Naruto – Legacy of the Yondaime Hokage

Chapter 1 – Darkest day, Enter the antagonist

Disclaimer – I don't own Naruto. Naruto is the property Masashi Kishimoto. This is just a story using his characters and I'm not looking to make any money out of this.

"Demon/Inner Sakura" talking/thinking



Warnings – Strong (though not invincibly strong), smart Naruto, Major OOC and possible Lemons (unsure at this point)

Summery – On Naruto's sixth birthday, a year after he's kicked out of the orphanage, he's chased into an alley by an angry mob out for his blood and once he's cornered they attempt to beat him and Naruto; desperate to defend himself, lashes out and ends up killing one of the villagers causing the crowd to flee in terror. Shocked and traumatised by what he's done, Naruto vows never to kill again unless absolutely necessary after a talk with the Sandaime Hokage. As he grows up, he makes friends and wins over the trust of some of the younger generation who help him manage to cope with what he did. However, all is not well as hatred runs deep in the older generation, putting Naruto's friends in harm's way and one hateful woman seeks to bring about Naruto's destruction from behind the scenes and the evil Danzo also takes an interest in the boy as well as the threats of Orochimaru and the Akatsuki. When Naruto becomes a ninja, his adventures start and he struggles to see just how long he can go on before being forced to break his vow never to kill as well as work towards his dream of becoming Hokage and prove to the people of Konohagakure no Sato that he is not the Kyuubi no Yoko, the feared Nine-Tailed Fox that almost destroyed the village the night of his birth and forges his own path as his father, the Yondaime Hokage's Legacy. Can he deal with the pressure of keeping his vow as well as the threats both out with and from within Konoha?

"Kill the demon," the shouts came as the six-year-old boy ran for his life as the mob of angry villagers chased after him armed with various types of weapons and some threw stones at him.

"Go back to Hell where you belong you disgusting abomination," another person yelled as he hurled another stone at the young blonde.

Six-year-old Uzumaki Naruto was running for his life from a horde of angry villagers who where determined to end his young life. He didn't know why they were so hostile and hateful towards him. It was something he grew up with. Since as long as he could remember, the people had always hated him; sending him hateful glares and trying to hurt him. He had no idea who his parents were and spent the first five years of his life at an orphanage before the matrons kicked him out onto the streets of Konohagakure no Sato where he had been left to fend for himself.

Life at the orphanage had been hellish. The matrons had ignored him and the other children either followed their example or just simply picked on him and stole whatever few possessions he managed to obtain for himself. The matrons just turned a blind eye to him and he discovered one day that they actually encouraged the other children to steal his belongings and hand them over to them so they could confiscate them. There is only so much a person can take before they lash out and eventually, that's just what Naruto did.

On the day he was kicked out of the orphanage; his fifth birthday, one of the children had attempted to steal a teddy bear that he had found lying in the dumpster behind the orphanage and Naruto remembered how he fought back, lashing a punch at the boy's face and giving him a huge welt of a bruise on his left cheek. The matrons had intervened before the boy could retaliate and not surprisingly, they blamed Naruto for it and Naruto remembered how he verbally lashed out at them for siding with the boy who attempted to steal his bear and he shot them a hate-filled glare, which caused the two women to back off and Naruto clearly remembered the look of pure and absolute terror on their faces as they both stared at him like he was some kind of monster who was going to devour their flesh. After Naruto had calmed down, they two women had practically thrown him out; literally as they both lifted him up and threw him out onto the streets.

Life of the streets was no better. The people immediately went after him with the intent to kill if they ever caught him. He was forced to life off scraps and leftovers that people threw out and even resorted to stealing just to survive.

However, eventually the Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Hiruzen discovered him after a week of being on the streets and had fixed him up with his own apartment and gave him a weekly allowance so he could buy things, but most stores wouldn't let him in and the few that did would overcharge him even for the most basic and useless of items; some of the store owners would even raise their price if they discovered that he did indeed have enough money to pay for the item… they would overcharge him as usual and if he had enough money they would demand even more just so he couldn't pay.

