The flight had twenty minutes to board and fuel before takeoff. This goodbye was probably the first she had that was uncomfortable and sad. After she left Spain LAST time, a lot of uncertainty hung over her. Now, after everything that happened in the past week, she suddenly wondered if she WANTED to leave L-4 again. Unless he was with her, she had a feeling she wouldn't budge.

'Quatre.' She lovingly thought. He did so much for her it was almost unreal. It was still amazing he LOVED her, probably as much as she.

She knew the time apart was what did it. It gave her time to reflect and miss him. She suddenly wondered if she HADN'T gone to Martin's birthday party, if he would ever tell her about such a gracious gift. She was a little perturbed, but forcefully shoved it away. He told her and she didn't turn him away as he figured. 'Maybe in the PAST...' But not now, and not ever, she loved him too much.

The first call to board sounded and her gaze swung to the shuttle. Teeth nibbled on her lower lip as her eyes downcast to the ground. Somehow, she felt that after she left, a great unknown stood before her. Age-old woman's intuition gave her a sense of dread that had nothing to do with L-4.

"Hija." Manuel softly interjected.

She looked at her father and her heart went out to him. He looked utterly miserable, but a self-misery he placed on himself. She didn't stop the caring, gentle look on her face.

"Papa..." She softly muttered, stepping toward him with widespread arms. He tightly embraced her and she felt his relief. "Recuerda que siempre su hija y te amo." She whispered.

She released him and quickly hugged her brothers when the second call to board sounded. She was running out of time. Tears gathered in her eyes and fell without hesitation, but what lay before her cast a smile on her face.

Pulling away from Eliah, she put on a brave smile and faced each Barbados. After engraving their faces to heart, she hurried to the stairs. Stopping at the bottom, she turned and waved. "¡Se amo!" She shouted, widely smiling.

Feeling she was holding up the shuttle, she ran up the steps and inside. They would be okay, she KNEW it. The whole week's trial not only cemented her love to QUATRE, it deepened her family's blood bond.

After sitting in her seat, she looked out the window and looked at her homeland, having put all ghosts to rest. She was leaving on good terms with EVERY aspect of her life.

"Hola's me." Her lips pressed together as silence answered. Her eyes remained glued to the headstone in her kneeling stance. One hand reached out and brushed over the porous surface. "I KNOW I haven't visited lately...but, you know what's been happening around me so I don't need to explain."

Lips pressed together again. She believed her mother was in heaven and looking down on her. "I know you'd approve of Quatre. It's just sad you weren't able to meet him." Eyes lowered to the grass.

Tears gathered and slowly trailed down her impassive face. Right now, she didn't feel all that sad... She knew she needed to fill all the holes in her heart before she could be truly happy. The thought of visiting her mother's grave filled her with dread, but now that she was here, a sense of peace filled her. She NEEDED to do this and felt her mother's spirit comfort her somehow.

"I'm sorry I haven't dealt with su muerte." She whispered, guilty eyes closing. "Para MI, dealing with it meant you were gone." Feeling an inner strength from the soft breeze, her eyes took in the headstone again. "Pero AHORA, conozco que no está VERDAD. Siempre recordaré te." She seriously vowed.

Feeling calmer than she had over her mother, she rose and looked at the headstone one last time. "Te amo mama. I ALWAYS will. Y conozco que siempre ME amas." Silently turning, she headed for the wrought iron gates.


He had a tense week without her at work and knew it wouldn't end until he laid eyes on her in person. The small tenseness turned to anxiousness this morning as soon as he knew her plane had taken off from Spanish soil. He didn't need to check the clock; he could sense she was in space and getting nearer. She was coming home.

His attention jerked to the space doors, hearing the outer safe doors close. After a few agonizing, fidgeting moments, the interior doors opened, as soon as no threat of the vacuum was found.

Teeth constantly nibbled on his lower lip, even if he didn't know he was DOING it. This was the first time he awaited her arrival home in such a manner.

The shuttle slowly moved in, the inner doors closing as soon as the tail pulled through. His muscles jerked to run through the exit corridor and to the shuttle and wrap his arms around the woman he loved, but he held himself back. A single impatient step got past.

Rashid stood next to his young friend, eyes half on the shuttle and the edgy youth. A smile tipped his lips, breaking through the even face. He cast another gaze at the youth, finding blue riveted on the transport on the other side of the glass. Another smile turned his lips. "Master Quatre, when Miss Barbados arrives through the terminal, go ahead and meet me back here." He announced.

He jumped a little, not expecting Rashid to say anything. He looked up at the brunette, a sheepish smile on his face. Had he been THAT easy to read? "Got it." He shortly answered, eyes quickly going back to the transport ship.

As soon as the announcement rang over the intercom that the passengers of the shuttle disembarked, he did what Rashid figured. Rashid's eyes were more directed to the blond youth, watching his face. As expected, it lit up and he took off in the opposite direction, almost in a run. A smile light his face, Rashid leaned against the wall and crossed his arms in waiting.

Ocean eyes almost frantically scanned the crowd. He kept giving out apologies for brushing past people in his search, not really sorry. All that mattered was holding Diva and kissing the daylights out of her to show how much he loved her.

She figured the suspended hallway was NEVER going to end. That and the turtle speed passengers were going to drive her insane! She forced a casual walk, but knew he was inside. She couldn't see him, but could FEEL he was here.

After the man in front of her finally walked into the building, she hastily shuffled around him and started looking. Her lips pursed with a silent wish that she was as tall as Rashid. 'I'll NEVER find him in this crowd!' She despairingly thought.

Part of her wanted to surprise him by finding him first, but the other wanted to do the whole movie greeting. The one where lovers run across the area toward each other; nothing in their path. Her head craned around the masses. 'Well, the LAST part would be a nice thing to wish for!' She retorted. Clutching her carry-on, she continued on.

He was the first to spot her, since he headed straight for the exit tunnel. Their height wish was the same, even if he shot up an inch or two since the war ended.

The light in his eyes intensified and the silly grin expanded at seeing her look for him. Feeling giddiness, a hand purposely went over his mouth to keep from shouting out her name. He felt mischievous at the moment.

