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Not What You Think

McGee stood near the stairs wanting to ask Abby out. He had realized that he still loved Abby and decided to go downstairs to see if she would like to go out with him. He walked past the desks and wondered where Tony was. He saw that Ziva was at her desk looking at her computer. He pressed the button that would call the elevator to take him downstairs. When it came he got on and waited for it to descend. He walked out of the elevator and stopped as he heard Tonys voice.

"So which one was that?"

"The yellow one."

"Of course it was." He heard Tony laugh at that. He wondered what they were talking about.

"Hey, are you ready for tonight?"


"I'll order the pizza."

"And I'll bring the dessert."

"Okay, sounds good."

"I'll see you tonight then?"

"Yep, see you tonight."

He quickly hid in one of the rooms and waited for the elevators to take Tony upstairs. He wondered what they were doing tonight. It was a Friday night and he didnt know that Abby had plans with Tony. He wondered if they were seeing each other. He hoped not because he really loved Abby and didnt want Tony to break her heart. He knew Tony and he didnt like the way that he treated women.

That night before he could talk to Tony about things he was already gone. He went towards Tonys apartment and saw that Abby was already there with bags in her hands, she locked the door and walked towards the apartment building. He wanted to go upstairs to find out what they were up to, but he decided not to. He decided to go back home and try to get some sleep.


Inside Tonys apartment.

He sat the pizza down and got the plates out when he heard the knock at the door. He opened it to find a smiling Abby with bags in her hands. He let her in and she walked towards the kitchen and sat them on the table. She took out the ice cream and the M&Ms. She put the ice cream in the freezer and closed it. They ate in silence and then after they were done he put the dishes in the dishwasher and closed it.

Tony got some microwave popcorn and put it in the microwave and got out a bowl to put the fluffy kernels into it when it was done.

"Should I make two bags, or one?" He asked Abby

"One." She replied. "We have ice cream and M&Ms too." She added.

She got two spoons out and went to the freezer and got out the two pints of ice cream. One for each of them and grabbed the M&M bag on her way by. She put the ice cream on the coffee table and put the DVD into the DVD player. Tony followed a few minutes later with the bowl of popcorn and sat it in between them. The M&M bag was opened, but first the ice cream was eaten before it could melt. They watched the movie as it unfolded. Tony loved watching movies with Abby. She was his friend and nothing else. They had a brother and sister relationship and he would protect her from harm.

After the movie had ended they watched another one. Both of them were a little stuffed after eating junk food. Abby made her way towards the extra room that Tony had and got ready for bed. This was the routine that they had established since they became friends. They would watch two movies while eating junk food and Abby would spend the night in his guest bedroom.

The End.

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