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After the end of Future X. First Wolverine and the X-men story. Hope you like it! I edited it because the first one was really bad.


Why now?

It was a question Domino kept asking herself. It was what she had been trying to get the courage to ask Xavier for the last few hours.

Somehow, though, every time she finally made up her mind to march up to baldy and ask him why now? she couldn't. She just couldn't ask him about all the things running through her head.

Why now? Why did he wake up after the screams? The screams of mutants caught by Sentinels, the screams of children torn from their parent's arms, the screams of those who stood and fight, her screams.

Why now? Why did he wake up after the pain? The pain of innocent children trapped by the unforgiving Sentinels, the pain of the wounded, the pain of loss, her pain.

Why now? Why did he wake up after the death? The death of his X-Men, the death of The Brotherhood, the death of Genosha, the death of all those taken to the tower, her death.

Domino caught herself, she wasn't dead.

But part of her was. The part that worked for Magneto. The part that only cared about herself and getting the job done.

The part of her that was alive heard the screams, felt the pain, witnessed the death.

And couldn't help but ask,

Why now?

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