Fighting laughter, he stealthily made his way over, wishing he had a hat to cover his hair. She was most likely looking for his head if anything. Which was understandable, not many such held a natural light blond as he did.

Not even fifteen foot away, the hand left his mouth. He just had to say her name and watch her face light up. "Diva!" He called out, still moving toward her.

Her head jerked around wildly. She recognized his voice, able to pick it out in such a noisy crowd. She had a feeling she could find her way to him in the dark.

Turning full circle, she stopped a second later when the crowd seemed to part for a second. Using that time, also feeling her face light up brighter than the sun, she hurried to him. "QUATRE!" She happily shouted, not caring how loud she was being.

The movie scene panned out in a way; she lost sight of everyone. Only having to push her way around a few people, she ran straight into his outspread arms, fiercely hugging him.

As soon as their bodies connected, his arms tightened and lifted her off the ground. He spun her around a few times before setting her down and kissing her without a word. Their lips harshly connected. Both pairs of arms tightened and threatened to cut off their airways.

When they let go, both gasped for air. Her head rested on his shoulder and her arms tightened even more. He repeated her actions, feeling love control every action he made. "Te amo Diva." He whispered, burying his face in her shoulder. The love he was feeling was so intense it brought tears to his eyes.

Her eyes watered through a wide smile upon hearing that. NEVER would she tire of it. Looking out at the people as they appeared through the ardor haze, she pulled back slowly. "Y te amo TAMBIÉN." She answered, kissing him with the same passion as their first.

After both regrettably pulled away to breathe again, his forehead rested against hers. "Let's get out of here." He suggested, still smiling like an idiot. Life was great right now; nothing could spoil this between them anymore. The only trial over their love, they passed with flying colors.

She smiled back and pulled away to look into his eyes. "Good." She agreed. Not wanting to be too far away for any reason, she wrapped an arm around his waist. He did the same and her eyes went to their feet, trying to keep their walk in rhythm. "I have yet to kiss you senseless for what you did for me." She happily joked, feeling laughter bubble.

He eyed his love with an amused expression, chuckling. "You mean you didn't with those two previous kisses?" He asked, face taking on a look of mock amaze. She laughed and the hand around his waist tightened, getting a yelp from him. His hand returned the ticklish gesture, getting the same action from her as well.

"No WAY buddy. That was just a greeting!" She muttered, giggling.

When the two stopped before Rashid, he bowed. "Divinity. It's good to have you home. Shall we?"

"Let's!" She excitedly burst out. "We need to do something to celebrate!"

He looked at her and grinned, nodding his consent.


The entire month was bliss. There was no better way to describe it, unless she wanted to use heaven. Each day seemed like a god-given right. Even though she was always anxious to get to work and see Quatre, she still went in during normal business hours. She used the extra time to doll herself up a little more than normal and impress him. Not that she needed to, but it was fun to wow him on a daily basis.

There were times when she left late, most of those with him as a ride home or going out to dinner together. Rarely did she spend an evening at home, unless he was with her. He took to driving a lot more on the weekend, making her feel more like a normal teenager whose boyfriend drove instead of being toted around in a plush car.

The rest of the fifth month since their initial meeting passed. The days passed like a blur for them both; a romantic, love-filled blur. Their third anniversary soon arrived and the two went out to the same club they went to on their first date. Afterwards, she accompanied him back to his mansion. She just didn't want the night to END, ending up in his arms the rest of the night.

The day after, in a different business suit she kept stashed at his mansion for such reasons, she typed away as normal. A nearby beeping sounded and she quickly swiveled the chair toward the vid phone. Not needing to paste a smile on her face, she pressed the button.

Her eyes widened in happiness upon finding the caller's identity. The normal greeting flew from her mind, business etiquette sliding this once. "Hey Relena." She greeted.

Relena smiled and nodded. "Hello Divinity. Is Quatre around?"

She gave a wry smile. "When is he NOT?" They both giggled and she put Relena on hold. Swiveling back to the computer, she tapped the device on the monitor, opening the line to his desk. "Oohh QUATTRREEEE..." She singsonged.

As soon as her voice picked up on the intercom, a smile burst upon his face. Work wasn't a problem now that she was nearby. Being his personal secretary only made it better; she was able to go to his office more often. That meant an embrace, a touch, a lingering kiss... "Yes Diva?" He asked, trying to keep laugher from his voice.

"Relena's on line one." She gaily answered, putting a hand to her mouth to keep laughter at bay.

Curiosity knit his brows together as he thanked her and terminated the connection. Moving to the vid phone, he pressed a few buttons and grinned when her face popped up. "Hey Relena, what's up?"

A sandy blond brow rose. "My, my. Such an IMPERSONAL greeting Mr. Winner." She joked, grinning.

He smiled sheepishly. "Well you know ME, I LIKE impersonal at my office." They chuckled. "How can I help you?" He asked, folding hands in his lap.

Deep blue sparkled. "I have a proposition for you. One I think you'll ACCEPT."

He raised a brow. "Oh? And pray-tell, what makes you think I'll AGREE? I do have WORK to do y'know." He musingly retorted. "Busy, busy, BUSY."

"Oh, it's not MUCH," She humorously answered, a hand waving dismissally, "just an offer to stay at SANK for a few weeks...with watch TROWA perform..."

He shot toward the vid phone, hands on either side of the device. "Trowa's going to SANK?!" He excitedly burst out. Exhilaration sprang forth. He couldn't remember the last time he saw his best friend! "Of COURSE I'll go!"

Relena smirked. "Knew you WOULD." She answered, laughing. "Any time you get to see Trowa and spend your vacation with Divinity is an automatic YES." One hand kept her chin propped up as she stared at him over the line. "I think you two would be happy if you spent your vacation in your GUNDAM."

He blushed, but laughed. "Probably." He agreed, grinning an idiotic, love-sick grin. They shared another laugh. "When is he arriving?"

"In a few weeks." She replied. "He'll be here hopefully by the end of the month. You intend on BEING here by then?"

His lips pursed in quick calculation. "MAYBE. I can reschedule a few meetings I have around that time, but there're a few I have this week and the beginning of next."