Seven months ago

Naruto was in Konoha's General Store waiting in line to be served after he decided to buy a new pen to replace the one the Sandaime had given him to mark his calendar. Already he could feel just about everyone else's eyes bearing on him with glares of absolute hate. Parents clutched onto their children, motioning them away from him like he was some kind of disease and the children looked between him and their parents, confused as to why their parents were motioning them away from him.

"Stay away from him," Naruto heard a man whispering to his daughter, "He's nothing but trouble and will only lead you to an early grave."

"But why daddy?" the little girl asked, loud enough for the entire store to hear, "He doesn't look bad."

"Just take my word for it, he'll end up killing you if you become friends with him," the girl's father replied in a slightly raised voice with a hardened, serious tone as he turned his head towards Naruto and shot him a nasty glare causing Naruto to cringe as he walked up to counter as it was his turn to be served.

He placed the red felt-tipped pen on the counter and the store owner just looked down at it with a blank look on his face before looking up to glare at Naruto.

"Is this all?" he asked in a nasty tone that would lead one to believe that he had been insulted.

Naruto just nodded, trying his best to ignore the cruel man's glare as well as the glares of the people behind him and throughout the store.

"Yeah, that'll be all sir," Naruto replied as he moved to fork out his money, which was in his picket in a green frog-decorated wallet.

He had been sure to bring a lot of money with him as he remembered the last time he had been here, the man had demanded ten times the price for the last item he tried to buy. This time, he would surprise the man. This time, he would get what he wanted.

"That'll be 70,000 ryo," the man said, knowing that the pen only cost a mere 200 ryo, but not caring since it was the "demon brat".

Naruto pulled out the money and placed it on the counter and shot the store owner a huge foxy grin as if to say, "Ha, ha, I came prepared this time".

"There, 70,000 ryo, just like you asked," he said in a triumphant and boastful tone.

The store owner as well as everyone else in the store just looked at Naruto with gobsmacked looks. The store owner looked at Naruto and then at the money on the counter before his face twisted in pure and utter hate as he glared back at Naruto and felt his fists tighten at his sides. He was not going to let this "demon spawn" get the best of him. He was quite determined to ruin Naruto's plans and get him out of his store.

"Did I say 70,000 ryo?" the man said with gritting teeth as he tried to calm himself down, "What I meant to say was 850,000 ryo."

"WHAT!" Naruto said in shock as the grin immediately vanished from his face, "That's not fair, you can't just change yore price when I gave you the amount you asked for."

"This is my store and I can do whatever I want," the man said as he folded his arms and shot Naruto a sadistic "What're you gonna do about it?" grin.

"But I don't have that much," Naruto said in protest, shocked that the store owner had gotten one up on him.

"Tough luck freak," the man said in the same cruel boastful tone as before, "Now if there's nothing else, get the hell outta my store."

Naruto just glared at the man who continued to look at him boastfully.

"I'll get you for this," he muttered under his breath as the man unfolded his arms and moved to pick up the pen.

However, before he could grab it, Naruto swiped it from the counter and then ran out of the store laughing as if he was the most carefree boy in the world.

"Ha, ha, looks like I got the last laugh after all old man!" Naruto shouted back leaving the store owner fuming and glaring at the doorway Naruto had exited from.

"If you won't give me, I'll just take," Naruto's voice came from outside.

"YOU INSUFFERABLE VERMAIN!" the store owner screamed in rage, causing the children in the store to jump and hide behind their parents' bodies in fear at the raging store owner, "I'LL MAKE YOU PAY FOR THIS IF IT'S THE LAST THING I'LL EVER DO!"

"See what I mean," the father from before said to his quivering daughter who was hugging his leg from behind, frightened that the store owner was going to hurt her, "Like I said, that boy's nothing but trouble."

The man's daughter just nodded in agreement.


