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Takuya POV:


"Gyah!" I flew up into a sitting position, breathing quickly and harshly. I pushed the snooze button on my alarm clock and sighed, falling back onto my pillow. I had an hour and a half. Then the first day of seventh year would start. I dreaded school. I mean, it wasn't so bad, since I knew that Kouji, Izumi, Keiko and Kouichi would be in my grade, but it was still obnoxious.

I look at my clock again, five minutes had passed. I stood up and stretched. I hate school. So much, I absolutely hate-


"SHUT UP!" I yelled, grabbing my alarm from the bedside table and throwing it into the wall.

"Kanbara Takuya! What in the world are you doing up there?" my mother yelled from downstairs.

"I'm… I'm washing my hair!" I yelled.

"Well wash it more quietly! I need my rest! You and Shinya are the reason I have wrinkles! Now keep it down! I put you in this world, I can take you right back out!" she screamed.

"I laugh at the face of danger!" I yelled down the hall.

"And I'll laugh when I'm cleaning up your ashes!" she roared.

That shut me up.

I walked down the hall and into the bathroom, doing the usual morning routine of showering, trying to brush my hair, eating breakfast, and dodging my shoe mom throws at me when I say I can't find it. Finally I got into the car and was driven to my first day of school.

Izumi POV:

I met Kouji, Kouichi, Takuya and Keiko at the front gate and walked in with them. They kept getting our names called out by other people and greeted with questions as we walked into the school. All of them had made ourselves known around the school

Takuya was a jock. Everybody knew Takuya because he was the soccer team captain and he was super athletic. He was also the guy who would have really weird answers to questions in class.

Kouji was a sexy, badass loner. He's so well known because he's really great at kendo and all the girls have hour long drool sessions over him and his sexy, badass loner…ness.

Keiko was also a jock. She was amazing at soccer and was beginning to excel at volleyball. She's also really nice to all the people, and everyone always wants to talk to her for advice and all that jazz. Oh, and it doesn't hurt that she's cute.

Kouichi is just plain old adorable. I mean, he's the guy that all the girls wanted to hug and get valentines from. He's the teddy bear and he really cares about other people.

And me… Erm… I don't exactly know…

"Do you think I really changed?" I asked.

"Izumi… trust me. People will definitely like the new you. There's no way they could treat you like before." Keiko turned and looked at me as we stood around Takuya at his locker.

"Probably… but you guys are all known for something. Kouichi's adorable, Keiko and Takuya are jocks and Kouji is a sexy beast. What do I do?" I asked.

"I'm a sexy beast?" Kouji asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah." the four of us answered at once.

"But honestly, what makes me… cool?"

"Well, for one you're really sweet and you care about other people." Kouichi said, smiling.

"And you're really pretty and all the girls totally want your hair color." Keiko added.

"And you hang out with me." Takuya said brightly, giggling.

I punched him on top of the head, "I'm serious!"

"What you just did is a good example, Zumi. You're feisty and you make everyone laugh." Keiko said, her eyes lighting up. Keiko has the coolest eyes. They're like blue-green and it's totally weird. In a good way. It's like… aquamarine? Yeah, aquamarine. But I digress…

"I really do?" I asked, puzzled.

"Yep. You're totally cool." Kouichi said.

"So we're like amazing, cool, awesome people?" Takuya asked, his grin widening.

"No… he is…" Keiko said, her eyes wide and sparkly. We all looked over to see three guys walking our way. "See the one in the middle? That's Tanaka Tamotsu (A/N: Here we go…) I've known him since third grade. He's gorgeous and smart and funny and I'm going to marry him." Keiko declared, her hand holding onto my elbow. He was gorgeous, I guess that she wasn't kidding. He had sandy blonde hair and dark green eyes and he was lean and all that good sexy stuff.

He and his two also beautiful friends walked by. Tamotsu looked at Keiko and waved, grinning, "Hey, Keiko!"

Keiko smiled back, keeping a cool composure, "Hey, Tamotsu!" she said back. Tamotsu and his friends walked away and around the corner, resuming their conversation.

"Epic fail." Keiko said, leaning back into the lockers.

"No, he's all yours!" I exclaimed.

"Chhyeah right, he's a Greek God." Keiko said, sighing, and tugging on the sleeves of her yellow shirt.