One hand rubbed over his smooth chin in thought. "I'll just do what Diva suggested I guess..." He quietly muttered, remembering her plea that he ditty up the work between the mangers in their positions. "Test the work ethic of the company..." He looked back at the screen, shaking himself. "I'll tell Diva and we'll be down by Trowa's arrival."

Relena smirked. "You're not going to ASK her?"

He grinned. "Anywhere SHE goes, I go, and vice versa. I know she won't want me going by myself, not when she can use some of her vacation. Plus, Jenny'll be able to use the hours..."

He went off into his thoughts, already calculating what he was going to say to the company. The employees already knew they were going out and in love, he suspected they did even before he and Diva did.

"Then it's settled. I'll make sure Pagan has your rooms ready for your arrival." A finger pointed to the screen. "Just make sure you CALL when you touch down on Sank soil, alright?"

Defensive hands shot into the air. "Yes MOTHER." He joked, grinning.

After talking a little more and the connection was done, he moved back to the intercom. "Oh DIIIVAAA..." He singsonged back.

"Yes QUATRE?" She answered, trying to hold back laughter.

"I need to tell you something. Could you come to my office please?"

With a raised brow, she agreed and terminated the connection. She forced a casual walk, even though those she passed knowingly smiled at where she was going. Feeling a small blush creep up her neck, she only smiled and continued on. Part of her wondered what he needed to tell her that he couldn't do over the COM.

The smile turned to a wry grin. 'He probably wants me to sit on his lap so he can wrap his arms around my waist again.' She thought. A finger slowly ran over her chin in thought. 'Hmm, not a bad IDEA...'

After giving the ok to enter, he beckoned her over. As soon as she was within arm's reach, a hand shot out and gripped her wrist, pulling her to him.

She comfortably settled over his lap, hands wrapping around his shoulders with his on her waist. Not wanting to waste the moment, he promptly kissed her.

When they finally pulled apart, nearly gasping, she gave him an odd look. "What was THAT for?"

He smiled. "I don't NEED a reason for kissing you, do I?" He asked, a hand snaking up her back. It twirled around a lock of curly hair absently, creating shivers up her spine.

"Nope, now do it again."

After pulling away a second time, she leaned away before they continued a third time. "Now," She breathed, "you had something to TELL me?"

Staring at her swollen lips, he nearly forgot the reason he wanted her in his office, other than to kiss and hold her. His eyes met hers, blinking momentarily. He gave a small blank look before shaking himself.

"Yes, sorry." He apologized, meekly smiling. "Maybe next time I have important news, you stay off my LAP."

"Fat chance buster. You pulled ME, I didn't plop down first. What news?"

He grinned and slowly rubbed his hand over her office jacket. "Well," He drawled, "you know Relena was on the line..."


A brow rose. "And she said that Trowa is performing at the Sank Kingdom near the end of this month. She invited me to go and I said we'd love to."

She looked at him dumbly. She knew of the Sank Kingdom due to her time in the war, but never in her life think she'd be VISITING the place!

After getting over the shock, she processed what he said. She smirked. "And what makes you think I'd go WITH you? I think I've had quite enough traveling to and from Earth for a while."

He gave her a bored look. "PLEASE. You wouldn't last two DAYS without me here. Just as I hate coming in on the weekends when you're not here." The hand trailed underneath her hair, pushing her head toward his. He wanted another kiss before they were forced to go back to work.

She smiled and complied. "Hmm, you have some LOGIC in that thought." She murmured huskily. "When do WE leave?"

"Just as soon as I can get everything arranged with my meetings and paperwork." He lowly answered, his eyes locked with her half-open orbs.

"YOU take care of the paperwork and leave the meetings to ME." She quietly suggested, lips a fraction from his.

"Fine with ME." No other words escaped after that.

After they broke apart a third time, he let go of her waist. "But I still plan on taking some with me, just for something to do in the downtime."

She mildly pouted and glared. "This is SUPPOSED to be VACATION Quatre!" She playfully scolded, the hands behind his neck toying with his silk hair.

He shivered from her actions, his lids lowering from the sensations. "Then you'll have to HELP me with it, WON'T you?" He huskily suggested. She grinned.


After they grabbed all luggage and weaved their way around the crowds, he grasped her free hand. "I'm going to call Relena and let her know we're on Earth before she bites my head off again." He answered, eyes locked on the small vid phones.

She gave him an odd look, but kept quiet and followed. After dialing the numbers, he waited for the connection. He expected Relena's ecstatic face that his flight was fine, but instead, got Duo's bright eyed gaze.

"HEY Quatre, what's UP? You finally here??"

It took him a second to get his response bearings. "Yup. Relena nearly gave me Heero's glare when she told me to call after we landed!" He joked, widely grinning. Duo laughed. "So, is she around Duo?"

Upon hearing the name, her gaze turned around. Previously leaning against the wall to allow him some privacy, she now wanted to see the person she was being compared with. "You're DUO?" She asked, eyeing him.

The violet eyed youth's brow rose and hid in his expanse of bangs. "In the flesh beautiful. And YOU'RE...?"

"Divinity." She turned, noticing the look he was giving Duo for that remark. "THAT'S Duo??" She asked again, jerking a thumb to the screen.

He looked at her before remembering. He nodded. "He said so himself." He wryly answered.

"THAT'S who you've been COMPARING me to??" She continued, giving an odd look.

"What??" Duo burst out. His gaze shifted between the two. "Quatre? What's she TALKING about?" He queried, curiously narrowing his eyes.

"Hair. You'll have to wait until we get there." He answered, waving a dismissing hand. "Is Relena around?"

"Yup. Probably babysitting Heero again if I'm-"

"WHAT?!" He nearly yelled. She jumped at the drastic change of voice. She eyed him in confusion as he glared at Duo. "I THOUGHT you said you didn't KNOW where Heero was!" He accused, raising a brow that dared Duo to defend himself.

Duo's eyes widened. "Um...well, you see," A hand rose and sheepishly scratched the back of his head, "I'll just...let RELENA explain. I'll go find her for you!" He hurriedly rambled, putting him on hold before he could object.