Naruto shivered as he remembered that. He had decided that if they would overcharge him prices that they know he couldn't afford, he'd just steal what he wanted. It got him into trouble with the ANBU, but he had gotten even with the store owner. Not only did he take the pen, but after the ANBU had returned it to the store, Naruto had let off a stink bomb in the store, which closed it down for a whole week.

Luckily the Sandaime had managed to get Naruto a replacement pen and the store owner was dealt with. However, the man's punishment only served to fuel the people's hatred of him. The beatings didn't stop and they only intensified after the store owner's execution. The Sandaime, who predicted that the beatings and attempted killings would only increase had assigned ninja to protect him, but some of the assigned ninja actually joined in with the villagers and those who didn't were usually distracted. It was a miracle that Naruto was still alive.

When it came to the aftermath of the beatings, Naruto was admitted to hospital and the first time, the doctors and nurses refused to treat him and tossed him out. However, this prompted the Sandaime to assign some ANBU guards; guards that he trusted not to try and kill the boy to make sure that he received the proper treatment while he dealt with the ninja who participated n the villagers' beatings. The ANBU guards were former medical ninja before becoming ANBU as they knew most of, if not all the medical procedures and so they would know if the doctors and nurses tried anything funny. Even Naruto's food was checked before being served to him in case the hospital staff tried to poison him.

Naruto shut his eyes as he continued to run from the angry villagers. Why did they hate him so much? What was it that he could've possibly done that could have merited such hatred? He had no idea. Only the Sandaime, the owner of the Ichiraku Ramen Stand, his daughter and an ANBU with a dog's mask seemed to like him if not tolerate him. Naruto knew that no one else liked him. Even the ninja assigned to protect him who didn't participate in the beatings hated him and only stepped in to help because they feared the Sandaime and what he would do to them if they went against his orders. They would intentionally allow themselves to become distracted to give an excuse why they didn't come to Naruto's aid whenever they could and even though the Sandaime suspected that they were doing so intentionally, he couldn't prove it.

"Why can't you just die?" a woman shouted as she threw a cleaver at Naruto, which he managed to dodge by ducking without stopping.

"Just rid us of your repulsive existence," a man called out, throwing a stone that Naruto veered clear of.

Naruto continued to run as he dodged and veered from hurling projectiles. Why was this happening to him? All he did was decide to go out for a walk. Unfortunately, he just happened to stumble upon the village square where the festival celebrating the anniversary of the defeat of the dreaded Kyuubi no Yoko at the hands of the Yondaime Hokage. Unfortunately the battle had cost the Yondaime his life. Today was 10th October. Six years ago the Kyuubi no Yoko had attacked the village without reason or provocation. Many ninja had died before the Yondaime had come and defeated it. That was the story Naruto had heard. He witnessed the children in the ninja academy re-enact that horrible night and even witnessed the burning of a huge effigy of the Kyuubi made of straw. It was then that someone had noticed him and that was how the chase began.

"These guys are really serious this time," Naruto thought fearfully, "They're really gonna kill me this time."

Last year, he had spent the spent the day curled up in the corner of an alley and missed the festival completely. This year, he hadn't been meaning to go to the festival, but during his walk he had heard the commotion and curiosity had gripped his interest. However, now it seemed that his curiosity would cost him.

"Man, whoever said curiosity killed the cat sure wasn't kiddin'," Naruto thought as he continued to run, frantically searching for a way out.

He knew that if he was caught this time, he would be dead. The hatred from the pursuing villagers seemed to have been greatly intensified. He had been beaten before, but the level of hatred had never been this bad before and even at its average level Naruto knew that he would be lucky to survive. With the Sandaime and ninjas distracted due to the festival, Naruto knew that no one would be coming to his rescue this time. The ANBU were busy on patrol on the outskirts of the village, as the festival could be seen as the perfect opportunity for Konoha's enemies to attack the village. Most of the regular ninja were busy at the festival and the Sandaime was overseeing the whole thing. Even if he happened upon a ninja, Naruto doubt that the ninja would help him and they had the perfect excuse.

"Why do you hate me so much?" Naruto shouted back at his murderous pursuers, "What did I ever do to you?"

