Angelle returned to WWE with a vengeance following her Italian getaway with John Cena, happy that a dark phase in her life was seemingly over. Everybody could tell something had happened between the two during their time off, but neither side was commenting on what, leaving Superstars and Divas to start speculating about how serious John and Angelle really were. As the months began to wear on, through heel changes, celebrity guest hosts and releases, neither side even bothered keeping their relationship a secret anymore, and before everyone knew it, with gradual transition, John and Angelle were an exclusive couple. Angelle seemed rejuvenated, a little more at peace after spreading some of Mike's ashes into the ocean, and, at John's encouragement, she had started keeping in touch with Mike's parents a little bit more, who were more than happy to cling to the last link to their son that they had.

It had been awkward for Angelle to meet Carol Cena, John's mother. John, Sr., had sung her praises, but once Angelle had returned from Italy, she had been reluctant to meet the rest of the family, embarassed at how low she had sunk into the depths of despair. If any of them were bent out of shape over her missing the last barbecue she was invited to, nobody had said anything to her, and they were more than happy to just talk to her about how life in the WWE was. Cena had remained undeterred, however, and Carol, Sean, Matt and Steve had all met with Angelle just days before she had found out she was pregnant at one of their weekly barbeques, a result of John's last night in Italy with her. The entire family had fallen in love with her, and John was happy to see she was slowly but surely turning back into the Angelle he knew and loved. It blew him away at how good he was with his family, the way she knew a little bit about everything to carry on conversations with them all, and the way she managed to focus on every conversation, irregardless of how interested or disinterested in the subject at hand. At the end of the night, John's parents had cornered John and had told him the best thing he ever did was refuse to give up on Angelle. They told him she was a keeper, and he couldn't agree more.

Elizabeth and Phil began dating one another while Angelle was in Italy recuperating. It wasn't awkward for Elizabeth that Phil had wound up spending time chasing after Angelle, although things still seemed a tad uncomfortable between Angelle and Phil after he had kissed her the night she left for Italy. Neither side had really talked to the other about it, and Angelle didn't bother telling John. She didn't want to create any more tension between the two, with John having finally filled her in about what was up between the two of them, and Phil seemed happy with her sister, although she would have been lying to say that she wasn't surprised to find out about the two of them on her return to the US. Phil and Elizabeth seemed like a really odd pairing to Angelle anyways, considering how different the two of them were from one another.

Because of Phil's straight-edge lifestyle, Elizabeth had more or less conformed to his lifestyle, and it had made her happier than she had been in years, especially because she wasn't getting into horrible situations as much. And from what Angelle could tell, he treated her well; she hadn't seen Elizabeth so happy with a man, ever. She still wasn't a wrestling fan by any stretch of the imagination, but she supported the fact that Phil was so successful in what he was doing, and enjoyed seeing him compete on TV, though she would never admit it to Angelle. Phil was constantly trying to talk her into becoming a Diva, and although she would never admit it to Angelle, she was definitely considering it. Angelle could see it just by how much she wrestled around with Phil, letting him show her holds and letting her apply them to him, and how much she had shown up backstage at the shows. The backstage area embraced Elizabeth like family, the same way that they had embraced Angelle on her first day. Angelle thought Elizabeth would be a welcome fit in the Divas locker room if she wanted to do it.

The McMahon family had been happy to see that Angelle was looking much like she did when she first arrived when she got back from her vacation. Stephanie had waited a week before she had called Angelle into her office and had dropped bombsell news on Angelle; Lilian Garcia had given her notice to WWE; with her getting married, she wanted to get away from WWE, focus on her singing career, and live some kind of a normal life, much like Trish Stratus, after being a ring announcer for the last ten years. With the replacement auditions going completely bust, auditioning woman after woman who couldn't walk and chew gum at the same time, Vince was ready to look internally for a woman to put out there. And he had no one else in mind other than Angelle. Her dedication to the product before and after her return made it clear to Vince that she could handle the job. However, things would have to wait a while before Angelle went out under the lights. It didn't bother the McMahons to wait, however, considering that Lilian was only leaving at the end of the year.

SummerSlam wasn't too far away; online wrestling pundits were starting to wonder if The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels would make their long anticipated returns; especially Shawn, who hadn't been seen since his grueling match with the Deadman at WrestleMania back in April. At the moment, Angelle was talking to The Undertaker about his SummerSlam plans, happy to have him visiting for the night before he made his return the following week.

"Ange! Ange!"