Wondering what was up more than ever, his arms crossed with a small pout. "Relena's got some EXPLAINING to do." He muttered, staring holes into the ground.

She looked at him with a confused, but amused look. He looked so adorable the way his arms were crossed and that finger impatiently tapped over his forearm, the way his bangs hid some of his exotic eyes. She couldn't help herself. She stepped closer and kissed his pouty lips, unable to let that position go to waste.

He was stunned at the sudden action, but didn't hinder it. In the span of a few seconds, his mood changed, as well as his position. Both arms wrapped around her waist, hugging her tightly to him as the phone was entirely forgotten.

Someone loudly clearing their throat halted the kiss. They both regrettably pulled away and simultaneously glared at the screen. "WHAT?" He asked.

His eyes widened after seeing Relena, but remembered he was a little peeved for not being able gain Heero's help with the money transaction. If he were able to get a hold of the pilot, a lot of stress and time would've been saved.

"Relena... What's Heero doing in SANK?" He evenly asked, body turning to the screen.

"I'll explain later. It's QUITE a long story." She answered, shaking her head. "You on Earth yet?"

"We're in the airport terminal." He answered, feeling her hand snake behind his back. A smile popped up.

"Hey Relena." She warmly greeted. She smiled and absently wiped her mouth.

"You just can't keep your hands OR mouth off him for a minute, CAN you?" Relena playfully retorted, widely grinning.

Brown widened through that smile. "Well...just LOOK at him!" She playfully answered, waving her free hand over the front of his body. They laughed when his head ducked through a blush.

"Minx." He answered in her ear, quickly kissing her temple. She sighed and leaned against him. Giving Relena his attention once again, he mildly grimaced. "Well you're RIGHT anyway." He agreed. "So, how're we getting there?"

"I can have someone pick you up. Which terminal are you in?"

After arranging a place to meet, he terminated the call and turned. "So, let's go find a place to sit down."


Brown were able to take in a lot of the land from their low riding position in the air after they entered the atmosphere. She saw a lot of trees, along with a small blotch of white and some nearly hidden buildings as they passed.

Now that they were on the ground and headed toward their destination, she looked out both windows on either side of the plush car, avidly taking in the ancient surrounding beauty.

A hand squeezed hers three times to gain her attention, and just to tell her he loved her. She looked at him with a smile, repeating the pattern.

"Exciting isn't it?" He asked, his eyes idly looking out a window.

Her brows rose. "You've BEEN here?" She wondrously asked.

He smiled at her awestruck behavior. "During the war. I served as a protector for Relena." He answered. Feeling a little dishearten at delving into the past, as he usually did, his head rested over her shoulder, eyes still closed.

She kept looking out the window up to the point of contact. A gentle, loving smile appeared as she eyed his blond head. Her lips gave a soft kiss to it. Her eyes closed as she situated her cheek over his head for the remainder of the ride. His hands squeezed again and she copied it, bringing his knuckles to her mouth in a small kiss.

The ride was cut short, the embrace broken. They were both a little saddened, but she was soon over it upon seeing the residence she was staying in for a few weeks. Her neck craned up as high as it would go, eyes as wide as saucers. "Wow..." She breathed, feeling humbled by the history and majesty that surrounded her.

"You're going to get a neck cramp if you keep THAT up." He suddenly murmured near her ear. She shivered lightly from his breath and looked at him.

"Alright, FIRST order of business is you take me on a TOUR of this place!" She excitedly answered, grabbing her carry-on bag from him. She slung it over a shoulder and grabbed her rolling luggage bag.

"Actually, I'll let Relena do that." He humorously answered. He heard the door open and looked up. He gave a brief wave before grabbing his own roller luggage. "And there she is now. Speak of the devil."

"Quatre! Divinity!" Relena loudly greeted, hurrying down the steps. She briefly, but tightly hugged them both before grabbing a hand. "I'm so glad you could make it. Everyone else is inside waiting."

"Everyone?" She asked, trying to roll the bag up the stairs. She suddenly wished there weren't so many, or she hadn't PACKED so much. She heard the other set of clacking and knew he was having the same dilemma.

"Well, ALMOST everyone."

He looked at Relena, but kept quiet.

As soon as they got past the double doors, a grand entrance surrounded them. Brown widened again as she looked around in utter shock. "¡Aye DIOS MIO!" She breathed, awed at such ancient beauty.

Relena smiled. "Come on; leave your stuff at the stairs. You can take it to your rooms later." Doing as requested, they dropped the luggage and carry-on, being drug in a direction seconds later. "I want you to meet our friends Divinity."

"Okay..." She blankly answered, trying to keep up. Her attention was only half on Relena, some still given to the architecture with its intricate carvings and antique furniture.

'This place is bigger than QUATRE'S!' She suddenly thought. 'FANCIER too.'

After going into a sort of sitting room, Relena let go of his hand, but tugged her next to her. "Divinity Barbados, may I present Duo Maxwell and Hilde Schebeiker, Trowa Barton and Washu, and Trowa's sister Catherine."

She smiled upon seeing recognizable faces. "I already know SOME of them." She answered, letting go of Relena's hand. She eagerly went to Catherine and embraced the woman. Letting go, she looked into the elder woman's face. "It's so good to see you again Cathy!" She announced.

Cathy nodded. "Likewise. I'm happy you could make it."

She jerked a thumb behind her. "Yea well, he basically DRAGGED me with him..." She kidded, love shining in her eyes.

"HEY!" He defended. He stopped behind her and poked her sides, getting a yelp.

She turned and playfully glared. "You're going to GET it LATER señor." She vowed.

"Looking FORWARD to it." He cheekily answered. A finger tapped her head. "¡Y para LLAMANDO me SEÑOR!" He lightly ordered. "Conoce que ODIOLO cuando DICE esa." She shrugged.

"I see you two have finally come together." Trowa suddenly answered. Green met blue and smiled slightly.

He blinked after seeing forest green and sensing a multitude of emotions, some he never felt before concerning his best friend. Trowa certainly CHANGED... There was no other way to explain it.

