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Title: Little Bits

Prompts: White Roses, White Chocolate

Rated: K (oh my gosh, I wrote a fic without any swearing? The end has come!)

Ichigo did not do romance. Liking Shakespeare didn't make him a poet. Wielding a sword didn't make him a knight. And having a girlfriend didn't make him a sap.

However...sometimes when he was with Rukia, Ichigo wasn't so sure.

Like during school lunches, Ichigo's favorite dessert would find its way into Rukia's mouth instead of his.

Or when they walked the streets together, on occasion his hand would catch hold of hers and wouldn't let go for hours.

Even when they worked to cleanse a hollow, no matter how one-sided the fight had been, Ichigo would find a way to brush her hair out of her face and his lips would fall onto hers.

So on White Day, when Rukia found dozens of white roses waiting for her in her closet, Ichigo figured a little bit of romance was something he apparently could do.


Rukia did not do romance. Liking sundresses didn't make her girly. Being locked in a tower didn't make her a princess. And having a boyfriend didn't turn her into mush.

However...sometimes when she was with Ichigo, Rukia wasn't so sure.

Like in the mornings when Yuzu put together Ichigo's bento, Rukia made sure to pack his favorite dessert.

Or during their random walks through town, Rukia always picked the least populated route so he'd hold her hand.

Even after a simple hollow extermination, no matter how much Ichigo hogged the fight, Rukia would insist to check for wounds and kiss away any bruises left behind.

So on White Day, after Ichigo scowled at the gifts she'd received from other boys, Rukia leaned against his chest and personally fed him each piece of white chocolate until his scowl fell away. Rukia figured a little bit of romance was something she apparently could do.

AN: I actually like this one a lot, and despite it's length, it took me a while. I'm sad how it looked so much bigger on Word and now it looks so tiny... Oh well, I hope you guys enjoy reading it! Thank you!