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Johnny smiled to himself as the doorbell rung, taking pleasure in the fact that even though he was seventeen floors below the poor man trapped on one of the basement levels and attached to the doorbell, he could still hear him clearly.


It came again, leaving Johnny wondering if he should maybe answer the door. But... If I leave, I might miss all the fun. He looked over at the man doing a handstand in the center of the room; the only thing keeping him from the twenty-odd rabid beavers was a thin cardboard box, currently balanced on his feet.


This time it seemed the person was simply leaning on the doorbell, waiting for somebody to drag themselves up to the front door and open it with a hearty wave perhaps.

"I'm not going to wave." Johnny muttered to himself, before begrudgingly leaving the room, slamming the door behind him. He scowled deeply as he heard a thud and multiple squeals and screams intermingling. He missed all the fun.

As he reached the basement level where the man was attached to the doorbell should have been he gradually came to realise that the man had stopped screaming.

Damn it all, not only did they make me miss the beavers, but they killed him too. He peered in to the room and saw the man chained to the wall, hanging limp and lifeless.

"Ah well, at least you felt the last moments of your existence as your life slipped away. It's preferable to going peacefully, is it not?" he asked, tilting his head to the side and addressing the dead body.

When no reply came, he sighed and shook his head sadly.

"So rude." He muttered, climbing up the last few flights of steps before reaching the front door in a few long strides. He flung open the door right as the person was about to slam their fist on the door with as much force as they could muster. Unfortunately, they didn't seem to be able to stop their fist, and so it collided painfully with Johnny's chest, knocking him to the ground with a clearly audible thump.

"Oh my gosh!" came a loud squeak, the person (a girl, as Johnny realised as he looked up at her) bending down to try and help him up. "I am so sorry, I didn't mean to do that!"

Johnny swiped her hand away, jumping to his feet with an unnatural grace. He cocked his head to the side and frowned.

"You killed my doorbell."

"Oh, I did?" she asked, sounding surprised. "I promise I'll replace it!"

"Oh I already know you will." Johnny grinned, grabbing two swords from his boots and pointing them at her throat quickly. "The only question is whether you'll come willingly."

This time she was the one who fell over, her chest heaving with fear and her eyes filling with tears.

"Wh- What is this?" she almost screamed, her dark hair falling entirely over her left eye. She left it there for once, too afraid of the maniac who was now towering above her to even think of moving.

"This is what you deserve." He hissed.

His words seemed to have some effect on the girl however, as she suddenly threw herself at his feet and started babbling nonsense.

"Scary Neighbour Man?" came a small voice from the street, distracting both people in the doorway from their current activities, namely begging for your life or trying to extract your feet from a snivelling heap of what was little more than jelly at this point.

"Todd!" the girl cried out joyously, jumping up and scooping the small boy up into her arms. He seemed just as confused as the maniac was as to whom it was who just grabbed him.

"Squee!" he squeaked, trying to worm away from the girl, who- to him- was rather insane.

"Oh right, we haven't been introduced!" she grinned sheepishly, putting him back on the pavement. "I'm Bethany, but you can call me Nny."


Bethany spun around to see that the man at the door had moved ever so much closer to them, and he was waving his swords around in a dangerous fashion. Instinctively she grabbed Todd and brought him closer to her, curving her body slightly as if to shield him.

"You can't be called Nny! That's my name!"

"Oh, is it?" she asked, sounding faintly surprised. "My friends only call me that because they figured I'd be the only one out there."

She looked at him, wondering if he'd say anything, but instead he just glared at her, a nerve twitching in his cheek.

"But anyway, if your name is Nny, you should keep it, you were here before I was anyway..." she continued awkwardly. "It's... N-nice to meet another Nny..."

She stumbled over the word 'nice', her eyes flitting towards the swords that were now hanging limply at his sides before looking back into his eyes. Rather nice eyes they are too... NO! Bad Nny- I mean, Bethany- BAD! He just tried to KILL you!

He just glared at her and spun on his heel, stomping back off into the house, throwing her one last look of pure hatred before slamming the door shut.

But in all actuality she hadn't even really been paying much attention to his glare, her eyes drawn to his gently swishing hips. She was still staring at the place they had been before the door slammed shut when a tug on her pants leg brought her attention back to the boy at her side.

"M-miss Be-Bethany..." He stammered, obviously afraid to speak to her. Obvious because the poor dear was shaking like a leaf.

"Yeah Hun?" she asked, kneeling down to his face level, trying to keep as much eye contact as possible. She tried to remember what it was her instructor had told her about how to deal with frightened children. Something about hand gestures...Use a lot?

"I-I was just wondering..." he squeaked, his voice high, yet barely above a whisper. "H-how you know who I am."

"Oh, well, I thought your father would have told you by now! I'm your new nanny!" she cried happily, waving her arms around with giant hand gestures, looking totally ridiculous by anyone's standards.

It was as he fainted when she remembered exactly what it was her instructor told her about scared children.

"Now sweethearts, don't forget, scared children are like wild animals. So please remember to keep hand gestures to an absolute minimum..."

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