"He smiled at you, Keiko." Kouichi pointed out.

"Really?" Keiko asked in an adorably hopeful squeal.

"Got that right, girlfriend!" Takuya chirped in a high pitched girl voice. We all stared at him in silence for a moment. Takuya cleared his throat, "Sorry." he said in a deep and manly voice.

"Anyway, Kouji it looks like he's almost as hot as you." I said, smiling.

"Almost." he scoffed, rolling his eyes.

A rabid redheaded girl ran up to him and began to screech and jump up and down, "Almost! Almost!" she squealed before running away with glee.

"…Alrighty then." Keiko said after a long silence.

"Does that always happen to you?" Takuya asked.

"Hmm… sometimes…" Kouji said, looking down for a moment.

"Sometimes?" we all pressed, leaning in a bit.

"You guys are so annoying." Kouji said, leaning away from us and turning his head.

"Aww! Is Kouji-Wouji shy?" Takuya cooed, pinching Kouji's cheek.

Kouji slapped Takuya's offending hand and snarled, "I'll shy you right up your-" the bell rang and the hall began to clear out.

"Saved by the bell! Well, onto first class! See you guys!" Kouichi said, turning and walking away.

"Right, we'll talk about this later. Come on, Keiko. We have first bell together." I said walking to the literature wing with Keiko while Takuya and Kouji kept snapping at each other. We're in for a very interesting school career.

Kouji POV:

I exited the school with Keiko and Takuya, we were going to meet Izumi, Kouichi and Junpei on the other side of the soccer fields. "Are you ready for soccer tryouts, Takuya?" Keiko asked.

"Oh yeah. I was born ready. How about you?" Takuya asked, his trademark grin plastered on his face.

"Uh-huh. I've been running all summer to get ready for the three mile run." Keiko replied.

"There's really a three mile run? I thought that the older kids were just saying that to scare us." Takuya said, sighing.

"Yeah, I thought that, too. But Naoki volunteered to coach the seventh grade boys team this year and he said that they do it every year, all the people trying out, both seventh and eighth grade, run together. He said it wasn't that bad." Keiko said as she tugged at a piece of my backpack absently.

"Sweet. Running with girls. Can't get enough of that. I might stay behind just so I can-"

"Takuya, there's a ton of guys trying out this year. Naoki said that they're gonna cut over twenty, and that's just from the seventh grade boy's team." Keiko interrupted.

"Crap. Maybe some other time I can see." Takuya muttered.

"Jocks…" I mumbled under my breath.

Takuya smacked my arm, "Jealous. Aaaanyway… there's this girl in my gym class who was totally into me." He grinned. "And she almost ignored Kouji."

"Ooh, Takuya's got an admirer already." Keiko teased, poking Takuya in the cheek.

Takuya rolled his eyes, "I've got several admirers, Keiko. The chicks dig me." he replied, smirking.

"No they don't."

We looked over to see that Junpei had said that. He was standing with Izumi and Kouichi and he was smiling at us. "How was your first day?"

"Fun, how about yours?" Takuya asked.

"It was good. So, any classes with Tamotsu, Keiko?" Junpei asked.

"Uh-huh!" Keiko exclaimed with a grin, "Wait, how did you know about Tamotsu?"

"Um… you were gushing about him all day in lunch and art, remember?" Junpei asked.

"Yeah, and then he came over and asked you if your brother was coaching and you basically fell out of your chair." Takuya reminisced, causing us all to laugh.

Keiko's face turned red, "Shut your trap." she hissed.

"Keiko, don't worry about them," Izumi said, putting a hand on the pouting brunette's shoulder. "I would be excited, too." She spun around and pointed to us. "And you! You'd better shut your mouths or I'll shut them for you!" she snarled.

Keiko's eyes widened as did the rest of ours. Izumi's scary. "S-so… are we gonna go pick up Tomoki or what?" Keiko asked, shaking.

"Yep!" Izumi squealed, grabbing Keiko's arm and dragging her down the sidewalk, the rest of us following.

"Jeez, schizophrenic much?" Takuya whispered.

"You mean bipolar?" I asked.

"O-oh… yeah, bipolar." he replied. I sighed. It was going to be a very long six years until college.

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