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Chapter 1

Now Entering-- Konoha High School!



Hikari figured these words were the only ones that could truly describe this feeling of freefalling from the sky.

She didn't even remember falling in the first place.

But here she was falling to her death - completely helpless.

The journey itself felt eternal, long-lasting, but the ad infinitum drop was probably just her imagination - her waning senses playing mind games with her.

It would only be moments before she came to her climax - her death.

'This has to be it…' she wondered.

Her breath grew hollow. Her pale lids slowly slid over her blue-gray irises.

'Only a miracle can save me now…'

And honestly, Hikari was not sure if there really are miracles.

…that is until at that moment.


Her eyes struggled to remain open, resisting the murky shadows.

'W…who… Who is that?'

"Kari, hold on!"

"H…Help. Help me please…" the girl whispered as she felt herself dive in the darkness.

Suddenly the sensation ceased as gravity finally set in.

Did she fall? Is this what death feels like?

"Kari, I got you. You're safe now."

Her gray orbs fluttered open as she felt strong arms wrapped tightly around her frame. She slowly looked up to see her savior's face.

His countenance was veiled in the cover of the shadows, but she could faintly make out an outline of a face - his lips curved to a grin.

"T…thank you," she whispered, trying to regain her lost breath.

Just moments before she could hear his voice… a strange beeping sound aroused her from her dreamy state.


"Mrghgrhaga…" mumbled the sleepy girl as she tried her very best to ignore the strident cacophony of her alarm clock.

During the first few moments, Hikari found the soundtrack remotely tolerable. She was much too tired to move and quiet it anyway.

As the beeps grew louder and louder, so did Hikari's irritation over the infernal timepiece. The girl finally released a low groan and rolled over to her side, hammering the snooze button with a lazy fist.

'Finally! Silence at last…'

The girl collapsed into her cottony comforter, feeling herself fall back into the inky abyss.

"Hikari?" a male voice asked the sleeping female. "Hikari, are you awake yet?"

Only silence replied to the man's queries.

She then heard the man release a ragged sigh and thought aloud, "I guess I was much too naïve to believe that ultra annoying contraption would be more than enough to wake you, Kari…"

Kari squirmed in her place, burying her head under her fluffy pillow in order to block out the man's ramblings.

"Shrumpt Mraup…" a muffled version of the girl's voice mumbled tiredly.

"Maybe I was not as incorrect as I originally believed. It seems my clock actually did awake you, but little Kari-chan is too lazy to move her ass out of bed," the man remarked as he seated himself beside her. "Okay. I'll give you to the count of three to get out… or else."

"Just go away!" she articulated with a little more clarity.

"One," he said, ignoring her demand.

Kari did not bother to respond.


The girl released a low moan, pulling the covers over the pillow.

The man paused for a moment, awaiting for further response.

He shrugged, "Fine, Kari. You asked for it. Three…"

The weight suddenly disappeared from her side. Kari listened carefully as the man's footsteps sauntered right out of her quarters.

'Oh thank you. That crazy old coot finally left…'

…Or so she thought.

Before she could readjust herself to a more comfortable position, the lights suddenly snapped on. Her blanket was ripped from her grip.

"What the…?" Before she knew it, an icy, cold liquid was dumped all over her frame. "EEK!"

With her eyes wide open, Kari immediately leaped from her bed, her body drenched with the freezing liquid.

"Oh my god! I'm soaked!" she cried, watching as droplets of the icy liquid slithered down her pajamas and onto the floor.

"That's what you get for being such a lazy gal, Kari-chan…" muttered a tired, male voice.

Kari's head snapped towards the source of the sound, her steely-blue orbs narrowed into a heated glare.

The target of her harsh gaze was an older man with short, pointy white locks. A white mask concealed his nose and mouth. The one eye Kari was able to see in the veil of white hair remained fixated on a tiny salmon book. Her gaze then was attracted to a silver bucket that shone brightly in the fluorescent illumination.

"Hatake Kakashi, you are so cruel! How dare you dump a bucket of water on me?" she shouted vehemently.

"Good morning to you too, princess. I knew you would be simply ecstatic once I finally aroused you from your slumber," Kakashi replied in a nonchalant tone, unfazed by her apparent rage and simply turned a single page in his novel. "And please enlighten me on a more effective way I could have waken you up?"

"Well anything would have been better than that stupid bucket!"

"It really was your own fault, Kari-chan! If you only woken up when I beckoned earlier, you would not have felt the wrath of the silver bucket."

Kari opened her mouth to retort, but quickly closed it shut. She only replied with a loud grunt as she whipped her head away from the man, causing her long, wet tendrils to slap her right in the face.

