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Unforeseen Circumstances

Part 1 of the Unforeseen Trilogy


Xander sat on the couch, tired as hell as he finally found the prophecy that they'd been searching for a whole month. He picked up the bottle nearest him and threw it against the wall in frustration. Buffy frowned at him as she went to find a broom and pan. Willow looked at Xander worriedly. Xander wiped his mouth with the back of his hand as he pushed the book into the center of the group.

"There's the damn prophecy." He stood up and went towards the kitchen. Buffy looked at it but didn't say a word. She wished that Giles was there with them to delight in the discovery, but he left Sunnydale the day after they realized that Mag disappeared.

Her mother was frantic, unable to understand her disappearance, and the police were used to random missing people, so the search didn't last long. Giles immediately started checking flight schedules, and he was gone the next day looking for her. He'd come back occasionally to brief them on his progress, but most times he'd simply call. They figured he'd already lost his job, and they set his home up at their base, and they all simply moved in, they were there more than their own homes.

Willow picked up the book and whispered it aloud, but it was deafening in the silence of the room.

When time has come, the Hellmouth beckons,

A woman and Vampire shall meet.

A child begot, of this curs├ęd union,

And the daughter has powers unspeaken.

She shall be the Beldam, powers untapped

Ready for the taking

Easily corrupted, strongly protected

Knowingly heavy with childe

Powers untold, stronger than all

She who shall walk in sunlight

Vampire is she, living although

Pregnant by Watcher unknown

Power of Goddess harvested right

Open the Hellmouth at night

Difficult term, barely living

The childe will finally be borne in secrecy

New allies will join her, the unlikeliest duo

Both Beldams will be free to pursue the battle

Alongside the Chosen One

Watcher will watch, Watcher will teach

Watcher shall learn his place

The Watcher, The Beldam, the Other Mother, and the Chosen Warrior

Will fight the First Evil for the last time

Only when gathered, the time is full

Will the Hellmouth be closed forever

Seer 700 CDE

When Willow finished, they all looked at each other, stunned. Mag was destined to get pregnant. Questions raced through their minds. Through Buffy's mind was, Who's the First Evil? In Xander's was, Mag's a Bloodsucker? And Willow voiced all of their concerns.

"How do we tell Giles?" No one wanted to be the one to tell him. Buffy nodded as she stood, striding to the phone.

"As the Chosen One, blah blah blah, I'll tell him. He's my Watcher." She stood staring at the phone in her hand. Willow and Xander stood next to her as they each put a hand over hers.

"We'll all tell him. He's our friend." Buffy nodded, smiling as they dialed the phone to his latest hotel room.

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