"You know damn well what you did!" someone shouted back in a voice full of hate.

"Don't act like you don't know!" someone else called out

"It's a crime for you to exist!" a third person hurled at him in agreement with the other two.

Tears poured down his cheeks as he ran. He just couldn't understand it. The people hated him and he hadn't a clue as to why. It was like fate itself had deemed his existence a mistake even before he was born and was trying so desperately to rectify it; not that Naruto ever believed in such a thing, but sometimes he wondered if perhaps there was at least some truth in fate. It wasn't fair though, why was he so hated when others who had done wrong to others got off scot free just because of everyone's hatred of him?

It wasn't the first time that Naruto would awaken and find his apartment full of items that he did not recognise and then the ANBU would came in and he would then know that items in his apartment were stolen. Apparently, the villagers' hatred of him had made him a convenient scapegoat for criminals; using everyone's hatred of him to commit crimes and then leave the evidence on his doorstep and when it was discovered, everyone would immediately assume that it was him while the real criminals got away with it.

Luckily the Sandaime had managed to get those incidents sorted and the real criminals always got theirs in the end, but that didn't sit to well with the villagers; after all, they saw those incidents as perfect opportunities to try and do away with him and were more than prepared to give those criminals a full pardon if it meant the demise of the "demon brat".

Anyway, Naruto suddenly turned to his right noticing an alley.

"You can't get away!" someone called as the angry mob followed Naruto down the alley.

However, the alley that Naruto had chosen to run down unfortunately led to a dead end and the group of angry villagers had already blocked off his retreat.

"We got ya now demon," a man said as he hurled a really big stone at him.

The stone missed and instead smashed a window that overlooked the alley and led into an abandoned building. If Naruto had been thinking rationally, he would have noticed the window and would have used it for his escape, but unfortunately, he was so gripped with fear at the fact that he had ran into a dead end that he failed to see the window. He was now facing the angry villagers and was walking backwards into the right corner of the alley.

"Look like yer luck's finally run out monster," a man said as he stepped out from the group and took the front as the mob advanced on him, "This time, no one's here ta save ya this time."

Naruto studied the man as he looked up at him with eyes full of fear. The man was an average-sized man with a slight muscular build with short black hair that looked as if it was starting to go grey and he also had sharp cold brown eyes and oozed out rage and hate as he looked down at Naruto despite the smirk on his face. He wore the usual blue sandals that mostly everyone wore, dirty looking green trousers, a white shirt that looked as if it had been lying in a mud puddle for a while and a black sleeveless waistcoat. It was his eyes that frightened Naruto the most. They spoke volumes of how he truly felt about the boy quivering before him.

"What're ya gonna do now, huh?" the man taunted cruelly as Naruto backed up into the corner as he continued to bore a hole in him with his rage-filled glare, "Ya should've never come out on this day monster because today is the day yer life gets snuffed out."

With nowhere left to run, Naruto fell to the ground and curled up into a ball as if in some feign effort to protect himself.

"Just leave me alone," he said; his voice barely above a whisper.

"Huh, I didn't quite catch that," the man said in a cruel tone as he raised his hand to the side of his ear as if trying to amply his hearing.

"I SAID LEAVE ME ALONE!" Naruto snapped as he looked up at the man, who was now ahead of the rest of the mob and just a few inches from him.

"Leave you alone," the man said as his expression and tone became more serious before closing his eyes for a brief moment.

His face then twisted to one of absolute pure rage as he covered the last few inches and then bent down and grabbed Naruto by the scruff of his neck.

"Leave you alone," the man repeated in a loud voice; his tone full of fury, anger and hate, "Like hell I'm gonna leave you alone you walking abomination. We're gonna rectify a mistake that should have been rectified six years ago. Yer da one responsible for ma brother's execution seven months ago."

However, Naruto wasn't listening. He was busy frantically looking and feeling around with his hands for anything he could use to get this brute of a man to unhand him.