His eyes gravitated to Washu at his side, their hands clasped and he smiled. "I see I'm not the ONLY one." He answered, nodding to Washu. He let go of his love and went to the Chinese girl, embracing her warmly. "It's good to see you again." He whispered.

"As it is with YOU Quatre." Washu whispered back. They pulled away and looked at each other. "I missed you."

"But I see you had your hands full in the meantime." He joked, a twinkle in his eyes. She playfully scowled, but he could see the love in her eyes.

Washu's gaze swung to her love and she smirked. "Yea, he's a full-time job, but SOMEBODY'S gotta do it."

Trowa looked down and raised an eyebrow. "You should TALK love." He kidded back, cracking a small smile. His nose childishly wrinkled when she stuck her tongue out at him.

He stepped back and watched the small scene, ears perked to Trowa's pet name. He couldn't be happier that Trowa found someone to love. Love was what made the world go round! "It seems we have a LOT to catch up on."

Trowa nodded, eyeing her. She was looking at him like she'd never seen him before. "I see we do." He agreed, seeing a small note of suspicion in her dark orbs.

"There's also some things I need to tell you." He seriously continued. He looked at her and then Trowa. "I told her."

Trowa's eyes widened somewhat. "I thought you said you weren't going to." He burst out, quickly shutting up.

"YOU were the HACKER?" She asked, stopping behind Quatre. Her arms went around his waist, chin resting over his shoulder. She smiled warmly a second later.

"Then I have you to thank ALSO it seems." A hand comically extended, her position not moving. "He told me at utmost necessity, but we can discuss that later. ALONG with your change of personality." She quipped. Trowa mouth gaped open, but didn't have time to answer.

"DIVA!" He retorted, abashed at her lack of tact.

"So THIS'S what you meant!" Duo suddenly said. His hand grabbed a chunk of unbound hair and pulled it upward. His eyes widened through a whistle. "GEEZ!"

She let go of him and turned around to Duo. "Duo?" He looked at her. She walked around him and grabbed his braid, holding it up. "I've never seen a guy with braided hair." She muttered, eyeing the mass, now knowing why they compared her hair with his.

"You have NOW." He jovially answered, turning to face her, even though she still held his hair. She smirked and rolled her eyes.

After introductions were out of the way, Catherine excused herself from the youths. Each couple, minus Relena, sat together in the furniture setting. Duo wouldn't let Hilde off his lap, and he was the same with her. Trowa simply settled for the loveseat, though Washu snuggled against him.

"So," Relena piped up, looking at everyone, "who should start FIRST?" Three couples looked at each other, but Trowa said he should give his instances with Washu first, then let Quatre speak.

When both Trowa and Washu finished their tale, he knew he needed to say something. Words were on the tip of his tongue, but he couldn't get the air past the lump in his throat. Their story was so horrible, but so receiving in the end. It almost reminded him somewhat of his trials.

"That' sad..." She whispered, dark eyes shining. She suddenly felt a deep bond with Washu for the struggles she went through with her parents, a little sad that the Chinese girl lost both. She was now thankful she at least had her father and brothers left, even though her beloved mother was gone.

She locked eyes with black. "I'm glad you were able to overcome it." She continued warmly, feeling compassion.

Washu smiled softly and nodded. "It WAS hard." She softly answered, eyes going to the floor.

They started in on their tale, going all the way back to the first meeting six months ago. He did a lot of the talking, but she added a few things about her problems about her mother's condition and her reasons for moving to L-4 in the first place. She gave few details about the day Enrique called and said her mother died, not wanting to rehash everything. She told about his generosity in going with her to Spain, smirking when she told about their trip. He just gave her a playful jab, getting one back for picking on him.

He took up the tale after their trip ended, when he was trying to find Heero to do the money transfer. He talked to Duo, looking at the violet youth while he spoke. Duo mildly cowered down and said he'd explain later, when Relena gave her side of things. After that, he explained how he and Trowa changed the money and the cover-up to get the circus to L-4. He left out some details of their lives meshing with Trowa and Washu's, knowing the pair across the way already knew some of it. Still, he gave a good deal for the other three, not wanting them clueless on the stories.

She continued after he told about the circus leaving, explaining the night he asked her out. She smiled as she spoke, unable to believe she was so naïve in thinking he wasn't talking about HER. She gave a detailed account of his offer to help her furnish her apartment, their first and second dates, along with promise to recite the song they danced to later if anyone wished. She hadn't really meant to let the offer slip, but recalling the majesty of the restaurant and their first kiss excited her.

Duo piped up that he wanted his and Hilde's song played if she could wing it.

She noticed Washu eyeing her, asking her about it.

"You play an instrument?" Washu eagerly asked, eyes shining.

She nodded. "The piano. I can swing a few other instruments by ear if I need to. Why?"

Washu grinned widely. "I play the guitar. We should play together when we can."

She grinned going back to her side of the tale. After telling about her wish to go back to Earth for her brother's birthday, he started jumping in. It was mildly funny, but confusing, when the two kept giving off the occasional humorous 'perdón' or 'lo siento' whenever they spoke at once. It confused the others, since they didn't know what was being said.

Both told about their sides of the week fiasco, her arms going around Quatre when she heard more of how worried and angered he was over her and their situation. She whispered something in his ear that the others didn't hear, saying how sorry she was for upsetting him. He only smiled and kissed her forehead in response before going back to their tale.

He told of his talk with Relena and the amount of thinking he did over revealing the transaction. She butted in by saying some of the things that went on during that week in Spain, along with explaining how she was able to call in the first place.

He described the call to her father and what he told the elder man. Her arms tightened as she remembered all the emotions during that shaky period.

"It seems that you two have had quite the six months!" Relena kidded, smiling. A hand ran over her face. "Man, where to start with MINE?"

"How about AFTER Trowa and Quatre left Lena'?" Duo humorously suggested. Hilde lightly elbowed him in the chest while Relena playfully glared.

"THANK you, Duo." She wittily retorted. He cheekily grinned and nodded. Relena told little about Hilde's condition and Heero's personal 'mission'. She let Duo talk during his absence in Sank, hearing a few details he hadn't given the first time after he returned.

Blue widened a little. "THAT'S what Heero sent WUFEI after?!" She nearly screeched, trying to keep calm.