Angelle turned around as Stephanie approached with Mickie and Maryse. "Oh, my God!" Mickie breathed, placing a hand on the firm bubble over Angelle's stomach. "Do you know what you're having yet?" Angelle shook her head.

"I don't know if you can do that at this point," Angelle confessed. "I'm only three months along." Mark shook his head.

"You can once the first trimester is over," he told her. "My ex did that with our youngest."

"Three months? And you're that big?" Maryse breathed. "I wouldn't be surprised if you're having twins."

"Please..." Angelle laughed. "Cena's just been making me eat more." Stephanie laughed.

"When's your next set of tests?"


"The Divas and I have started a pool. If you're expecting twins, then half of the Divas division gets a profit," Mickie said with a wide smile spreading across her features. Angelle shook her head.

"Great to know, guys." She shook her head. "I feel so exploited." They all laughed and she shook her head. "I almost feel horrible to have to take time off after just taking time off." The Divas laughed.

"Not that you could help it," Stephanie laughed. "Though I'm sure we all know what you and Cena were doing in Italy now..."

"Could we not go there?" Angelle laughed.

"So what's going to happen between the two of you now?" Maryse asked. Angelle shrugged.

"I don't know. I'm trying not to put any pressure on him over the entire situation. He said he'd marry me in a second if I gave the word...but at the moment I don't know if I'm ready for that."

"You're going to go all Lethal Weapon 4, aren't you?" Stephanie teased. "Wait until you're halfway through labor and decide that if you aren't married, you're not having the kid." Angelle laughed.

"With me and my moodswings lately? I wouldn't be surprised if I did." The Divas chuckled. "I tell you, what they tell you about pregnancy in the movies is bullshit. It is so not glamorous. My feet have been so swollen and the sickness...I thought I was dying this afternoon."

"How are things between Elizabeth and Phil?" Mickie inquired. Angelle laughed.

"Fine, I guess. I don't talk to Phil much anymore. I guess he finds it awkward talking to me," she said with a shrug. "I think Elizabeth is becoming a SmackDown fan, but good luck getting her to admit that."

"Well, it seems like everyone got some kind of a happy ending," Maryse said with a smile. Angelle nodded.

"Yeah. It sure seems that way, doesn't it?"

"When do you go on maternity leave?"

"Three weeks." She had told Vince that it could be later, but he didn't want to risk anything with all the flying and the driving. Stephanie had taken her leave early on in her pregnancies, and he told Angelle he expected her to do the same. Before Stephanie could say anything, her walkie talkie went off, telling her to report to Vince's office and talk about the upcoming pay-per-view. Mickie and Maryse had to follow suit; their matches were coming up; with Maryse's character frustrated at losing her Divas Championship to Mickie James the month before. Mark had bid her farewell to go say hello to Hunter, who was looking forward to seeing Mark again after his long absence. She watched as they all walked away from her, leaving her standing alone in the enormous hallway.

She felt two arms encircle around her waist and a pair of lips on her neck. "How's my favorite mommy-to-be?"

"Good, despite the fact I seem to be sick all the time," she said, turning to face John. A wide smile was on his face as his hands stayed around her waist. He was dressed in his trademark cutoffs, his newest "You Can't See Me" T-shirt and ball cap.

"Well, you're absolutely gorgeous," he told her. "Irregardless of how you're feeling."

"Well, the Divas seem to think I'm going to be expecting twins," she told him with a shake of her head. He contemplated the possibility for a few moments. "They've got a pool going. If I have twins, half the division is going to make bank." He laughed.

"I wouldn't be surprised, per se," he said. "It has skipped a few generations in the family." She smiled at him, letting her fingers dance around the back of his neck, causing the hairs to raise. "It's going to suck so much that you're not going to be on the road with me."

"You'll live," she said. "We'll just have to make up for lost time when you come home."

"Was that a proposition?"

"It was whatever you want it to be," she said with a smile on her face. "But I really have to get going. Report to the Gorilla to start getting my shit together. I'll see you after the show tonight?"

"You better believe it," he told her. "I got plans for you."

"If they don't include a foot rub and some chocolate, I could care less what your plans are," she said with a roll of her eyes. She laughed at the expression of mock hurt that crossed his features.

"I said I've got plans...I wasn't specific." She flashed him a smile and kissed his cheek before making her way down the hallway towards the Gorilla. At the end of the day, Angelle knew that life at the WWE was perfect for her just the way things were.