"Ya remember ma brother, don't ya?" the man went on in a cruel uncaring tone, either not noticing or didn't care if Naruto was listening to him or not, "Ran da General Store that ya stole a pen from? Yeah, I remember that. Ma brother got executed 'cause of that and why? Because ya somehow bewitched da Hokage inta bein' yer attack dog. Now it's time ta pay da piper."

He then released Naruto and reached into his waistcoat and pulled out a knife that he had hidden underneath.

"Yes, kill it, kill the demon!" the rest of the mob shouted as they cheered the man on, raising their arms into the air in an encouraging way.

The man turned to look at the crowd and gave them a smile before nodding. However, just as he turned to face the crowd, Naruto's right hand just happened to come across a broken shard of glass that had fallen from the smashed window and had somehow fallen outside instead of inside the building. When the man turned back to face Naruto, Naruto noticed the knife in the man's hand and panic soon took over, so much so that he had no idea what happened next.

"I SAID LEAVE ME ALONE!" he shouted in a panicked tone as he tightened his hold on the glass shard, not caring that it was cutting into his skin and before anyone knew what was happening, Naruto quickly took the shard in his hand and thrust it into the man's throat.

The man's eyes widened in shock and in fear as he felt the sharp object pierce his juggler. He opened his mouth to speak, but coughed up blood instead before backing off a few feet, still coughing up blood in splutters and then dropped to the ground dead with the shard still lodged in his throat.

No one spoke as the crowd watched the one that was going to rid them of the "demon spawn" dropped to the ground dead. His eyes were wide open and full of shock. No one thought that this would happen. No one thought that the "demon" would retaliate. In the past, Naruto would just curl up into a ball and take his abuse until the ninjas came to save him. He had never lashed out before and now that he had, the crowd that had been cheering the man on as they demanded his blood be spilled were not sure what to think. What did this mean for them? Were they in danger?

It was then that Naruto's brain finally caught up with him and his eyes widened in shock as they fell upon the dead body of the man who was about to kill him a few moments ago. Even he had no idea what happened, though seeing the shard of glass he remembered having in his hand before his mind went blank now lodged in the dead man's throat told him that he had been responsible for it; he had killed the man. He looked at the rest of the crowd who were still shocked at what they had witnessed.

"W-wh-what…?" he tried to say, but the rest of his words left him before they could leave his mouth.

This stutter immediately got the crowd's attention and they suddenly felt fear take root in their hearts. What was the "demon" going to do now that it had killed one of them? Their good mood and their rage had all been washed away by the fear that now had established dominance within them. They watched as Naruto picked himself up and looked towards the crowd, as if looking for answers as to what just happened.

"Wh-what…?" he said as he took a step towards the crowd.

The crowd suddenly screamed as they looked at Naruto with sheer terror in their eyes; the look that Naruto remembered the two orphanage matrons having when he lashed out at them and that terrified him. He knew that he had killed the man despite not remembering doing it and it now looked as if the crowd that had been so determined to kill him moments ago were now backing off like frightened rabbits. Just what was it about him that scared the people so much? He took another step towards the crowd and someone suddenly screamed and turned to run away. This prompted the rest of the crowd to do the same.

"It's finally showing its true colours!" a woman screamed.

"Its power must've been restored!" a man shouted, desperate to get away from Naruto as he pulled his fellow villagers back in an effort to get out of the alley and away from Naruto as quickly as possible.

"I don't wanna die!" a teenager shouted running as fast as he could, shoving those in front of him out of his way as he, like the man who claimed that the "demon's" power had been restored, he was trying to get away from Naruto as quickly as possible.

What had started out as a group effort to kill the "demon" had now turned into an "every man for himself" scramble to get away from "it".

The woman walked down the street as she followed the crowd of angry villagers with a confident smirk framing her face. She could hardly believe that the "demon" had actually shown up at the festival, prompting the villagers' anger. She had been the one who had ranted him out. In fact she had been watching the "demon" for quite some time ever since he had been thrown out the orphanage. She had instigated most of the major beatings the boy suffered throughout his life, though she never really participated in any of them. No sense in risking getting caught, especially when she had a child to support.