Duo nodded darkly. "That girl isn't all there I think." Hilde looked at him disapprovingly, but Duo just shook his head. "I'm SERIOUS babe, she was like, FREAKY. I'm surprised Heero was able to LAST against her as long as he had! I know I wouldn't have!"

"But, enough about this strange girl," He answered, "can I go SEE how Heero's improving?" He looked at Relena expectantly. "Besides, I want Diva to meet him too." He eyed his love with a smirk. "See if she can jostle his exterior."

Relena smirked and looked at Washu. "Good luck. Washu didn't have any real effect on him, except make him more suspicious."

Washu shrugged. "I think he's too distrustful for his own GOOD." She wryly answered, leaning against Trowa. An arm entwined behind her back, hand resting over her waist.

"Well, I don't know if he'll be UP..." Relena thoughtfully answered, looking at the clock. "But I'm sure he's had enough time to rest." She grinned wryly. "Probably cursing me for keeping him stationed so long." He and Duo grinned, rendering her the only one lost to the inside track.

"Well," She answered, getting off Quatre, "vamos despertarle entonces."

"Good idea Diva." He agreed, standing. "I wanna see him again." The two started from the room, the others clueless on their small conversation.

Relena soon got in front to lead them to his room. She knocked quietly, announcing her presence. Slowly opening the door to check his state, she was mildly relieved he was awake. "Heero," She smiled and pushed the door open, "I have more visitors for you."

Blue slowly closed as if Relena was pushing his tolerance. They opened to find three couples plus Relena crowd in the large room. He nodded to Trowa and Washu again, eyeing Duo, and locking eyes with him. Heero nodded a small greeting to the Arab.

"Hello Heero. Glad to see you're safe, and ALIVE." He announced, grinning wryly. Heero just grunted his agreement. Hia hand grasped her arm and drug her to the front from her place behind him.

She shuffled forward a little, somewhat timid at such a daunting person, even if he was laid up! "Heero Yuy, I'd like to present Divinity Barbados." He smiled widely. "She's staying with me during Trowa's performance."

Heero nodded. "I heard some of your conversation downstairs." He evenly answered. Dark blue pierced deep brown.

Her eyes widened. "You heard that all the way up HERE??" She asked, mouth opening in awe.

Relena proudly smiled. "Heero has good hearing."

"APUESTO." She wondrously muttered, still staring at Heero.


After leaving Heero again, the group went their own separate ways. Trowa and Washu gave a vague direction out back where they'd be, Duo and Hilde content to go back to their rooms, while Relena showed Quatre and Divinity THEIRS. Just before Divinity and Washu parted, the Chinese girl gripped Divinity's arm, whispering in her ear to find her when she was finished unpacking.

As she went inside her room, the hand grasping the luggage's handle loosened, the tilted object dropping with a thump. Knowing the door was still open, and Relena BEHIND her, she hurriedly picked herself up, ALONG with the luggage. Mildly ducking her head, she rolled her things to one side of the bed and turned to Relena. "This place is a DREAM!" She gushed, widely grinning.

Relena smiled, trying not to laugh at Divinity's obvious captivation of the room. "Glad you like it." Blue eyes took in the plush guest room. "Not often I get visitors. It's a treat to be ABLE to fill up this old mansion." She wistfully commented.

She softly smiled. "Well I'm GLAD to BE here." She softly kidded, getting a smile from Relena.

He put his things away while Relena showed Divinity her room. He heard the thump, along with the statement, so he didn't bother rushing over to see what the matter was. She was just star-struck; ANYONE would be upon seeing the inside of such a grand, history-filled area. With a look around, he nodded satisfactorily that everything was secured where he wanted it. Afterwards, he left his room and walked next door; glad Relena was smart enough to put him and his love next door to each other.

"Diva? Relena?" He spoke, eyeing the two in the doorway. A soft smile popped up. "Everything okay?"

Relena pulled away from Divinity, feeling kindness from the action swell in her heart. She gave Quatre a small smile. "Everything's fine Quatre. I'll leave you two to look around now." She answered, going down the hall.

Her eyes lit up at hearing that. One hand gripped his shirt and tugged. "YES! Let's GO!" She excitedly answered, shaking his arm.

"Only if you let GO." He kidded, being released a second later.


She finally connected with Washu again, though it took some time to find her. They met up with the Chinese girl, minus Trowa for some odd reason, in the large ballroom. Sunlight streamed through windows, a lot of it catching Washu's unbound hair as she strummed a guitar.

"HERE you are." She answered, striding in. Her eyes landed on the piano with a gleeful look, but she stopped in front of Washu. "You said to find you after I finished packing, but I took the long way to do it." She wryly kidded.

His arms encircled her waist from behind, chin resting on her shoulder. "She wanted me to show her around." He added.

She playfully scowled at being told on, but Washu just smiled. "That's alright; I know I was in your position when I got here." She smirked. "Just ask Trowa." Carefully putting down her grandfather's guitar, she sat up. "I know we didn't really meet the first time on L-4, but I wanted to ask a favor of you."

Her head tilted, meeting his. "No problem. What is it?"

Washu smiled and sheepishly looked at the polished wood. "I wondered if you could play a song for me tonight." She softly uttered, looking back up into deep brown.

She kindly smiled. "What song?" She asked, meeting black. The lack of color, but such a beautiful one, fascinated her. Washu's eyes were stunning; there was no other way to describe them.

Washu picked up the guitar again and shouldered it, plucking a few keys. "I'll play it for you first, that way you'll get the gist of it." She answered. She slowly strummed what the piano would play, singing both parts in a breathy voice.

After it finished, she tried keeping tears from her eyes. It was such a beautiful and well-written piece. She knew it was their song. Something told her that, even though she only heard of their trials, it suited them to a T.

After Washu finished playing, she disengaged herself from Quatre and went to the piano, beckoning the girl over. She asked Washu to play it again, closing her eyes to ingrain it in her head.

After Washu finished a second time, void of any lyrics, brown blankly stared at the empty music holder. She was in a zone she normally entered while playing the more complex pieces.

