Rose's Point of View.

I smiled as Emmett rolled on top of me, his big, strong body hovering over mine. He laid no weight on me, but our bodies were pressed together, leaving no room for movement.

"Tell me what you want, my love." Emmett teased me, letting his hands gently graze over my body.

"You," I breathed. "I want you."

He smirked and nodded, resting his hands on my hips. His lips crashed into mine hungrily and I laid my hands on his chest, kissing him back. I matched his passion. The sun was just setting, sending a beautiful pink glow over the trees and beaming into our window, through the half-open blinds.

"I love you, Em." I murmured between kisses.

"I love you too, angel." he said as I wrapped my arms around his neck.

Our bodies were still perfectly moulded together and he pulled back, bringing his lips to my neck. I moaned out softly as his lips grazed my neck, sending lust through-out my body.

With that, I heard the door swing open, creaking slightly. I heard a small gasp from the doorway and Emmett and I looked to the door. We seen a frightened Renesmee, staring at us, shocked. She screamed and Emmett reluctantly rolled off of me, raising his hand and extending it to me, to help me up.

We heard footsteps coming up the stairs hurriedly and Edward ran to the doorway, hearing Renesmee's scream.

"Sweetie," Edward said, confused. "What's wrong?"

Renesmee had tears filling her luminescent eyes. "Uncle Emmett's hurting Aunt Rose!" She said as tears spilled down her cheeks.

Edward looked to us, giving us a concerned, confused look.

"What do you mean, sweetheart?" He asked her, eyeing us carefully while rubbing her back.

"He's hurting her!" She cried.

I shook my head, "No, honey. Your Uncle Emmett's not hurting me."

Renesmee frowned, but stopped sobbing. "What do you mean?"

Edward eyed me, giving me a death stare, showing me what would happen if I told her anything too detailed. I rolled my eyes at him and held my arms out to Renesmee.

"Come here, baby." I said gently.

She paused, not sure as she eyed her father, Emmett then I. Edward nodded to her.

"Aunt Rose wants to talk to you. I'll be right downstairs, okay?" Edward told her.

She nodded, "Alright." she said, wiping the tears off of her cheeks.

Edward left and Renesmee cautiously came over, curling up in my lap on the bed.

"Your Uncle Emmett isn't hurting me, baby." I told her, gently.

Emmett frowned, "Sweetheart, I would never hurt your Aunt Rose."

She nodded, "What were you doing, then?"

I sighed. "We were wrestling."


Authors note;

I wrote this for some giggles. It's short, I know however I only wanted a small, cute one shot. Usually, my stories are longer but I thought it was a cute place to leave off.

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