To her, the "demon" boy was the bane of her very existence. He contained the Kyuubi no Yoko, her husband's killer and yet, she had come to see that he was just indeed, a boy who was clueless about the burden he carried; an innocent who was just as much a victim of the Kyuubi's attack as anyone else. However, that didn't stop her from hating him and it infuriated her the more she thought about it. If only those foolish villagers knew… if they did, they'd realise that Kyuubi was only part of the reason she hated the boy and she wondered if they'd be so quick to try and kill him, especially if they knew the Yondaime's last wish.

She let out a small chuckle thinking about it. Maybe some of the villagers would still hate him if they knew. After all, throughout history, she had come to learn that people were ignorant and it felt like they would only feel better so long as someone, anyone and they didn't care who it was got punished. Revenge was a sick and twisted force to exist. If the person who wronged you had already died before you could enact your revenge or you couldn't take your revenge for whatever other reason, they you would go for the next best thing. That's what the villagers were doing. They couldn't enact their revenge on the Kyuubi, so they used Naruto, the Kyuubi's container as a perfect substitute.

"What a fool you were Minato-"kun"," she said to herself, emphasising the kun suffix in a mocking tone, "You should've realised that these fools would never see that piece of disgusting trash as a hero. You're lack of foresight is really amusing to the point where it's almost laughable. You really don't understand human nature all that well. They don't understand the situation and history has shown that humans fear what they don't understand."

She then looked up at the night sky with a boastful… almost taunting look on her face. The villagers were foolish and fearful and their fear made them easy to manipulate. They were mere pawns to her. She had instigated many of the attacks on Naruto, but not all. She kept her distance and would always leave whenever the ANBU or ninja showed up. No one under that foolish old man's payroll suspected a thing. The attacks she instigated were set up to make it look like random opportunistic moments and none of those caught spilled the beans. After all, who would suspect someone operating behind the scenes when the reason for attacking him was plainly obvious? Many villagers lost loved one at the hands of the Kyuubi and they… in their hatred blindly took it out on the beast's container. Even if the ANBU knew that the attacks were co-ordinated, they would never suspect that the mastermind would remain at a distance and would foolishly believe that the mastermind would be among those participating. After all, who didn't want a piece of the "demon" that almost destroyed their villager and killed their loved ones?

The woman was smart. She learned to exercise patience through her experiences. As a retired ninja who attained the rank of jonin before parenthood and her husband's death forced her retirement, she knew patience and stealth as well as utilising the tools at her disposal… only in this case her "tools" happened to be the villagers and in their desire to get rid of the "demon" not one of them suspected that the woman was using them and disposing of them via the legal system, which was totally oblivious to her scheme. Why dispose of useless pawns yourself when there were others to do it for you?

"It's gonna kill us," a voice came, catching the woman's attention as she looked in front of her.

She saw the people in the crowd that had chased after the "demon" brat running out from an alley with terrified looks on their faces as they scattered in all directions. She may not have seen everyone who was in the crowd, but she recognised enough of them to know that it was the same crowd she had ranted Naruto out to and it looked as if they were fleeing from him now.

A mixture of panic and curiosity flowed through her as she suddenly burst into a run to see what was happening. She was fearful that perhaps the boy had unconsciously tapped into the Kyuubi's monstrous chakra and had scared them off. However, she hadn't seen any signs that that had indeed happened, which was why she was curious. She could distinctly remember the Kyuubi's chakra and what it felt like despite not having felt it in six years. She remembered how frightful and horrifying it felt. To describe it plainly, it was like the killing intent of a million jonin all staring at her with the intent of ending her life and she had been nowhere near the bottleful that night since she had been busy taking care of her six-month-old baby. In all her years plotting the Kyuubi container's destruction, she had always had this underlying fear that he would tap into the monster's chakra and use it to defend himself. After all, he was only human and human's could only take so much before being overwhelmed and it would be an opportunity like that the Kyuubi would capitalise on to break free to finish what it started or at the very least use Naruto's body to that end. She had always been careful in the past. She had made sure that the ninja guarding him who allowed themselves to be distracted weren't distracted too long for fear of the Kyuubi's influence. No matter how much she wanted Naruto dead, she always feared Kyuubi's influence.

