto pleaded with tears streaming down his face.

Deadpool looked at Naruto, then looked at the men staring at him. Wade was completely shocked that this place had men chasing and beating toddlers. He didn't like the idea of a bunch of men trying to kill a child, even he, an insane mercenary wasn't that low. So he looked at the men with a glare that was even scarier with his mask on. "What has this boy done to you fellows? Because Wade Wilson don't take no child beatin' for any reason, you hear?'' He proclaimed as he mimicked a southern accent as he withdrew his swords.

"Listen here, you freak," started the leader of the group, "it's none of your damn business. And if you know what's good for you, you'll hand over that little demon." The man ordered.

Deadpool looked down and thought 'Demon?' and looked back with an eyebrow raised. "Demon? I don't see any fangs on this kid." He said as he dropped both swords and picked Naruto up, and forcibly opened his mouth and inspected his teeth. "I see no razor sharp claws, no fur, no scales, no multiple eyes, no lacking of eyes, no wings, no lizard tongue, no nothing. So please tell me, mainly because I didn't go to Demon 101, due to the fact that my high school was too cheap to get the money for that class, what the hell makes this boy a demon?!" Wade finished with a loud voice.

"Are you going to give us the boy or not!?" Yelled the impatient man.

"Well……………………………. Nah!" Shouted Deadpool as he charged the men, ready to fight.

But right as them men were about to engage in combat, they were interrupted by a loud voice. "What is the meaning of this!?" Everybody turned and saw a old man in white and red robes. The ten men immediately got on their knees and begged for forgiveness, while Deadpool just stood there, confused. Wade was about to say something, but Naruto interrupted by running and hugging the old man, happy he was there.

"O-old man, I-I was trying to f-find something to eat, b-but those men t-tried to hurt me. T-then that man in r-red saved me." The scared toddler finished as he hid behind the Hokage. The Hokage looked up and glared at the ten men.

"I'll let Anko and Ibiki have fun torturing the ten of you despicable scum for attacking a harmless child." All of a sudden, ten ninjas in various animal masks appeared and grabbed the men and disappeared. Putting away his swords, Deadpool walked over and started talking.

"Wow, this boy isn't that popular around here is he? I mean, I was a hell raiser when I was younger, but not even I, the merc with the mouth, had many mobs chasing after me." Wade said as he bent down and ruffled Naruto's hair.

"Please forgive me for asking, but who are you?" The Hokage asked as he shook the mercenary's hand.

"Who? Me? Well, I'm just your friendly neighborhood mercenary, Deadpool! Though since you're obviously a respective member of this community, you can call me Wade Wilson, Wade, Wilson, Little Wade, Little Wilson, Red Wade, Red Wilson, Uncle Wade, Uncle Wilson, the Merc with the Mouth, Dead Man Wade, Dead Man Wilson or W, for short." Deadpool finished so he could finally take a breath.

The Hokage gave Deadpool a blank stare and nodded. "Very well, I'll call you by Wade. I want to thank you personally for protecting Naruto. He's an orphan and has no one to take care of him. It's nice to see there's still good people out there that would stand up to ten men to protect a child." He finished with a warm smile as he looked down at the smiling and bruised face of Naruto.

"Y-yeah, thank you sir. I….." Naruto was interrupted by Deadpool pulling him in for a friendly headlock.

"Like I told the old man, you can call me Wade Wilson, Wade, Wilson, Little W….." Wade was about to repeat himself but was interrupted by the Hokage waving his hands, signaling for him to stop.

"That's quiet alright, you don't need to repeat yourself. Naruto will call you Deadpool. Are you hungry Naruto?" The leader of the village asked in a friendly voice.

Just then, a low rumbling noise came from Naruto's stomach, causing Deadpool to laugh. "I'll take that as a yes. I'll take little Naruto here somewhere to eat. I got nothing better to do, so why no spent it with this little thug magnet. That reminds me, can I kill anyone who tries to hurt him? I mean, seriously, anybody who would harm a kid shouldn't be walking, am I right?" Asked Deadpool in a innocent voice.

Sarutobi chuckled, "I'm sorry, but I would prefer you leave the punishment to me and my ninja. And just so you know, you can call me Sarutobi. All my friends do. Well, I have to go and make sure Anko and Ibiki don't overdo it and end up making those bastards insane before I get there. And just so you know, Naruto loves ramen, a lot." and with that, Sarutobi disappeared in a puff of smoke. Deadpool coughed and looked down at the small child beside him. 'You sure got yourself into so deep shit this time, Wilson.' "Well, it looks like you're my problem for the time being, so where do you go to get some ramen, squirt?"

"Well, Mr. Deadpool, sir, I would like t-to go to Ichiraka's ramen, if it's not too much trouble." The blond boy answered in a small voice.

"You just take me there, and I might pay for both of us, depending on how good the stuff is. So, how long have you been living on the streets kid? Because I hear, that living inside a house with loved ones is much better then the cold streets." He asked, not completely knowing what he just asked. Naruto was silent, silently crying. When he didn't answer, Deadpool leaned down and picked Naruto up and placed him on his shoulders. Naruto was startled by then Deadpool started talking again. "I'm sorry if what I said upset you. Those bastards in the Weapon X program kinda made me a little psychotic."

"What's the Weapon X program?" Naruto asked as he pointed the way to the ramen booth.

