OK, this is my first attempt at a Naruto fanfic, though I have always meant to write one. It will be Naruto/Hana Inuzuka and it will be a powerful Naruto. Expect time skips early on.

Bold is Kyuubi or my AN

Italics is thought and conversation w/ Kyuubi

And So it Begins

The wind whipped past the face of Namikaze Minato as he stood atop Gamabunta's head on the way to fight the Kyuubi. Konoha was nearly in ruins by now. Fire was everywhere. People were dying left and right. His people were dying. He had sworn to protect them as the Yondaime Hokage, and here they were dying.

And there was nothing he could do about it except…

Tears came to his eyes as he realized what he had to do.

"Gamabunta, keep him busy. I have to go get Naruto."

The old toad's forehead creased in confusion.

"Why would you get your son? He's only a few moments old. Why would we need him?" Then it clicked. "Minato, please tell me you're not going to do what I think you are."

"I'm sorry old friend, but I have to. There is no other way."

"Very well, I'll keep him busy. Do what you have to do."

With a flash of bright light, Minato disappeared and returned with a baby in his arms.

"Get me close to the demon, Bunta. I'll do what's necessary."

With a nod, they were off. The demon, Kyuubi no Kitsune, was frightening to behold. The creature itself was taller than the Hokage's tower and the nine tails swinging behind it were nearly as long as the beast was tall.

"I love you, Naruto. SHIKI FUUJIN!"

With that shout, Minato summoned the Shinigami to the mortal realm; a dangerous feat that would cost the noble man his soul. If possible, the creature was more gruesome than the Kyuubi. It was definitely larger. Time stopped for all but the Hokage, the Kyuubi and the Shinigami.

"Kyuubi!" rasped out the voice of death. The sound of his name sparked something in the beast and his eyes changed. It was as if he had come out of a trance. Then he saw the Shinigami.

"Shinigami-sama, why are you here? Where am I?"

The Hokage looked on in shock. The creature had no idea it had done so much damage. Unbelievable.

"My servant, you have been weak. You allowed Uchiha Madara to enslave you. He made you his tool to exact his petty revenge. The only reason you have stopped is that this mortal summoned me to bind you to his son. The price for this, as you know, is his soul. For better or

worse, you will be bound to his son. You are now charged with his protection. When he needs it, you will grant him your chakra and when he is ready, you will leave him your chakra as a kekkai genkai and return to Makai."

The great red beast bowed his head as he answered.

"I understand, Shinigami-sama. Bind me to the kit and-"

"Silence, I am not finished. Your son Shikon will be his familiar."

"As you wish, Shinigami-sam, but he cannot immediately bond the kit. This child must first accept the animalistic side to him before a bond could form. The Inuzuka's are the same way."

"Very well it is settled. Namikaze Minato." The Hokage perked up now that he was finally mentioned. "Your sacrifice is noble. I am afraid that you must be devoured by me, but I can can make for a set time instead of eternity. The better you do fighting the other souls, the sooner you will be released."

And then the Shinigami went silent. He grabbed the Kyuubi and pushed him into the boy. The ghostly hands glowed brightly and it was done. As the Death god went towards Minato, the Hokage smiled. His village was safe and his son was being protected by a demon. He could live (or die as the case may be) with that. His son would be a hero, or so he thought.

— Time Skip to Land of the Waves—

Thirteen year old Uzumaki Naruto, no one had bothered to tell him of his heritage, was lying on the ground with blood pouring out of him. This was nothing new. The villagers had been causing this kind of thing for years. The difference was that his injuries were caused by ninja.

Naruto had thought that becoming a ninja would make others respect him more. He leapt for joy when he made gennin. Perhaps his teammates would respect him. Fat chance of that.

Uchiha Sasuke was the golden boy of the village. He was the last of a massacred clan with a legendary doujutsu known as the Sharingan. Because of a pair of eyes he couldn't even use yet, the village worshipped him. He hated Naruto and thought the boy was inferior to him in every way.

Haruno Sakura was no better. She was book smart, but pretty much useless as a ninja. She was obsessed with the Uchiha heir. By extension, she hated Naruto.

His sensei seemed alright. At least he didn't seem to openly despise the young blonde. Hatake Kakashi simply ignored him in favor of the Uchiha.