However, as she reached the alley and took a cautious step into the alley, she was relieved to see Naruto on his knees looking down at the ground, apparently in shock as a dead body of a man lay in front of him with a shard of glass lodged in his throat.

"Those fools really are so pathetic and foolish it's laughable," she thought with a snort, "He gets lucky and kills one of his attackers with a glass shard and they all scatter like frightened rabbits. Cowards, the whole lot of 'em. It's not like he summoned "its" chakra and yet from their reactions, one would think that he would have done. Guess fear really does make one foolish."

She then looked down at Naruto who looked depressed and dispirited as he just stared down at the ground, not moving a muscle before letting out a cruel sneer of contempt, which did nothing to alert the boy to her presence. He just sat there on his knees looking down at the ground and completely oblivious to his surroundings. He didn't acknowledge the woman's presence nor did he show that he was aware that she was there.

The woman just glared down at him with nothing but contempt and revulsion… the container of her husband's killer and… she really didn't want to think about it and the edges of her lips suddenly curled into a cruel smirk as she contemplated on how easy it would be just to end the pathetic boy's life. With mostly everyone's attention at the festival, she could do it and get away with it. If some passing villagers found him later, they'd probably dispose of the body and even if an ANBU or regular ninja found the body and reported it to the Hokage, there was no way it would be traced back to her unless the old coot was willing to execute the village's entire population, which she knew was impossible.

However, she felt that killing him here and now would be too easy, not to mention the Sandaime and a few ninjas would mourn the loss of the "demon" while the rest of the village celebrated "its" death and no doubt, the old codger would make life difficult for the village in the coming years as a form of punishment since she knew how fond he was of the boy. She shook her head as she briefly closed her eyes; content with what she had planned. No; she wouldn't kill him… yet.

"What's wrong boy, why are you just kneeling there?" she asked in a tone of fake sympathy as if oblivious to the dead body between her and Naruto.

"I… I… I… k-k-killed some… someone," Naruto choked out in a heartbroken tone, not once looking up from the ground.

"You killed someone?" the woman said in fake shock as she placed her hands over her open mouth despite the fact that Naruto wasn't looking up at her, "Why would you do that?"

"I d-d-d-don't k-know," Naruto replied, spluttering out his words as his voice became more broken, "E-everyone hate m-m-me and… and I d-don't k-know w-w-why. I remember the man c-c-c-coming at me a-a-and th-then the next thing I r-r-remember, he's d-d-dead with a shard of… of g-g-glass in his throat and I… I remember g-grabbing a shard of glass before my m-m-mind went blank."

The woman listened carefully as she listened to Naruto, closing her eyes and nodding after he finished.

"I see, so this village hates you and you have no idea why?" she asked in a steady tone.

"Uh huh," Naruto said, nodding his head, though he still didn't look up at the woman.

There was a brief silence as the woman pondered her next course of action.

"Well then," she finally said after a few minutes or so, "It seems to you like they hate you for no valid reason, though I'm sure they do have their reasons, but if they won't give you a straight answer, then hate them back. Reward hatred with hatred. If they attack you, then fight back. Kill more of them; make them pay for what they did to you. Strike fear in their very souls. Kill anyone you see if it helps. If they see you as a monster, then become one; show them what a monster can do. Destroy this village if it makes you feel better. Do whatever it takes to make this entire village suffer for what you've suffered."

She then turned and walked away leaving Naruto still staring at the ground with wide eyes as he heard what she had said. The woman had an evil smirk on her face as she retraced her steps back to the village square as she thought about her plan.

"Yes, that's right; become just as much of a monster as the one sealed away in you," she thought with an evil laugh, "It'll give me the perfect excuse to kill you later on without worrying about consequences as even the Hokage and his merry band of followers will turn against you and all my troubles will finally be laid to rest."


