Greetings yet again all my lovelies out there. As the title implies, something has come up that has me somewhat interested. I'm been asked by multiple people if I'd be interested in re-writing my very first story (Also the very first Deadpool/Naruto Crossover) Son of a Mercenary. At first, I was sorta meh about it. The the more I thought about it, the more NOT meh I became. Looking back, I have to say it is SUPER sloppy and fast-writen... But that is something I have come to terms with for a while now.

However, the idea of a re-vamped Son of a Mercenary, with my greatly improved writing skills, kind strikes my fancy. But, I've decided to make this far and not decide this for myself. So, I've posted a poll on my profile asking you, the readers, what you'd like to see. I'll look at the results in a couple a weeks or so, a month at max to see if you guys would be interested in a revival of the first Deadpool/Naruto Crossover ever to grace FanFiction!

Of course, I'll be updating all my OTHER stories in the meantime. So please, if any of you are interested, go place your votes. As for this post? After a decision has been made, I will delete this. So I hope I get to hear from all of you!