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Chapter 1

A short plaid skirt, a tight, white shirt, long, luscious curls, massive chocolate-brown eyes, and full pouty, pink lips.

The boys of Forks high school went mad.

I'd been watching from the sidelines all day, as Isabella Swan, the new girl, wreaked through school like a whirlwind. For once, I, the geeky, nerdy, fly on the wall, Edward Masen, could understand exactly what they were getting so hyped up about. Because Isabella Swan truly was the most awesome and beautiful creature I'd ever laid eyes on.

I'd not had a lesson with her as yet, but I'd seen the way the other boys' eyes would glaze over at the sight of her; and the way the crowds thinned out to make way for her as she made her way down the halls. I'd had yet to see her without somebody else at her side. Jessica Stanley, Eric Yorkie, Tyler Crowley, Lauren Mallory, Mike Newton; I listed them in my mind, each one was worse than the last. No doubt the latter had charmed her into a date, or his bed, already. Hell, knowing Mike Newton they'd already shagged in the janitor's cupboard. I scowled at the thought; it'd be just like him to have gotten into the new girl's knickers already, he'd already been with the majority of the female population already. What made her any different?

I slammed my locker door. Before we moved here I'd not made preconceptions about people. I disgusted myself, here I was, already mentally accusing this new girl of having slept with Newton, the world's biggest player. The world's biggest jerk. I whipped around and started to make my way down the corridor towards the lunch hall, still chastising myself for judging people. I was halfway there when I felt myself tripping over something. My bag hit the floor and out spilled my things; my glasses fell from the crook of my nose and landed in front of me. I suppressed a groan, I knew better than to ignore my surroundings. Someone would always try to trip me. I was a fool.

I reached out to grab my glasses, but looked up just in time to see a blindingly bright white trainer come down on them, smashing the glass.

"Oops", a smug voice said loudly. "Didn't see you there, Masen". I looked up to see Mike Newton standing before me, a malicious grin on his face; his sparkling white teeth almost blinding. I should have known.

Mike Newton, the school's resident Mr Popular. He was a jock, a playboy, an ass of first waters. Apparently, the fact that I wasn't exactly good looking, wore glasses, and had something more than air between my ears made me a prime target for being picked on. I'd offended him in some way when I'd begun school here three years ago, when my family had moved down from Alaska, and since then, Mike's motto seemed to have become something along the lines of: A day without embarrassing, beating, or mocking Edward Masen was a day wasted. It was extremely annoying; and I still had no idea what I'd done to deserve it.

I pulled myself up off the floor to see people kicking my things around. Tyler, Eric, and Lauren were among them. Each of them wore similar smile's to Mike's. I began to collect my things, having to grab them from under people's feet. My English essay, which had been painstakingly written out the night before, had been stepped on with muddied shoes, and page two had been all but ripped in three. I sighed, clutching my belongings to my chest, before wondering where Mike would have hidden my glasses.

I turned around and came face to face with him. The glass was cracked, but I wondered whether he was going to do the somewhat decent thing, and hand them back. Maybe, after all this time, he might have felt…bad?

My small flame of hope was quickly dowsed when he cracked up with laughter, and chucked my glasses at me. My hands were full, so I was unable to catch them, and they fell to the floor; the glass completely shattering this time. Then I watched him walk away, laughing with his friends.

I pushed my things back into my bag, glad that, for once, they hadn't started reading through them and mocking my processions. Last time I'd been unfortunate enough to have been carrying Pride and Prejudice around with me. I loved the book; but apparently, reading a classic romance was not exactly good for street 'cred' these days. I didn't really care any more though.

I bent down to collect my frames, and the pieces of glass that were scattered across the floor.

"Do you need some help?" A sweet voice asked. I looked up to find Angela Webber, one of the few kind hearted people at this school, bent down with me, picking up small shards of the glass.

"No! You shouldn't!" I told her quickly, "you could hurt yourself on the glass!"

She giggled at me sweetly.

"Don't worry, I'll be careful. Besides, my mum and brother are always dropping their glasses and breaking them, so I've got some experience." She smiled kindly.

I liked Angela a lot. She was always sweet and kind; and she always took the time to talk to me. Usually at least once a day. She got along with the 'popular' crowed; Mike Newton's followers, but she tended to keep to herself a bit more than the rest…she wasn't a sheep, she didn't worship the blond haired jerk. She was also smart, and one of the few people who wasn't in Newton's well used 'little black book'. She was in a long term relationship with a guy called Ben. I didn't know his surname, but he was in the year below us. She'd gotten a lot of shit for it when they'd started dating, but I admired her, because she'd stuck it out. Come to think of it, she probably got a lot of shit for talking to me as well.