Konohagakure no Sato – Village Hidden in the Leaves

Konoha – Leaf

Hokage – Fire Shadow (Leader of Konoha)

Sandaime – Third

Yondaime – Fourth

Kyuubi no Yoko – Nine-Tailed Fox

Kyuubi – Nine-Tails

Ryo – Currency of the Five Great Shinobi Nations

Ninja (also known as Shinobi) – A Hidden Village's military force

Chakra – A person's physical and spiritual energy mixed together and also the means in which ninja use to perform most of their techniques (Animals, normal village civilians and other living things also possess chakra, they just can't use it the same way ninjas can)

Jonin – Elite Ninja (High ranking ninja)

ANBU (Ansatsu Senjutsu Tokushu Butai) – Ninjas wearing animals masks to conceal their identities that take orders from their village's leader and deal with the most extreme missions and deal with the most dangerous criminals or extremely powerful ninja.

Kun – Used as a suffix at the end of someone's name by a person of senior status in addressing or referring to someone of junior status or by anyone addressing or referring to male children or even by girls/women when addressing a boy/man they're emotionally attached to or have known for a long time.

Author's notes – This is my first attempt at a Naruto fanfic, so how is it? I have to admit that even though I've not seen every single Naruto anime episode and I only started following the manga in October/November, last year, I pretty much know the basic plot. The manga's up to chapter 448 where Naruto's currently confronting Nagato a.k.a. Pein and said that even though he hates Nagato for what he's done he won't kill him and Nagato's now unsure of his beliefs and is about to perform a jutsu despite saying that he'll believe in Naruto. Anyway, as for the first chapter of my story, I have to say that I have a habit of hyping things up; blowing them out of proportions. Maybe I'm overdoing it going into Naruto's past. After all, I don't recall the manga or anime saying anything about the villagers beating Naruto; just that they ignored him or regarded him with ice-cold glares. Beatings and attempted assassinations seem to just be plot devices used by authors to heighten Naruto's experiences, though having said that; I'm going to use that same plot device. Besides, there may have mentions of beatings in an anime episode or manga chapter I haven't seen yet. As I said in my warnings, be prepared for a strong and smart Naruto, though I won't make Naruto so strong that he can fight on even ground or beat jonin level ninja upon graduation and as for OOC, I won't make Sakura and Ino ravenous "We care about Sasuke and everything else can go to hell" fangirls. I hate bashing of female characters, though I like a few Sakura-bashing stories like Naruto: Rise of the Lord of Foxes by VFSNAKE and I do have a few Sakura-bashing ideas buzzing in my head, but all of those end with Sakura redeeming herself in the end. As for Sasuke, I'm not sure about him yet. As things stand in the manga, he and Naruto are definitely on course for another battle since Sasuke's out to destroy Konoha for the destruction of his clan. However, somehow I envision either Sasuke killing Madara and taking his place, becoming the main antagonist of the story or Naruto and Sasuke joining forces to take Madara down. Lemons… I'm not so sure about because one, I did practice writing a few and I felt that the way I wrote them was rather dry and boring and there's always the chance that the fic could get deleted by the administers. Though if I do decide to put in a lemons and the fic gets deleted, I'll just re-upload the story without the lemons. As for the story itself, I'm planning on having Naruto being paired with multiple girls (3 max) and along with the usual threats of Orochimaru and the Akatsuki, Danzo and this mysterious woman (whose identity will not be revealed for now) will be behind-the-scenes antagonists, with their own separate goals for Naruto (the woman wants him dead and Danzo wants to use him to further his own ambitions). From the woman's last speech, I'm guessing that you can guess what her plan for Naruto is. However, next chapter, Naruto sees Sarutobi who helps him deal with what he's done and gives him advice to prevent him from walking down the path the woman has set for him. I'm not sure when my next update will be, but I'll try to update ASAP, but updates will be random, sometimes days apart, sometimes weeks or months apart.