"Chu..nnie." Junsu said.


"We are not going to make it. This building will blow up in 12 seconds." He said when they were at the 3rd floor.

"We have to jump." Tora said. He ran to the nearest window and smashed it. They jumped. But as soon as they we out of the window the building blew up. The shock wave hit them and they flew through a window on the building across the street. Everyone in there had died of the shock wave. Or the glas that flew into their bodys.

*NOOO!* They heard everyone yell.

*SHUYA ANSWER ME!* He heard Saki yell.

*SU!" He heard Chunnie yell.

*Are they dead?* Nao(the guy) asked.

*I can't see their spirits.* Taku said.

*Hey guys, I have to give them. This is some strong chip.* Chunnie said.

'The chip? I must have droped it when we flew ovrt them.' Junsu thought.

*We should destroy this. We don't want another psyko get a hold of this.* Saki said. He should have just let it be in the building.

[End of flashback]

"Tora?" Junsu asked. He tried to sit up but the pain was to much. "Shuya?" He asked and he heard someone groan.

"Shuya? Tora?"

"Su...I'm..." It sounded like Tora. And it sounded like he fainted.

'We need help.'

"Chu...nnie? Saki? Nao? Some...one?"

*Did you guys hear that?* He heard Saki ask.

*Yeah, Su?*

"It's nice to hear your voice."

*Are you okay?*

"Do I sound okay to you?" Junsu said weakly but still annoyed. He could hear the others laugh.

"Anyway. we were at the 3rd floor when it was counting down from 10. We had to jump. But when...we just jumped the building exploded. We were hit by the shockwave." He said and started to have hard time seeing. He knew he was slipping.

"We're in the...."

*SU!* Yoochun yelled. He looked at the others.

"At least they are not dead." Sunmi said and Saga nodded. Yoochun looked up and saw that the building across the street was hit by the shockwave. He started to run over to the house. Everyone looked at him. Taku and Nao, looked up to and started to run after Yoochun.

"SU!" Yoochun keept screaming, hoping he would get a respones. But none came. He ran passed a office and looked in. The window was blown into peases and all over people's bodys. It was safe to say that they were dead. But that wasn't what made him stop. He saw Su lying on the floor with Shuya and Tora.

"SU!" He yelled and ran in. He checked his pulse. It was weak but it was there. He did the same on Shuya and Tora. They both was barely alive.

"SAKI WE NEED HELP! THEY ARE BADLY HURT AND BARELY HAS ANY PULSE!" He yelled and Taku and Nao were there in seconds. They both ran to Junsu first then they checked the others. Saga, Hiroto and some guys from Wild seven ran in. They helped with the bodys. Carefully not to make the matter worse.

When they got back to the house they started to treat their wounds. Junsu was the first one to wake up. He opened his eyes and saw that they were back at the house. He tried to sit but he was in to much pain. He saw Shou.

"You saved us didn't you. There is no way we could have survived that shockwave. I flew through the window with my head first. I would have been dead before I landed on the floor."

I had to. You're the only one who could have stopped the game and you did. You deserved to live. He said and looked at a gun. Are you going to do it? He asked.

"It's what he want. Pleaase get Nao(the guy) and Taku here. But don't tell the others." Shou nodded and after a couple minutes Nao and Taku came running.

"Junsu." Nao said and fell to his side. "I'm glad that you're alive." Junsu sat up even if the pain told him not to.

"You can thank your boyfriend for that one."

"Huh?" Both Taku and Nao(the guy) said.

"There was no way we could have survived that shockwave. I flew through the window with my head first. I would have been dead before I hit the floor." He said and Shou blushed. "He said that it wasn't my time yet that's why."

"But what I don't understand is how Nao(the guy) know Saki." Taku said and Nao smiled.

"We share the same dad." Junsu nodded.

"Are you ready?" Nao(the guy) nodded. He took the gun ans handed it to Junsu.

"It's been an horner to meet you." He said.

"It's been an horner to work with you." Junsu said and pulled the trigger.

"WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!" Taku yelled and the others came running and saw Junsu throw away the gun. Taku and Junsu saw Nao's spirit.

"Are you happy Nao?" Junsu asked and Nao nodded. He kissed Shou and they disapeard. But Nao came back.

Please tell Saki why I wanted this and tell her that I love her. She's the best sister I could ever ask for. He said and Junsu nodded.

"WHY?" Saki asked and fell to the floor.

"You see before we came here Nao asked me...."


"Junsu can I ask you for a favor?"


"When this is all over, could you kill me?"

"WHAT?!" Junsu yelled in shock.

"You see, I have tried to live without Shou. I really have. But I found myself thinking about him everyday. I really need him. I want what you and Yoochun have, even if I have to be dead to have that."

"So you want me to kill you so you can be with Shou?" Junsu asked and Nao nodded.

"Yeah, I love him so much. Please Junsu. You're the only one who can talk to him and you said it yourself, he seems misorble." Junsu nodded.

"If it makes you happy, I will do it." Nao smiled and hugged him.


[End of flashback]

"He wanted me to kill him so he could be with the one he loved. And he told me to tell you that he loves you and that you're the best sister he could ever ask for." Saki's tears ran down her cheeks and she ran over and hugged Junsu.

"Thanks for making my brother happy." Everyone left to give Junsu some rest. Yoochun stayed until he fell asleep.

"Chunnie I love you."

"I love you too Su." Yoochun said and kissed him.

-The END-