My Friend, My Love, My Mate

Chapter 13:

The following weeks were awkward. Lily, James and Sirius still eyed her funny, but they had taken Remus' word that everything was fine. What he had told them was that she was a smart young woman and had done the math with his disappearances around the full moon. Seeing as she was a bright girl in classes (though she tried not to stand out) so they bought the story. But things had grown awkward between them and the happy couple.

Hermione and Remus had taken to keeping to themselves when it was possible. They made frequent trips into the woods where he showed her the magical creatures that dwelled in there. Not nearly as many dangers as the school made it out to be, but it was awe inspiring none the less. Unicorns, centaurs, and many more.

All things she had seen in her first year during detention, but why spoil his fun. Remus was showing her his world, and she loved every minute that she was spending with him.

Dumbledore had checked in with her. No information had been found about sending her home. It seemed like an impossibility to return to her own time. But she wasn't sad.

Weekly trips to Hogsmeade and walks through the corridors at night became a common occurance. And during the full moon cycle Hermione even sat in the shrieking shack petting Remus' haunches as he slept. The wolfsbane was doing more than she thought.



The moon had deserted the world, the sky was dark in the forest. Remus was dressed in his trousers, his bare chest against her back. He sighed deeply.

"I believe I have loved you since you showed up mysteriously in McGonagall's office." He took a deep breath. "And I believe with all my heart that I will love you until that heart stops beating."

"I love you too, Remus-"

"Marry me, Hermione." He pulled a small black box from somewhere Hermione couldn't see and handed it to her.

Breathless, Hermione opened the box and inside was a white gold ring with a moderate sized diamond set in it.

"Yes!" She wasn't sure how she managed to get the word out, but everything else was forgotten. Her home, her time, how much she missed her friends. This was right where she was meant to be!

She turned in his arms, slipping the ring on her finger and kissed him. The passion he returned the kiss with set her soul on fire. She pushed him back kissing him deeply.

Breathing heavily, Remus lay on his back, his Hermione straddling him. His release was building and he knew the time would come all too soon. He braced himself on his elbows, bringing his face up to her neck where he nibbled playfully.

She was his everything. Life itself would cease to exist without her, at least that was what he thought.

"From new to full, from full to new. Or howl so long, make one from two." He breathed.

"What?" she whispered against his neck.

He shrugged it off. It had been a dream he had had a long time ago, or at least that was how it felt. Had it really only been a few months?

He nibbled her other shoulder, then nuzzled her ear, growling softly. "To thee I give my body, in return you give it heat. In your hands you hold my, only you can make it beat. I bare it all with my soul, a passion which will not abate. I take you into my life, my friend, my love, my mate." He felt his release with the final word. And somewhere, horror filled his heart. What had he just done?

Hermione's heart felt brittle. She hadn't understood the growl in her ear, but she had known it was different from all the others. Her own release followed his without warning. She was left light headed and the room was spinning.

She couldn't catch her breath and she began hyperventilating.

Calm down!

"I can't."

"Hermione?" She could hear the voice, but she couldn't see. The spinning was nauseating. Was this normal? "'Mione, what's wrong?"

Suddenly the room stopped spinning, and then it all went black.

"Hermione?" The voice was different. Not one she had been expecting to hear. Her eyes fluttered open.

"James?" No, the eyes were all wrong. "Merlin! Harry is that you?" She sat up and drew her friend into her arms so fast the wind was knocked out of him.

She was back in her own time. This was Harry, and she could see Ron over his shoulder. She couldn't let him go as if he would suddenly disappear. Ron came over and wrapped his arm around Hermione as much as he could.

"We've been so worried, 'Mione. You have been out for days."

"Days? But I've been gone for months!"

"Gone, Hermione you haven't gone anywhere. You were knocked unconscious by McGonagall under the Imperious Curse. Lupin found you and brought you back here."

Hermione looked around. She was in a guest bedroom at Grimmauld place. She looked around the room. She was alone with her two friends. She needed to talk to Remus.

She suddenly rose from the bed, finding herself dressed in a long white nightgown, and left the room. Harry and Ron were left baffled in her wake.

"Remus." She said, entering the living room. Remus had his back to her, leaning against the door frame leading to the kitchen.

"Hermione, you're awake." He turned to face her. She was caught off guard by the sadness in his eyes. She suddenly understood all the sadness when he talked about his past. It was not Lily he had spoken so lovingly about, but Hermione in the past. Unless…

Unless it was all a dream. How could she be sure?

Without thinking, Hermione ran up to Remus, put her arms around his neck and kissed him. Moments passed and there was no response. Fear crept into her soul. Perhaps it had been a dream after all.

She pulled away, her eyes down cast. She went to turn away and apologize, but was caught off guard as Remus swept her into his arms and held her tight.

"Gods, how I have missed you 'Mione." He whispered into her hair. "You have no idea what it has been like."

He carried her back up the stairs, past two very baffled young men.

Remus lay on his bed covered in sweat. It was the first time he had been able to make love to a woman in almost 20 years. This was the woman he had bound himself to, the only one that could make his blood boil. It was the only woman he would ever be able to have. The only one he wanted for all time.

"To thee I give my body, only you can give it heat…" Words he didn't think that she had even understood were now sounding in his ear. "In your hands you hold my heart, only you can make it beat. I bare it all with my soul, passion which will not abate. I take you into my life. My friend. My love. My mate."

Tears rolled down his face. She was not a werewolf so may not be bound by the same oath as he, but the fact that she had found the words in her own head were enough to make the happiest man in the world.

"Oh, 'Mione!" He cried into her hair. "However did you know what to say?"

"I don't know. It just came out. I-" Hermione cut herself off as she suddenly flew to the trashcan in the corner of the room where she emptied what little bit was in stomach. She looked up, her face appearing a little green. "Oh no!"

"What?" Remus was confused.

"I'm pregnant."

"Love, I don't think it works that fast, even in dogs."

"Baby, what were we doing right before I disappeared?"

Remus could feel a devilish grin spread across his. "We're having puppies!"

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