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Unforeseen Circumstances

Part 1 of the Unforeseen Trilogy

Chapter One


"Phew." Buffy Summers sighed as she sat on the top of a table in the library, wiping sweat from her brow. Rupert Giles, her Watcher, couldn't make a sound as he stumbled into a chair, his ashen face slightly worrying Buffy. She tossed Mr. Pointy on to the table next to her and leaned toward Giles.

"Are you feeling old now, Giles?" She didn't usually beat him as quickly as she did this night during practice. He seemed oddly distant, detached. Giles shrugged and pulled on his glasses. He took another deep breath and grabbed the water bottle from next to Buffy and drank a lot from it. Buffy took it from him before he drank it all. Giles sat a few moments to get his breath back before responding.

"Not really. Used to feeling old with you around. So are you going on rounds tonight?" Buffy tossed her head and looked at Giles expectantly.

"Of course I am! Rounds at the cemetery tonight. You promised you'd come along and help me with my History homework, remember?" Giles slightly groaned as he moved to the side, feeling tired to the bone.

"Of course I remember. So we'll meet up at the cemetery at, say, nine o'clock? In front of the old mausoleum." Buffy nodded.

"Right now, I'm gonna go home, take a shower, eat some dinner with my mother, and 'go to bed' early." Giles nodded and Buffy sighed as she shouldered her book bag. Giles watched as she headed towards the door to the library, dragging her feet behind her.

"A slayer does not drag her feet." Giles, smiling, said to her back and heard a muffled curse aimed in his direction. She laughed as she ran out the door. Giles chuckled and shook his head slightly as he stood to put up the props from practice.

~RG ~RG ~RG ~

"What year was the Atomic bombs dropped in Japan?" Giles held the book as he sat on the gravestone near to where Buffy was fighting a fledgling Vampire. She roundhouse kicked him and thrusted Mr. Pointy through his heart.

"1945." She panted and flopped to the ground as dust rained down behind her. Giles nodded and went to ask the next review question.

"What towns were hit by-" A soft scream pierced the air and Buffy jumped up. Giles looked at her startled by the sudden movement.

"What's wrong?" He asked, looking around. Buffy looked at him quizzically.

"You didn't hear the scream?" Giles looked at her knowingly.

"You have better hearing than us as the Slayer. Follow where you heard the scream, I'll follow you." She nodded as Giles stuffed the book into his bag and pulled out a cross and wooden stake. He followed Buffy into the mausoleum that led to the sewers. Buffy cursed and Giles looked at her. She ran out of the mausoleum and out of the cemetery to the street towards Giles' car. Giles fought to keep up.

"If that's how they got in, we have to cut them off at the school." Giles could only keep running until they reached his car and strapped in. He started the car and sped to the school, a feeling of dread filling him for some reason unknown to him. He shook his head as he parked in the staff parking and they jumped out. Buffy pulled a pot hole out of the ground in the street and pulled herself down. Giles climbed down the sewer ladder after her and replaced the top as he pulled his stake out from his pocket. He followed Buffy down the tunnel and as they reached the door to the main sewer, he heard a very feminine scream, and felt himself drawn to it unexplainably. Buffy nodded as she recognized it. Buffy slowly pushed the door open and the duo saw three vampires holding a girl between them, who was struggling to escape but wasn't a match for her capturers. The one holding her turned to the shortest one, the obvious leader.

"Are you sure we can't taste the sacrifice before she's given to the Master?" He was hit upside the head and they heard a crack, but his head swiveled down.

"Sorry." He muttered. Buffy noticed the girl was mortified and scared to death. Buffy also recognized her as her classmate, one grade higher than herself. She held Mr. Pointy tight and stepped fully into the main tunnel, getting their attention immediately.

"Aww, gonna start the party without me? I'm jealous." She crooned. Giles already had his silent assignment from her, get the girl. He saw as Buffy took the two vampires on, and Giles faced the one with the girl. She looked at him with big emerald eyes, pleading for help, and his resolve hardened. He faced the vampire, who threw the girl behind him to the ground. He jumped at Giles and he ducked, the vampire flying over him into the wall with a crunch. He turned and faced the dazed vampire. He charged the vampire and stabbed it in the heart with the stake, and watched as it dusted before his eyes. He felt a hand on his shoulder and he twirled around only to meet Buffy's grinning face. He relaxed immediately. He put the stake into the bag and faced the girl they just saved. Buffy now kneeled next to her.

"Magdalene?" She asked quietly. Magdalene looked up at Buffy, scared to death still, though the trouble was gone. Buffy smiled and nodded.

"Magdalene Defoe." The girl said quietly in response. Buffy raised her fingers to the girl's neck slowly, and pulled them away when she was satisfied to find the girl wasn't a vampire. The girl stood with Buffy. Buffy held an arm over the girl's shaking shoulders, but Magdalene shrugged it away so Buffy just stood near her. Magdalene wrapped her arms around herself as she followed Buffy out, Giles behind her. Buffy helped Magdalene out of the pothole as they left the sewers. Buffy looked up at the sky and guessed it was around midnight. They'd only been on patrol for about two hours. She fixed the pothole after Giles resurfaced. Buffy turned to Magdalene.

"What were you doing out so late to be sacrificed by Vampires?" Buffy grimaced at the thought. Magdalene' head dropped and Buffy realized it was a touchy subject, or a just plain stupid reason. She watched Giles put a hand on the girls shoulder and saw as Magdalene didn't retreat from his nearness like she did from Buffy.

"So, where to put you for the night to steady yourself for school tomorrow." Buffy bit her lip, thinking of the different possibilities.

"I can't bring you to your house, for obvious reasons. Can't take you to my house, I'm supposed to be in bed." She caught Giles' eye and she slowly grinned. There was slight fear in his eye as he shook his head no. She turned to Magdalene.

"Don't worry, you can stay with Giles!" Giles blanched and then straightened his expression when Magdalene turned to him. He looked into her doe eyes and felt resignation as he knew he'd take her home with him.

"If it's not too much trouble for you, Mr. Giles." She said quietly. She now recognized the man supporting her as the school librarian. The first time she had seen him she developed a crush on him. She blushed when she saw Giles gulp and nod.

"Of c-course it isn't." He muttered. Magdalene smiled and hugged him, delighting in his small gasp and embarrassment. Since she first saw him, she had always felt a pull towards him, like a magnet, but had always denied and ignored it. This time she was going to grip it with both hands, literally.

She reluctantly let go now of her secret crush. He was blushing, she noticed delightfully, and watched as he straightened his tie and coughed lightly. Buffy grinned, seeming to see everything. She grabbed both their hands and led them to Giles' car. She jumped in the front passenger's seat and waited for them to get in the car. She was practically bouncing. When they were all strapped in, Buffy turned to Giles.

"So drop me off a corner away from my house and I'll sneak in." Giles nodded and put the car in reverse to exit his parking spot. As the car left the lot, Buffy suddenly exclaimed,

"Oh! Giles!" He turned to her quizzically. She grinned.

"Hiroshima and Nagasaki!" She was happy with herself and Magdalene chuckled. Giles groaned and hit his head against the top of the steering wheel.

"You answer the History question now!?"

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