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Fire Emblem 8:


by Avi

(Excerpts taken from Lute's research journal:)

Entry xx1

While observing the test subject this morning, I noticed a fine specimen of Parasteatoda tepidariorum (i.e. the common house spider) resting upon the subject's shoulder. When I pointed out said specimen (expressing a desire to examine it more closely), the subject shrieked loudly and ran out of the room.

Having lost the specimen (and my test subject), I have decided to investigate the subject's curious reaction. Have filed away the information for future reference.

Entry xx2

Having surmised that my test subject may have a fear of spiders, I have decided to set up an experiment to prove my theory. Earlier today, I released another member of the class Arachnida into a room, where my test subject was located.

When the arachnid approached the test subject, the subject showed a similar reaction as displayed previously, except that he jumped onto a chair before yelling and frightening away the arachnid... Interesting.

Entry xx3

Having confirmed that the test subject does indeed have arachnophobia (i.e. fear of spiders), I have taken it upon myself to cure the subject of said fear. As such, I have devised an experiment that should, in theory, eliminate the phobia. Will go into further detail later.

(One might argue that I am forming an emotional attachment with my test subject, but I consider it a public service to cure his phobia.)

Entry xx4

Have begun preparations for the treatment of my test subject's arachnophobia.

I have deduced that by exposing the test subject to large quantities of spiders, the subject should become accustomed to them; therefore, I have spent all day gathering 50 spiders from the garden. I will then release them through the window while the subject is still sleeping, and observe the results.

Entry xx5

Subject is now awake, and is showing resistance to the treatment. However, I have barricaded the room from the outside, so to increase the effectiveness of the cure.

How curious... From my vantage point by the window, it seems that the subject's agitation has increased exponentially, in relation to the amount of spiders in the room. Still, I am confident that my theory is sound, and that the treatment will work... Eventually.

Entry xx6

Test subject has passed out. Aborting experiment prematurely, in order to check on his condition.

Entry xx7

Having examined the test subject, I have come to the conclusion that he is merely unconscious. Have placed the subject back onto his bed, and begun the arduous task of collecting all the spiders.

Entry xx8

It appears that my cure for arachnophobia (despite its brilliance) was ultimately, a failure; the test subject is still displaying symptoms of the phobia. Still, I have gathered valuable information from this experience, which will be useful for later experiments.

Will resume regular observation of the test subject tomorrow.

Entry xx9

Test subject seems to be avoiding me today. I wonder why...?



I've always wanted to write a research journal from Lute's POV, so I hope I pulled it off okay... Poor Artur.

This was inspired by a prompt from Kitten Kisses (and in case it wasn't painfully obvious, the prompt was "spiders" ;).