When we'd picked up all the glass we could find, she smiled at me again and offered to let me sit outside with her and Ben, who were intending to soak up the rare sunshine. I declined, not wishing to impose on the couple. Instead, I watched sadly as she made her way outside, and then made my way to the food hall. Luckily, my eyesight wasn't that bad; and I was long sighted, rather than short sighted. I only really wore them all the time out of habit, and because it was easier than putting them on again every time I wanted to read a book. I thought about changing that when I got a new pair; obviously, I didn't want to have to keep replacing them.

I grabbed an apple and a bottle of water from the counter, and made my way over to my usual table. As usual, it was empty, until I sat down. Nobody wanted to sit with Edward Masen, the school's resident looser.

Looking around the room I wasn't surprised to see Isabella Swan sitting at the popular table. Mike Newton appeared to be talking her ear off on one side, whilst Jessica Stanley appeared to be doing the same thing from the other side. Her facial expressions didn't exactly look promising for either of them, but who was I to know? I wasn't exactly well versed in social interactions.

All of a sudden she looked up and met my eyes. I quickly turned away, pulling my bottle of water towards me and taking a sip. I felt embarrassed that she had caught me staring. I suddenly wondered what the protocol was for admiring a girl from afar, before suppressing a bout of laughter at myself. Admiring her would get me nowhere. Even if I admired her from afar, it would be stupid. Isabella had captured the attention of the majority of guys at school, there was no way that I, the lowly, unpopular, Edward Masen would be able to make any sort of an impact in her life. I wondered what her type was.

Mike. He was every girl's type; apparently.

Except for Angela. At least she knew he was a lowlife, even if the other girl's hadn't worked it out yet. I pitied them; later in life they'd look back and realise what a slimy git they'd been wasting their time on.

The bell rang, signalling the end of lunch, and I quickly scampered from the hall, not wanting to get caught up in the usual cowed of people that all made their way to the door at the same time. I arrived at biology shortly after; taking my usual place at the back of class. I was the only person there without a partner, which worked out for me just fine. I didn't have to put up with any teasing throughout class. Just the occasional people who glared at me from across the room; and mouthed insults. And the sporadic rude notes.

I got out my books and waited for the rest of the class to join me in the room. They walked in in twos and threes, chatting loudly about the events of the day.

"So damn, hot!"

"I'd tap that"

"Fucking phitt!"

I opened my books and turned to the page we'd be covering that day, and tried to focus on reading about the topic, rather than on listening to Isabella Swan's ever growing fan club voicing their vulgar thoughts.

A few moments later I was startled out of my reading by the sound of the stall next to mine scraping out. I looked over and froze. Isabella Swan was seating herself at the desk beside me. Her shiny new text books were dumped in a small pile on the table in front of her. I watched as she flipped her gorgeous mahogany locks out of her face, and my nose was assaulted by the scent of strawberries.

She turned around in her seat to face me, and I got a stunning view of her flawless face. Her skin was almost as pale as my own, but her cheeks were slightly red, as though she had been blushing quite recently. Her face itself was heart-shaped, and framed by the sort of hair one wanted to run their hands through. Her eyes were deep, swirling with brown, and rimmed by long, black lashes. Her nose was small, and buttoned shaped, whilst her lips were full, pink, and begging to be kissed.

"I'm Bella, Bella Swan", she told me, smiling warmly, and holding out one of her small hands.

"Uh", I stammered, "I'm, er, Edward Masen", I told her, sure that I was flushing red. I took her hand and gently shook it, though I felt like I should have raised it to my lips, and kissed her perfect skin. My mother often told me that I was born in the wrong century.

I felt a tingle of electricity as our skin touched, and I almost jerked back. I wondered if she'd felt it too. When she pulled her hand back a few moments later, she opened her mouth, as if to say something else. Unfortunately, Mr Banner chose that moment to begin the lesson, so she turned to the front instead, as the lecture began.

I couldn't keep my eyes off Bella, the whole lesson, taking in the way she bit on the end of her pen, and the way she rested her hand upon her fist when she wasn't writing. After a while, I became aware that I was quoting Romeo's lines in my head, and started to try and concentrate on the lesson. I failed miserably. Romeo's lines merged into Mr Darcys', which flowed into Mr Rochester's.

'I love you as my own flesh. I beg of you to marry me. Say "Edward, give me my name". Say "Edward, I will marry you".

I felt ridiculous by the end of the lesson. I'd barely seen her, and spoken to her even less, and my mind was already quoting proclamations of marriage. Granted, she was beautiful; hell, even her name laid claim to that. But that was all I knew. I was being a hormonal teenager. For the first time in my life, I could relate to other boys my age. The realisation didn't exactly fill me with joy.

I almost ran from the room when Biology had finished. I skipped Gym altogether.

I walked home in the rain. The first day almost always brought with it a prank related to my beloved car; I'd decided not to risk it this time. The entire walk was filled with thoughts about Bella.

What was this girl doing to me?

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