Hands caressed the keys while she stared at them, remembering the song. Music was a passion she had, giving her a good memory at strands of notes and written lines.

He stood by and watched, eyes half of her face and hands. She looked to be in a daze, but she played the song beautifully for having heard it twice. He was amazed that she could do that so well on such a small timeframe. When she finished, he lovingly smiled. "That was beautiful Diva."

Washu nodded, feeling tears to her eyes. " WAS." She nearly whispered. Lips pressed together with an idea. She looked at him, thinking a new twist to her wish. " teach QUATRE the song?"

Black locked with brown again. "It's nothing personal...but I've known Quatre longer than you... It'd mean so much to me if you would..." She softly stuttered.

She smiled and nodded. "It's no problem, I understand. I'd be HAPPY to do so." She answered, waving off the younger girl's embarrassment.

Washu smiled. "Can you teach him the notes while I go get my notebook?" She happily asked. "I have everything written down and it'll help more." She nearly ran to the door, leaving the two alone.

He sat on the bench, Divinity sliding over to give him the main room to play. "How good are you at piano?" She asked, watching his hands hit a few keys.

He shrugged. "I played for YOU remember?" He reminded.

She nodded. "Good, then it should be EASY to teach you then. If she's got a notebook with notes, that'll be cake." She kidded, looking around the room.

While he slowly rehearsed a few lines, she went to the cabinets and looked at each. After a small pause, she pulled a shiny silver flute from its resting place. Placing it to her lips, she breathed a few notes of the song, hitting the female's pieces.

He looked at her in continuing wonder, amazed even more that she knew so many instruments. She continued to play even after he stopped. Hands resting in his lap, he stared at her after she removed the flute from her mouth. "I didn't know you knew how to play..." He muttered, eyeing her fondly.

She smiled and winked. "Knowing ONE instrument so thoroughly makes it WAY easier to play another." She walked over and poked him with the flute. "YOU should know this."

Washu returned shortly after, spending some time on the song. It didn't take long for him to get the piece down, nor the two to understand the lyrics and hit the singers' notes. On one full practice try, he sang the words to her, who sang back with such emotional intensity that it nearly brought tears to Washu's eyes.

Knowing they got the song down as much as they were going to, Washu stood with a smile. "Perfect." She answered, clasping hands in front of her. "THANK YOU for doing this for me."

He waved her off. "Just tell us what this's for."

Black ducked with a wide grin. "A present for Trowa... He said tonight, he's taking me on a 'date'. Our six month anniversary from the first day we met."

She happily sighed. "How ROMANTIC." She wistfully answered, entwined hands touching under her chin.

He looked at her and huffed. "You mean I haven't done something like that for YOU?" He asked, mildly pouting.

Brown focused on his hurt face, humor in his eyes. She grinned and lightly embraced him. "You're romantic enough to give TROWA pointers." She whispered in his ear, kissing it soon after. It brought a heavy shiver through him.

Washu's feet shuffled a little on the floor. "Can I ask you something ELSE Quatre?" She tentatively queried, looking at the ground.

"Of course." He pleasantly answered, not looking away from Divinity's eyes.

"Do you know where Relena is? I need to see if she has something I can borrow for tonight."

"I'm pretty sure she'll HAVE it. This place has EVERYTHING."

Washu's eyes widened a little in hope. "Then you KNOW she'll have candles?"

He turned to his friend, giving her a small odd look. "What would you want CANDLES for??"

Washu looked around. "To light this place tonight." Black locked with blue. "That is, if you could do that before I bring Trowa here??"

She grinned widely, liking the small girl's way of doing things. "Of COURSE we'll help!" Her eyes scanned the large area. "This place is going to look BEAUTIFUL!" She gushed.

Washu nodded with a grateful smile. "I HOPE so." She meekly prayed, looking around.


After the three found Relena, the four went to a storeroom to search. It didn't take long to find the candles. There were a few boxes for whenever a big storm knocked out the power.

It took the small group a little bit to get everything into the ballroom. Washu pleaded with Duo to get Trowa outside until she could get things moved, not caring HOW he did things. The braided adolescence humorously saluted and went to search for his friend.

They unpacked a single box, getting almost three-dozen everywhere. A good ten were put on top of the piano as light. Some rested in holders on the window seat, some near the cabinets. She said they'd cast a lit reflection and add to the light that way.

After the four finished setting things up, Relena asked to hear the piece that she heard floating through the hallways. She complied and drug Quatre to the bench. He played while they sang, Divinity waltzing around the room playfully.

When everything was in place and empty of life, Washu asked Relena if she could go get Duo instead her do it. She explained that she could never hide anything from Trowa. One look into his eyes and she'd cave. Relena smiled, patted her shoulder, and left. After that, the three split up. They went outside while Washu went to her room to get ready.

The group ate dinner together, minus Heero, Trowa, and Washu. When Duo asked about Trowa and Washu, Relena waved him off. "Trowa told her not to come to dinner." She explained. "Said that they'd eat LATER."

After the early dinner, Duo and Hilde went to a patio to wait for the sunset, Relena grabbed some of the food on a tray to feed it to Heero, and they walked the halls.

They were mostly trying to find Washu and ask her when she wanted them to perform tonight, not getting a definite time from the Chinese girl.

He knocked on her door, finding the shorter girl in a unique, but gorgeous dress. He never got a word out after she squealed and started in on how beautiful the dress was, where she got it, and how good it fit her. He leaned against the doorway in a bored fashion as he tolerated the 'girl talk'.

He eyed the dress again when Washu sheepishly mumbled that she made it. That only started in another round of Divinity gushing about it until he put a hand on her mouth to quiet her. Finally getting a word in, he questioned Washu on their performance.

After getting instructions to wait in the ballroom, and light the candles, he nearly pulled her away. She seemed resistant to leave, but complied when she saw how much time Washu didn't have to get ready. She was a woman and knew that primping to impress took TIME.

After they entered the room, he started lighting candles. She lit one from him and joined in seconds later. In a span of a few minutes, the entire room was transformed in a soft ethereal glow.

Setting her candle in its spot on the piano, she twirled amongst the quiet, feeling the magic of their deed. "This place is so LOVELY!" She whispered.

