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"FREDD!" I screamed. He rushed out with Lexi by his side and raised an eyebrow at the boy at my side with his hand linked with mine. Lexi was in her bikini and Fredd was in his trunks.

Tobias tightened his hand and glanced at me nervously. I reassured him by squeezing his hand back.

"Max? Who's your friend?" He asked protectively.

"Oh shut up and welcome your brother to the flock," I snapped at him playfully.

He choked so Lexi patted his back. "H-how do you know I have a brother? I didn't tell anyone but Lexi."

"Awww. I feel so hurt. My own brother wouldn't mention me."

I rolled my eyes. "Shut up Tobias."

"B-but…but…you…weren't…you weren't…captured…that day. They…only took me…," he faded off.

"Yeah, that's what I thought too, until Max here oh-so-subtly told me otherwise."

"Hey! The Voice in my head told me who you were, so I just told you! I wasn't gonna drag it out all over the place! I just told you and got it over with! I'm not the most gentile person in the world."

"Not even going to ask about the voice in your head. I was only joking, Max. You don't need to get all defensive on me," Tobias told me, looking amused.

"Oh get that look off your face. I have my Max-Freak-Outs. You'll have to get used to them if you're going to be staying with us."

"Yes ma'am," he said, winking at me.

"So—wait. You're seriously like us? With the wings and everything?" Fredd asked.

"No, Fredd. This is just some big plan me and Max devised to get your hopes up and then crashed them down. Of course with the wings and everything!"

"I do not need your sarcasm!" Fredd exclaimed.

"Shut up and go give him a hug!" Lexi said exasperatedly.

Fredd rolled his eyes but listened. He always does. Pushover. I hadn't realized that our hands were still linked until Tobias let go to hug him back.

"EVERYBODY! TIME TO GET INTRODUCED TO A SHINY NEW FLOCK MEMBER!" I screamed. It didn't take long for everyone to come out, all in their swimsuits.

"Okay! Tobias! You know your brother; this is Lexi, your future sister-in-law. My little sister Rayne, and my future brother-in-law, Danni. Danni's brother is Iggy. That's Nudge—don't get her talking without being prepared to lose an ear. The last two are Angel and Gazzy. They're siblings, too."

"What about the one Gazzy knocked out?"

"Oh! The asshole? That's Fang. He pretty much tore my family apart, making me fall into depression for about a year. He isn't a very good person."

"Well okay then!"

"Alright guys. SWIM TIME!"

Immediately, they ran towards the lake, going in and starting to play around.

"C'mon, Tobias. I'll show you around." I showed him the rooms, kitchen, living room, and bathroom.

"So are you going into the lake with everyone else?" Tobias asked.

"Why? So you can see me in a bathing suit?"

"That might be part of it." He was looking at me with amused eyes, but there was underlying seriousness.

"Alright. Fine. I'll go in. But you're coming in, too."

"Why? So you can see me shirtless?" He was mocking me!

I winked. "That might be part of it." I ran to the room I shared with Rayne to find the Hot Topic bag and got out the bikini. Ugh. Bikinis show too much.

I changed and headed back downstairs. I nearly screamed when arms wrapped around my waist right when I got off the stairs.

Of course, it was just Tobias. He picked me up and walked towards the door. "Hey! Put me down! Tobias! Stop!"

"Nah. I don't think I will."

"I'm going to kill you!"

"No you won't. You like me too much. You would be sad if I was dead."

"I met you less than three hours ago! I think I can deal with losing you!"

"That may be true! But you wouldn't want to take away your second in command's brother right after he was reunited with him, would you?"

We were outside, nearing the lake.

"Fredd! Can I have your permission to kill your brother?"

"No!" He yelled back, grinning.

"Thanks bro!" Tobias yelled to him.

"Awww," I grumbled.

"But! I do give you permission to maim him in any way you would like!"

"Yay! Thank you Fredd!"

"No problem, my oh -so-humble leader!"

"Alright, T. I won't kill you. But I will seriously maim you!"

"I think I can deal with that."

Suddenly, we were airborne. My captor flew us to the middle of the lake. "Don't do it, T. Do. Not. Do. It."

"I think I will."

He dropped me. He fucking dropped me!

The water was freezing, despite the 100 degree weather. When I resurfaced, I glared up and Tobias.

"I told you not to do that, Tobias."

I controlled the water to swirl up around him when it was all around, I let it go and the pressure brought him down to the water. I continued to use water to splash him over and over until I finally felt I had my revenge.

This is a good day.

I'm glad I listened to Rayne and let us go to school.

I'm so glad I listened to that crazy voice in my head and went to the mall with the old flock. Meeting Tobias just might be one of the best things that have happened in a while.

So, Yeah. It's been forever and a half. I'm terrible at this…. Feel free to yell at me to get my ass on the go if I ever go this long without updating again. I mean—a year and 7 months? I seriously suck…. Thank you for sticking with me, though. I love you guys!

~Jessi Raine