"Well, young Whisker Face, that's where the legendary Deadpool was created. You see, I was just a regular guy until my mother died. My sweet daddy dearest resorted to drinking and abusing me. Then one night, one of my drunken friends killed my dad in a bar fight. Soon after, I was diagnosed with cancer. That's when I joined the Weapon X program. They promised to cure my cancer, and they cured it all right. By giving my an outrageous healing factor, my body was able to beat the cancer. But it came at a price, it caused me to become disfigured. That's why I wear this costume. THEN they label me psychotic and tossed my into a prison lab. I escaped, and became what most people call 'a mercenary'." Deadpool finished as he set Naruto on the ramen stand's stool. The old man and his daughter walked up and greeted the two customers.

"Welcome to Ichiraka's Ramen, what…..Naruto! Are you O.K!? You look like you just got into a fight or something!" The men asked as he got a damp washcloth.

"Y-yeah. A bunch of men tried to hurt me because I asked them for food. The chased me and that's when I met Deadpool. I saw him and hid behind him. And when the mean men told him to give me to them, Deadpool said 'no' and was going to fight them. But old man Hokage appeared and took them away." Naruto finished as the man wiped of the last of the dirt and blood.

Ichiraka looked at the red and black clad stranger and gave him a warm smile. "Well thank you. Naruto was kicked out of the orphanage a week ago and no one would take him in." He said as he placed two bowls of beef ramen in front of them.

"I was just at the right place at the right time. I can't believe the orphanage kicked out a freakin' seven year old! I mean, come on! What could a toddler do that was so bad that…. Hot damn this is good stuff!" Deadpool switched subjects as he tasted the beef ramen.

The old man laughed. "Looks like we have another favorite customer! So, Deadpool, what's with the getup? You look like a comic book super hero or something." Ichiraka as he pinched a piece of Deadpool costume.

Deadpool took another beep breath.

(Another Explanation Later)

"Wow, now that's an interesting story." Ichiraka said as he took Naruto and Deadpool's empty bowls. "You say you have an outrageous healing factor? How outrageous are you talking?"

"Let me show you." Deadpool said as he went into the middle of the street. He withdrew one of his swords and flung it straight up. Then Deadpool extended his right arm and the razor sharp sword sliced it clean off. Naruto, Ichiraka and his daughter were horrified. But was even more horrified when Deadpool simply reattached it, like nothing happened. He looked back and gave his three witnesses a smirk. "See? I'm practically indestructible!" He said as he walked back to have another bowl of beef ramen.

"That was amazing!" Naruto yelled as he jumped into the air.

"Wow, he's right. That was quite impressive." A familiar voice said. Everybody looked left and saw Sarutobi. Before Ichiraka could show gratitude for the Hokage visiting his humble ramen stand, Deadpool walked up and got him in a friendly headlock and gave him a nuggie.

"Sarutobi, good buddy. How are those ten sniveling bastards doing? Are they insane yet? Because if they are, I know a few trick I could pull on them that you would think is hilarious!" Wade finished as he released Sarutobi from the headlock.

Sarutobi straitened his hat and answered. "Sorry, but they're not insane, just in a world of pain. How are things with Naruto? Has he been good to you?"

"Little Whisker Face is doing good. This ramen is to kill for, and being a mercenary, that's handy."Deadpool answered and he took the last mouthful of his beef ramen.

Sarutobi smiled. "That's nice. It's great to see there is another ramen lover out there, besides Naruto. Do you have anywhere to live, Wade?"

"Nope. I just got here, and the first thing I did was save an orphan from being pounded to a bloody pulp." Wade answered as he ruffled Naruto's hair again. Sarutobi thought for a second and spoke in a serious voice.

"Will you two please watch over Naruto for a second? I need to talk to Wade for a second." He asked Ichiraka and his daughter. Sarutobi and Deadpool walked a short distance and started to talk.

"Wade, I need you to do something very important for me. I'm going to tell you a S-rank secret, that mean's you can't tell no one." Deadpool nodded. "Seven years ago, the village was attacked by a demon, called the Nine-Tailed Fox. That demon killed many ninja and was practically un-killable. But the forth Hokage, Naruto's father, sacrificed himself and sealed the demon in the stomach of a newborn infant. The infant, was his own son. His last wishes were that Naruto was to be seen as a hero, for being the reason the Nine-Tailed Fox isn't free. But everybody didn't see it like that. The ninja look at Naruto and think about their friends lost in the battle. The villagers look at Naruto and think about the family members and loved ones they lost. So Naruto has no friends, every time Naruto tries to play at the park, the kids' parents would yell at him and tell him to leave their children alone. He needs a father figure, and a strong one, Wade, I want you to look over him. I understand if you don't we just met. But can you think about it?" Sarutobi said, in a nearly pleading voice. Deadpool again nodded and walked back to the ramen stand. Naruto was finishing his forth bowl of ramen. Wade looked at all the ramen the five year old ate and looked at Naruto.

"Geez kid, you're a freakin' bottomless pit!" Wade then slowly looked at Ichiraka. "How much do I owe you?"

"It's free. Naruto eats here all the time. We're the only place that will serve him anything. And I'd feel like a horrible if I charged a homeless orphan and his only friend. So for now, both you can eat here for free." Ichiraka said with a warm smile.

"WOW! Seriously? That's awesome! This is the better than Canada!" Deadpool said as he started doing a happy dance. Naruto laughed hysterically at Deadpool's action. Sarutobi thought, 'Wade….. Please don't let me down.' Ichiraka thought, 'all right, this is different. But at least Naruto has a friend. And hey, I have another customer.'

To Be Continued…………….