"Okay campers," Chris said "Are you read you to competein Total Drma Action!"

"Yes!" 13 0f the 14 campers said

Justin was the one who was silent

"Justin don't you want to compete for the million dollar prize?" Owen said

"I've already won," Justin said as he removed his clothes. The incredible hottnes from his amazing good looking body put everyone in a trance. He was so beautiful that it his handsomeness was to much for Heather to handle and her head exploded (Yay Heathers dead! Die you beatch!)

With eveyone branwashed by Justins hottness the handsome player simply grabbed the suitecase containg the million dollars and left.

Justin Will win! I hope

But just cause I'm the kinda guy who likes to spoil stuff

I'm going to tell who won't will

-eave this fic now if you don't want to know-

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And Izzy