'…Ouch…' she whimpered in her mind, trying ever so hard to ignore Kakashi's chuckles.

"You know, you really should be thanking me, Kari. Thanks to me, you don't have to worry yourself about showering!"

Upon hearing that statement, Kari's face contorted into a heated sneer, screaming that she would rather approach her personal hygiene in a different manner.

Kakashi simply shook his head. "Oh dear. By that ungrateful look on your wet face, it seems you still don't get it…"

All anger left Kari's visage as confusion took its place. As if to verify her already palpable perplexity over his remark, she blurted out an unintelligible, "Huh?"

Kakashi rolled an obsidian orb as he mumbled, "Do you even have an ounce of intelligence? Did you even retain anything I taught you the passed year?"

"What was that?!"

"Oh nothing!" Kakashi quickly stated, sidestepping the subject with such effortless grace that it annoyed the already cantankerous girl, who was too irritated to press the subject any further. "I just want you to think of what today is."

Kari followed her guardian's suggestions and contemplated for a moment.

Finally, realization hit her.

"OH MY GOD! Why didn't you wake me up earlier, uncle!?" she questioned, her steel-blue orbs wide with shock.

"One, you were sleeping like the hardheaded block of stone I know you are. Two, you were so busy yapping I couldn't have told you even if I wanted to."

"…just shut up."

"Just dry off and get dressed. I placed your uniform in the bathroom already, kay? So just hurry up. I don't want to be late for your first day of school."

"Yeah, yeah!" Kari said as she dashed into the bathroom.

Kakashi followed right behind her, ambling his way instead into the living room.

"OH. MY. GOD! Kaka-chan, what the hell is this?!" Kari yelled just as he sat on the couch.

"What is what, Kari?" he asked.

"THIS!" He slowly raised his head upward to see Kari standing right in front of him… holding a certain garment in her hand.

"You can't seriously be telling me that this thing from the depths of the hell is actually the uniform for girls!"

Kakashi slowly shut his book closed as he met her shocked gaze. In a calm, even tone, he simply remarked. "Hikari, that thing from the depths of hell, is just a skirt."

"And you know how much I hate skirts! This has to be some sick joke!"

"If I said it is, will you just put it on? We're going to be late because of your irritating prattle, Hi-chan."

"Fine! I'll demean myself and put this stupid thing on! Like you care, Uncle Kakashi…" she griped, shuffling her way back to the bathroom.

"Don't worry! I don't!" He called out, shaking his head. "I knew this would have been interesting…"


"Uncle Kakashi, do I really have to go to high school now?" Kari asked as they neared the school vicinity.

"Yes, you must. We agreed I'd let you stay and teach you for one year. That year is now officially over. I even let you stay home for the first few weeks of school as compromise for your earlier gripes," Kakashi stated.

"But I feel ridiculous!" Kari stopped in her place, tugging her navy blue skirt down. "Just look at me, uncle! I look absurd."

"You look just fine, Hi-chan," Kakashi assured the girl. "You know, I still find it bizarre you would call me your uncle. We are not related in any way."

"But you had been in my life for so long, I consider you like family! You have to admit, we do share some sort of resemblance!"

"I suppose so. You so have the same colored hair as I, but I still say you look more like your father. You have his eyes after all," Kakashi pointed out.

Kari smiled as she replied, "And I've never been more proud! Well, you should know that you deserve the title of uncle since you were so kind as to take me in."

"Like I had a choice in the matter, Hikari," her guardian said.

Kari then inquired, "Where else could I have gone? It's not like I could have went home to father…"

Kari swallowed a large lump in her throat, her gaze falling downcast. Kakashi's features softened as he went to her side. "Ah, don't be like that, Kari. I thought you were over that now. That why I taught you at home for a whole year just so you could recover."

Kari shook her head as she replied, "Don't worry about it, Kakashi. I'll survive. I'm better now than how I was last year!"

The girl forced a smile on her face. As she endured Kakashi's meticulous scrutiny, she hoped that her small assurance was enough to appease her worried guardian.

Kari relaxed when she heard him release a tired sigh. "Okay whatever you say, my dear Hi-chan. Now if you are done with all of your drama, can we go inside now?"

Kari slowly played with the ends of her long gray tresses as she constructed her response. "Um, I suppose, but do I truly look presentable? I feel almost nude wearing this garment."

Kakashi assured the disgruntled Hikari, "You look wonderfully radiant, Kari. Just get your big butt moving."

"Fine! Let's continue the degradation."

Kakashi chuckled at her grumbling and continued forth.

Then there is was. Kari gasped. "Oh my god… Kaka-san? I… is that?"

"Yes, it is. Welcome to Konoha High, Hikari."

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