Hey, guys, I'm sorry to say that this is not a new update. There won't be one. I'm cancelling Rescue and putting Makai on hold. In Rescue, there are a lot of things I really liked, but I didn't develop my characters enough. I just can't do as much meaningful things with them because of it. Makai was better, but I've hit a roadblock with that one. Hopefully, working on a new story will get the juices flowing again. If someone wants to pick either of these stories up, go ahead and ask. I'm really sorry but this is the way it is.

My new story will be a crossover between Harry Potter and the Addams family. It is an odd concept but it has been driving me nuts not writing it. The Harry in this story will be slightly insane and will be paired with Wednesday Addams. Expect life, love, hate, death, insanity and frightening reality with some acromantulas thrown in for good measure. I hope some of you will not hate me now and read the thing.

Please don't flame me. This is hard enough for me already. I hate wasted work.