He smiled in agreement and walked to his love, taking her hands in a dancing stance. "Would you like to dance?" He softly asked.

She sheepishly nodded, but looked around. "There's no music." She sadly denied.

"I can fix that." He softly answered. His temple rested against hers, an arm wrapping around her waist. He slowly rocked them to a beat in his head, eyes closing. "Close your eyes." He slowly whispered, casting himself back to their second date. She did as requested, a soft smile on her face. "Think back in your mind to the restaurant. Picture yourself in that dress that was made for you."

Her heart fluttered. "And that handsome tux that made you look so grown up." She affectionately whispered.

His lips tipped. "Remember how lovely you looked... Now picture the dance hall. Remember the chandelier we danced under? Over the floor?"

"Yes." She whispered back, feeling they were there already. She almost felt the weight on top of her head from the curls.

"Do you remember the song we kissed to?"

"I can't forget it. I consider it our song."

He pulled away and looked at her. "Then it IS our song." He huskily commented, lightly kissing her. When he broke away, his temple rested against hers again. "Do you remember the words?"

"I can't forget THOSE either."

"Then sing it with me."

Feeling love overflow at such a tender insinuation, she hummed a few beginning bars of the music, allowing him to get the melody. His soft tenor broke the quiet as he sang to her and ONLY her. Feeling the pair of singers who originally sang it that night, she hummed the female's entrance before going into her lines.

After her lines started, she pulled away and looked into his eyes as she sang. Her face filled with so much emotion as she looked at him, putting everything into the song.

Their voices soon mixed on the lines, blending in a beauty all their own. One of his hands stroked her cheek while he sang a stanza, still staring into her eyes. They swayed to the mental beat, letting that keep their time. When they sang the last word, their lips touched in a kiss that promised more about their souls than they could fathom.


The night slowly dredged on, but neither couple noticed. After sharing their dance, they moved some of the candles and sat on the window seat, quietly holding each other. He cracked the window for a little night air, after he made sure none of the candles would get blown out.

He cradled the Hispanic in his arms, back resting against the wall. His chin rested over her head as he looked at the night. He could see some of the moon from his spot. Shortly after, a small strain of beginning music peeked his curiosity, along with a solitary couple on the ground below.

She pulled away and looked to the window, also hearing the music.

"You hear that too?" He whispered, moving to the crack. He pushed the window open a little more; casting a quick glance at the candles to make sure they were safe.

"Yea..." She whispered, an ear perking at the music. "What IS that?" She wondered. Her eyes locked with small movement on the ground. What she saw was in plain view next to a beautiful, round fountain. "LOOK!" She hissed, a finger pointing.

He squinted in the night as he let his eyes adjust. He could clearly make out Trowa's hair, along with Washu's. He opened the window wide enough to hear the music that sounded throughout the area, smiling when he heard the beginning words. If flowed through the window into the ballroom like water.

Looking at her, he quickly held out a palm. "Would you care to dance?" He asked. "Again?"

She giggled shortly before taking his palm, also his help to get out of the window seat. Again, they danced amongst the candles, actual music their guide.

He twirled her a few times, getting a small laugh from her. Just hearing her laugh and seeing her smile brought one to his lips. He listened to the words, finding such ingenuity in the lyrics.

Her eyes shone as she listened, never leaving his face. She felt the song fit their situation somewhat. The emotion in the captivating ocean drew her in, drowning her.

An arm over his shoulder situated as her hand touched his cheek. The hand traced fingers across his face, unknowing, loving tears falling down her skin. How was it possible to feel such intense love, yet still cry over it? That was a mystery she was going to save for later.

By the end of the song, their lips were just a fraction away. When the keyboard hit the final notes, their lips met in a butterfly kiss. Her lips tilted upward. "I'm not going to leave your side EVER again." She quietly vowed, deeply kissing him.

When the music ended, they regrettably disentangled their limbs. "We're up querido." She whispered.

He smiled at the name and gave her one last kiss. He felt the instant lack of warmth from leaving her arms, but wanted to do this for his friends.

He sat at the piano, giving him just minutes before Washu tugged Trowa inside. He eyed the love-struck, awed look on his best friend's face with a smile. He was glad Trowa liked Washu's idea, though knew the ex-pilot would like ANY idea that came from Washu.

She stopped next to the piano and leaned against it, the two watching the couple enter.

"You did all this?" Trowa asked in slight awe.

"That's not all love." Washu pulled Trowa to a small circle created by the candles and positioned their hands for another dance. Looking behind to him, he nodded and turned to the piano.

"You know the words love." She whispered above the piano. Trowa nodded and his soft tenor quietly filtered through the room, echoing off the high walls.

His voice sounded as he too sang the words. Washu's soft soprano sprang through the silence as she started a verse, Divinity singing right along with her. Together, both couples sang together, Trowa and Washu to each other as they helped out. Both sets of voices meshed together perfectly on the choruses, their souls put into the song.

She stared at the couple in the center of the room, feeling adoration at their romantic behavior. Their height difference was so endearing. She eyed Trowa's attire, seeing yet another change from his turtle neck and pants. He looked absolutely stunning!

Still singing, she eyed him with a smile while they sang together, picturing him in the same outfit. His beautiful eyes stared into hers with love as he continued to play. She liked the way his voice sounded, and the way hers mixed with his. Her ears listened to the others, knowing the two ALSO sounded beautiful together.

He took Trowa's idea and silently sang the current song to her, feeling love for such a beautiful, kind creature. It was yet another song that they could relate to, even though it was his friends'.

Blue sparkled when she spun around through a small dance with her invisible partner, smiling in child carefree. He longed to get up from the piano and be that partner, but continued on.

He looked back at the two through the soft lighting, happy they finally got together. He always hoped they would and his wish was granted. His eyes looked back to Divinity as she sang, meeting her eyes.

A thought struck his head; she loved him and was his always. Although he KNEW that, the majesty of such beauty in front and around him nearly knocked him over. The four had undergone such miraculous changes in the past half year, finding themselves AND their soul mates. Others outside the room also had their trials and loves to be with, some more reluctant than others to admit that.