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Travis the Lawyer: Kayka-chan.

Kayka-chan: -gasp- Travis...? Is it really you?

Background noise: dramatic soap opera music.

Travis the Lawyer: Yes. I couldn't leave you. I just... I realized something.

Kayka-chan: Yes? -hopeful-

Travis the Lawyer: Kayka-chan... I realized that I want to trade my Yu-gi-oh cards with you. With, only, you.

Kayka-chan: Oh, Travis!

Kayka-chan and Travis the Lawyer: -sucking face-

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Later, though, drawn together by
a distaste for such 'untidy ends'
they agreed to meet again; whereupon
they giggled, reminisced, held hands
as though what they had made was love-
and not that happier outcome- friends


"You're still here?"

Jennifer, turned and looked at her sister, smiling before she turned back around to watch her daughter at her wedding through the looking-glass.

"I wouldn't miss Chloe's wedding for the world." She answered matter-of-factly. Lauren chuckled ruefully and sat down on the stool next to Jennifer.

"Have I missed anything important?" She asked and leaned forward. Jennifer shook her head and beamed proudly.

"Steve just handed her to that Derek fellow." She laughed, "You should have seen the poor boy's face; he looked as if he was about to faint." Lauren smiled serenely and they sat and listened to the couple recite their vows; Chloe's matured voice sounding simply melodic on the happiness of her wedding day and Derek's deep rumble contrasting nicely.

They had faced plenty of troubles, but it had all paid off properly for them.

"Oh, there's Andrew." Lauren said, pointing to a man looking uncomfortable in his tuxedo, but happy nonetheless. "He aged well." She commented fondly. Jennifer giggled girlishly at Lauren's obvious crush.

"It'll never work." She said dryly and in a completely serious manner. Lauren laughed.

"Dang, and I was so hoping that dead people turned him on." She commented, snapping her fingers in an 'oh darn' motion. Jennifer laughed and then shushed her sister. They listened fondly to the two young adults say their 'I do's' and the priest nodded saying his final words with a wide grin on his face.

Chloe gleefully handed her bouquet over to Tori and leapt at Derek, slamming her mouth to his. He clasped his arms around her petite middle and held her up to him; the two of them laughing through their kiss as their guests cheered. He placed her back down and leaned back up, the newlyweds both positively beaming.

"That's my girl," Jennifer said proudly. Lauren laughed.

"Didn't you do the same thing at your wedding?" She asked, still giggling. Jennifer snorted.

"I tried but Steve wasn't as strong as Derek is. I knocked him over, if you remember."

"Of course I do."

They were quiet for a few moments then Jennifer said;

"So what do you think? Is their first child a boy or a girl?"

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