Percy's pov:

Sebastian was lying on the ground outside the Aphrodite cabin. He didn't seem harmed, which was a good thing. Claire-Bell knelt at his side.

"I walked out here to find him and yet, he was here all along. He said he was going for a walk in the woods and he was lying here the whole time. I don't know what could have happened!" she said. Claire-Bell adored her brother, as strange as he was.

"Well, Dale, help get Sebastian to the emergency room. He can take the bed on the other side of Aqua," said Annabeth.

"Where are you going?" demanded Dale.

"I need to talk to your father," said Annabeth.

Annabeth pulled me across the yard until we were behind one wall of the big house.

"Now do you see what I mean? Percy, that kid is trying to take the spirit of Kronos!" said Annabeth.

"Everyone thinks that Sebastian is strange, but he is a good kid!" I said back.

"Percy," Annabeth groaned.

"Annabeth, please, give him a chance," I said.

"What if he turns out being like Luke?" demanded Annabeth.

"Then we'll fight him together! Besides, you should know a lot about forgiving others because you did that to Luke even after he turned into Kronos!" I said.

"Fine," Annabeth spat.

Together, we walked to Sebastian's side.

"I…I have to tell you the truth," he said.

"Truth?" asked Claire-Bell.

"Yeah. I'm not really your brother Claire. I'm a reincarnation of a boy named Luke. I made Elysoum and I'm trying for Ils for the Blest. My only punishment is to remember my previous life," he said. Then he looked at me and Annabeth and said: "Percy, Annabeth, I'm so sorry. Can you ever forgive me for what I did? I was blinded by hate and fear. I thought I was doing the right thing," he said.

"Oh, Luke! You gave your life to save camp in the end. You were the hero. We forgave you a long time ago," said Annabeth.

"What about you Percy?" asked Sebastian/Luke.

"Yeah, I forgave you too," I said.

He glanced at my hand.

"I'm sorry about that," he said.

"About what?" I asked.

"Scorpion," he said.

"Oh," I mumbled.

"So then, are you a son of Aphrodite or Hermes?" asked Claire-Bell.

"In this life, Claire, I am a son of Aphrodite. I suppose it's time to start acting like one too. I am no longer Luke. I am now Sebastian," he said.

"Are you my brother?" asked Claire-Bell.

"Yes, Claire, I am," he said.

"I'm glad things worked out," said Dale.

"Me too," said Aqua.

Aqua was standing upright.

"Aqua, are you in pain?" asked Annabeth.

"Not any more," said Aqua.

We relized how much we needed each other in that very moment.

"We shall never let Kronos rise again!" said Sebastian.

"No we won't," agreed a voice from across the room.

"Your okay!" Rachel cried. She hugged James.

"You can't get rid of me that easily!" he teased.

From now on, we will face any threat together, as one family, without any secrets.

The nurse had left drinks in the room. I picked up the tray and handed everyone a glass.

"To family!" said Annabeth.

"TO FAMILY!" cried everyone else.

Yes, to family.


So, how did everyone like it? I know the ending sucked, but I had to finish the story and I couldn't think of anything else. Hopefully, I'll have a new story running soon. Until then, I say "See ya!"