I can't believe they did that. I gave my whole life to them and they just throw me away like trash.


I was sitting against a tree, keeping watch when Fang came up to me.

"Max. we need to talk." I look up and he looks at me with saddened eyes. I raised an eyebrow. "We want you to leave. We don't want to save the world. We don't want you to come back. Just leave. You're the reason they're tracking us anyway. Goodbye Max. Leave."

I was shocked. But if they wanted me to go I would. I grabbed my bag, snapped out my wings and flew away. My heart ached, but I dealt with it.

I was pissed, and wouldn't forgive them, but I dealt.

End flashback

So that's where I am. It's been 6 years. I'm 20. I kept getting new powers, and by now I had a small family. Not like husband and kids, no way. But I have Lexi, Rayne, Danni, and Fredd. Lexi is 18, brunette, and always hyper. She has visions when she makes contact with a person. Like- she sees what they really mean if they say something, if they're telling the truth, and the lengths they will go to protect their family and friends.

Rayne is 16, blond, protective, and- best of all- my little sister. I found her on a raid of the School in California. I read her papers, too. That's how I know. She can control fire and water, air and earth should be coming soon, just like mine. She also has super speed like me. She has my stuck-up attitude and is basically a mini me.

Danni is a guy, despite the spelling of his name. He has strawberry blond hair. Just like his brother. He knows about him, but never wants to meet him after what I told him. He's 15. He despises my ex-flock, as do all of my current flock, but he and Rayne despise them the most. Probably because of the blood relations.

Now for Fredd. He's my second-in-command, but he is the complete opposite of the last one. He's loud, happy, and actually cares about everyone. He wouldn't ditch me and hurt me like he did. He's 19, dirty blond, and is fucking strong. like I mean stronger than everyone else combined.

We could all change our appearances. And the weirdest thing? We found out we stopped aging after 20. I was the only one who stopped so far. I gave up on saving the world 5 years ago, when I found Rayne. A year after that, we found Danni and Lexi, and we found Fredd 2 years later, while flying.

Basically, we hang around in one spot until they found us. We always changed our appearances.

"Max?" Rayne asked. I faced my baby sister.

"Yeah sweetie?"

"Umm… I was wondering, could we go to school for the 2 months or so until they find us? I've always wondered what it would be like." I smiled.

"Sure sweetie. What does everyone else think?"

"They want to, too. Thank you, sis!" she gave me a big hug. My heart softened a little more every time she did that.

We were in Harrison, Ohio. If I pretended to be younger than I really was, I could be put in as a senior. So could Fredd and Lexi. I could make Danni and Rayne both freshman.

I already knew what appearance I would go in. the one with dirty blonde hair with ice blue streaks in it. It was the body of a 17 year old. She had a good looking body. I always got guys attention using it.

3 days later

I was on my way to homeroom with Fredd and Lexi. Or as Harrison High school knew them as Dan and Alex. I was Emily.

"Okay, class. Please welcome the new students, Emily, Dan, and Alex. You can go sit next to Nick. He was new last week." the teacher said, pointing to 3 empty seats. And that's when I saw HIM. I had Lexi sit next to him, Fredd next to her, and me on the end.

Fredd knew something was up and I whispered in his ear, "It's him."

He automatically knew who I was talking about.

Oh well. I can have fun with this. I still hate him. I got out piece of paper and a pencil and wrote:

A 20 year old in high school? Tsk tsk. They'll find you in no time. You stick out like a sore thumb, where as I am disguised. Didn't recognize me did you? Bastard. How are you and the little fucking traitors doing? Fuck you. Fuck them. I have my own family now. One that will stand by me. Blind traitor's brother hates him.

~You know who~

I folded the paper and slid it in front of him.

Fang's POV

I was looking at the ceiling, spacing out, when I looked down there was a note. If this is another girl trying to hook up with me, I'm going to be pissed. I read it. I looked over to the new people. The 2 closest to me were facing up front, while the last one was glaring at me, fists clenched. Shit

Max was back. The guy- Dan, I think- put a hand on her back and gave me the bird. The one next to me mouthed something at Dan and he nodded, jaw clenched. She turned and gave me the bird, too. What the hell?

The bell suddenly rang, making me jump. They shot up and left.

I was left to ponder.

Iggy's POV

I was sitting at my desk in English when I heard footsteps too light to be human approach. Then I felt someone hit the back of my head.

"I hate you, your own brother hates you, traitor." someone whispered in my ear. It had been 6 years since I last heard it. And oh how I've longed to hear it again. Then I processed what she said. I had a brother? I was left to ponder.

Nudge's POV

OMG! I heard there were new kids so we weren't anymore! I was in Science.

"Dan, you can go sit next to Tiffany-Krystal." a guy came and sat next to me.

"Were you new last week?" he asked.

"Yeah…how'd you know?"

"Hmm… African-American, Tiffany-Krystal, so you're Nudge. I have a message for you."

I froze. "And what would that be?" I growled.

"She hates you. She hates all you traitors. And we do, too. You're lucky she didn't sell you out to the School, I would have."

"ok. Who the hell are you and how do you know about me?"

"I'm Fredd. The best friend of your ex-leader. Well one of her best friends. Know this- you all broke her. You left her to die. But she stayed strong. She wasn't better until she found her sister Rayne. We've all heard her scream in her sleep. Scream that you are all traitors. You didn't deserve her."

After class he left quickly and I was left to ponder.