CH.1 - the way it is now

Percy's pov:

As you know, I'm Percy Jackson. I am 39 years old. So is Annabeth. We have a son named Daedalus Current Jackson (we call him Dale for short) and a daughter named Aqua Sophia Jackson. Dale has Annabeth's blond hair and my sea green eyes. Aqua has my black hair and Annabeth's gray eyes. Oddly enough, Aqua is more like me and Dale is more like Annabeth. Their 14 birthday is tomorrow! But WHAT IN THE NAME OF ZEUS am I going to get them? I can't get them a half-blood thing because…well…I didn't exactly tell them half of their history. They don't know the whole Greek story. They don't know about camp half-blood or even that their grandparents are Athena and Poseidon. They just know about my mom, Paul, Annabeth's dad and her stepmother. Aqua and Dale think that those people are their real grandmother and grandfather. It's better that they don't know!

Annabeth's pov:

Tomorrow is Aqua and Dale's birthday! They are twins! I got Aqua a seashell collection, a book about under sea life and, of course, I always give her 20$ to spend freely. As for Dale, I've got him a book about architecture, a sand dollar and, as well, I am going to give him 20$. Now, are you thinking I spoil my kids? Well, I don't! Percy forgets about their birthdays until it's a day away, then he begs me to do something. As "Wise Girl", I have to come up with a solution.


"Oh my gods! Annabeth, I don't know what to get them! Any ideas?" Percy asked me.

"I'll give them 20$, and you can pay me back later, OK?" I told him.

"OK!" he said.


Dale's pov:

Tomorrow is my birthday! I wonder what I'm getting from mom and dad! I hope I get something new to read! I'm slightly dyslexic, but I've taught myself my own version of words. For example, the word "phone" is "nehop" and I can understand it. My teachers have no idea how I understand it but their happy I do. If there is ever a book report, my teachers give me special extensions. I'm ahead of the group in math and shop class (wood working). Why? I have no idea! I was just born with random intelligence. I also have another random thing that I haven't told anyone about. One day, I came home from school and I was soooo thirsty! I needed water. My water bottle was empty. I got in the door, grabbed my bottle and ran into the kitchen. When I opened my water bottle to fill it, it was already full. I don't understand it at all! I think mom and dad are hiding something, but I don't know what. Once I was with Grandma Sally and Grandpa Paul when I heard dad and mom going "pst pst!" At least I think it was them. The only thing was that they were far away on a business trip in New York! Then Grandma Sally said she had to go to her room for a minute. Oh well, I will never figure it out!

Aqua's pov:

Tomorrow is my birthday! Like Dale, I'm slightly dylexic but I know how ro read. I love reading about undersea life because fish are awesome! I love how their tails move! Mom always buys me a book! She said "the most important treasure you can have is the treasure of wisdom". Dad agrees with me on the fact that fish are cool. Last year, he gave me a pet fish, and I named him Gilbert. Gil-bert get it? Gill (as in a fish)! Speaking about mom and dad… they're hiding something, I know it. But the question is, WHAT IS IT???? Once, dad was talking in his room to nobody, then mom said we had to stop eavesdropping! Another thing - my parents say "oh my gods" gods. It's not supposed to be plural! I HATE NOT KNOWING! IT'S NOT FAIR!!