The mission they were on had seemed simple enough. They had to escort a man to the Land of the Waves and prevent ordinary bandits from harming him. Then ninja had gotten involved. They were outclassed, but their sensei thought it would be a good idea to keep going. The result was technically a success. The bridge builder was safe.

However, there were problems. Naruto had finally found someone who understood him, an ice-wielder named Haku, but had been forced to fight him and then watch him die defending Momochi Zabuza, the boy's sensei.

Oh yeah, and Naruto was almost dead. He had gone berserk when a strange red chakra enveloped him. He breathed a sigh of relief as he saw his sensei come over to him. He grew worried however when the man just crouched in front of him and gave an eye smile. He spoke in that patronizing tone he often used.

"Well I guess demons can die. The report will read that you died well in battle with a high class opponent. More than the killer of my sensei deserves, but you will be gone. Goodbye."

And with that he left, leaving a shocked and dying Naruto on the ground. He didn't know what to do. Then he felt a tugging on his mind and he was pulled inward.

— Mindscape—

Naruto found himself in a kind of sewer. At least he thought it was a sewer. There were water and pipes everywhere. He walked down the main corridor until he stood before a large gate. Inside the gate was darkness. He couldn't see more than a few feet. The he heard it. The sound was a low rumble. When he listened for a moment, he heard its rhythm. It was something breathing.

"Well, it seems that my container has come to pay me a visit. What is it?"

The voice was deep and grating, but the tone wasn't one of pure evil or anything. It shocked the boy to find something in here.

"Who are you and what do you mean by container?"

"Well, I could wait until you guess or tell you. I'm not exactly patient so the first one it is. I am the Kyuubi no Kitsune. To answer your question ahead of time let me show you this. Look at the wall to your right."

The wall in question lit up like a movie screen and the events of the Kyuubi's sealing played.

"Any questions kit?"

Not surprisingly, the boy was stunned. The Yondaime was his father and the Kyuubi was sealed inside of him. Oh and by the way, he wasn't evil. The Kyuubi shook its head whe his question was met with silence.

"Alright, ask me later. I'm putting you into a coma for a few hours. When you wake up, you will be healed. Goodnight."

A tendril of red slinked out and tapped the boy on the forehead. He dropped to the floor unconscious.

—Outside World—

Naruto woke up outside of his mind to find himself alone with masses of dead bodies. Slowly he got up and stretched out his incredibly stiff muscles. His long legs were especially- Wait long legs?

Oh so you noticed the changes, did you? All I did was reverse some of the damage your abuse has caused you. I was unable to help until you were aware of my presence. You should be able to think slightly more clearly. The longer limbs will help you later with my style of combat. Trust me, you'll appreciate it later.

Kyuubi was right. He was thinking more clearly and it seemed as though his mini coma had helped him digest the massive revelations. Getting up and walking around he wondered what he was going to do.

Hey, Kyuubi when do I get to meet Shikon and what should I be doing now?

You're not ready to embrace the animal side yet. Right now, your personality would be lost and a mindless animal would take control. When the time is right, I will tell you. For now focus on finding a good sensei. Zabuza would have been ideal. His ferocity was admirable, but oh well-"

A groan interrupted the thought/conversation. Naruto looked around and saw Zabuza's form stirring underneath the other corpses.

Help him kit. He is bound by the Nukenin code. If you save his life, you can demand that he teach you in repayment.

And that's what he did. The blonde knew all about recovering from injuries and he helped the so called "Demon of the Mist" to regain his strength. Zabuza didn't speak for two weeks. Memories of Haku plagued him and he didn't know what to think of the blonde genin helping him. What did he want? One day he asked.

"Kid, why are you helping me? I tried to kill you remember?"

Naruto looked at him and answered him straight.

"I want you to owe me so that you'll take me as your student."

The nukenin stared.

Then he grinned.

Then he chuckled.

Then he laughed.

This kid had balls! He was a straight shooter and he told a formidably nukenin that he was intending to blackmail him.

"Well, you got spunk kid. I'll give you that. You just passed the initiation a few weeks ago. If you want to I'll train you. But," he paused, he face grew grin behind the wrappings. "You won't be the same person afterwards. You won't be open. You won't be cheerful. You will answer to no one and fight for your own reasons, whether they are to rob or to protect. You will be like me. Is that what you want?"

The blonde boy thought for a moment. There would be no turning back from this.

What do you think Kyuubi?

Don't ask me, kit. This is your choice.

Naruto looked up.

"Hai, Zabuza-sensei."