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About this chapter: Nero has been thinking about the possibility of other guys being around Kyrie unless of course he does something about it, and also he's been accepting slowly but surely the unstopable attraction he feels toward her.

"So, how's you life lately? Miss me much?" Nero winked in his mirror. UGHHHH!This isn't going well....

Let's try this "You voice is so beautiful....i want to hear you singing every day when you bring me breakfast." Yeah, food.... that's the way for a girl's heart...though for my heart hmmmmm...

Well maybe just one more...."Could i walk you every day to church so that every guy knows that you're mine?" Nero scowled at his visage in the mirror. As if he could ever actually offer to do that. Well maybe he could say he needed fresh air....

NO No No! that was out of the question, how much more pathetic could he be?

Nero was trying for at least an hour to find the best way to lightly push himself towards admiting his feelings to Kyrie, but all he managed was some pick up lines and jealous remarks.

What's up with that anyway?

Ever since that passing thought he had about other guys noticing Kyrie he had been feeling as though he already had rivals. And yes Kyrie was a girl, talented with the biggest heart, the sweetest voice, the most soul-melting eyes. And hell, he didn't even know if there was such a thing but to him her eyes....well they could melt his whole being anytime.

Kyrie would be coming soon to bring him his breakfast and he was as usually afraid that he would lose his hold on light conversation and start with the i like you stuff.

No matter how slowly he tried to turn their relationship into a more romance-based one, he was terrified that he would not succeed.

There was a knock on the door and he instantly walked away from the square mirror and headed for the door, already smelling the freshly made cakes that Kyrie baked.

He turned the doorknock and he was momentarily fazed by the image of her.


She had a shy smile brightening her face, her eyes slightly down casted while her hands were full of two baskets with food, one with cookies and pieces of cake and the other with jars and bread rolls.

The thought of having her as his own, always being as caring and thoughtfull as at that moment, had him daydreaming.

"Good morning, i brought you br..." Kyrie started but was cut off by Nero who at last came back to reality.

"Good morning to you, too and thanks for all this." he said gesturing at her full hands.

Kyrie smiled "Can i come in?" she asked and Nero almost kicked his head, well if he could...

"Yes, i was just thinking how nice and,,,ughh thoughtfull it is from you to always bring me breakfast." Nero complimented her. Kyrie chuckled a bit "As if i could not! You'd complain all day long if i didn't." she joked.

"If it's too much then don't. I know i sometimes go a bit crazy over food." Nero apologized. Kyrie looked at him and remarked "You mostly do that with my food, complain i mean..i wonder why that is..." she asked.

Nero opened his mouth without much thinking "It's because i love your food, your breakfast." There was a silence after that and he feared that he stressed too much the word love, but he was only talking about food, even though in his mind there were other things he would like to love about her, as well.

"That's good to know, anyway i also brought you some jam and two loafs of bread so you'll have something for later." she explained.

Nero went to take the two baskets out of her hands but when his hard fingers touched her softer, smoother ones his eyes connected with hers as if asking for permission to touch her hands. His strong hands tooks the weight out of her weaker ones and he placed the food on the table nearby.

He turned his eyes and they stayed like that, glued together along with hers. His mouth was as always slightly open as if he was breathless which wasn't usually untrue since her every stare made him frozen on the spot.

He began searching her face again for something aching to his own feelings at the moment. Her eyes light brown so different from his icy blue ones, her rosie skin, her peachy lips....I love peaches...he though suddenly stopping their gazing.

"So when is this ceremony going to happen, anyway?" he asked changing the atmosphere into a lighter climate.

"Haven't you seen the posters all over town?" Kyrie asked surprised, she knew that Sanctus had order for posters about the great ceremony to be glued on every flat spot in the entire town, surely Nero would have seen them.

"AHH, not really i haven't." He avoided her eyes. The truth was that he had seen posters all around Fortuna and there was written Kyrie's name as the main singer of the ceremony, every time he passed by a poster, his chest filled with pride knowing that Kyrie's name was written there for everyone to see.

Kyrie lowered her head to hide her dissapointment and answered "It's going to be on Sunday." her small voice said.

"OK, just wondering." Nero explained.

"Are you coming? Before you answer you should know that the whole city will be attending the event, it's really important." she pleaded with him.

Nero smirked slightly, he wouldn't care if god himself made an appearance, he would go because he had his own reasons not because the whole population of Fortuna would go as well.

"If the whole city will be attending..." he repeated sarcastically while Kyrie blushed. Nero looked momentarily lost again as he stared at her pink cheeks.

Was it possible to blush like that all the time?

"Don't worry i'll go, but i warn i will only stay for the non boring stuff." he played serious and Kyrie smiled widely.

I wonder if it's normal that i feel so good about making her smile...maybe i should get her something as a gift for that ceremony....he thought while he smiled back.

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