Bratz- Love's Unexpected Results

Chapter 1

Meeting Abigail

I sat in my seat as the bus slowed down to turn around a corner. I couldn't believe I was in Stylesville!! Stylesville of all places!!! My good friend Yasmin lived there, we kept in touch through emails and she visited me every now and then when she had holidays, but I hadn't seen her in three years so I decided that because I was here, I was going to find her, but she had definitely changed over the years, because I've changed too, appearance change I mean.

Finally the bus stopped at my stop, so I grabbed my bags and walked to the front of the bus as it slowly pulled to a stop. I was itching to get off that bus, I'd been on for two hours and I was getting stiff. The door flew open and I jumped off saying thanks to the bus driver and walked into the mall, being careful I didn't see anyone I knew.

I was approaching the smoothie bar when a boy about my age, with dark brown hair, tan skin and green eyes appeared. His hair was parted so he had no fringe.

"Hello gorgeous! Can I help you?" he asked. I backed away a little, frightened by this sudden compliment but pulled myself together.

"Uh, yes, can you help me find someone?" I answered. He nodded.

"I can help you find anyone between a bouncer to a run away feline. Are you new around here, I know everyone here in Stylesville and I don't recall seeing you around?" he asked. Why was he asking all these questions, if I didn't find Yasmin soon, my time would be up and I'd get caught and no doubt, punished.

"Uh, yeah, I'm knew, my family just moved to Stylesville, and I'm looking for Yasmin, of Bratz magazine." I answered.

He smiled and said, "Sure!! Yasmin's right over there by the smoothie bar!! Dylan, happy to be of your services. And what is your name gorgeous?" I gave a bit of a confused and terrified look then smiled a bit.

"My name's Abigail Monroe, and please stop calling me gorgeous cause I'm anything but." I answered. Dylan smiled back at me. I gave a shy smile back then looked at what I was wearing. I was wearing a yellow dress, that was a bit torn, and wearing dusty yellow shoes, and yellow so didn't suit me. Yuck! How could Dylan think I was gorgeous dressed like this?

Dylan led me over to the smoothie bar where four girls sat around a table drinking smoothies. One was a pale blonde haired girl with blue eyes and a kicking sense of fashion. The second one was a girl with even paler skin and black hair with brown eyes. She had a flaring style and she looked really cool. The third was a dark skinned dark brown haired girl with green eyes and a scorchin' fashion sense. The fourth was a fairly tan skinned light brown haired girl with brown eyes and a respectable fashion style.

Dylan stopped in front of the girls and said, "Ladies, or should I say Yasmin, there's someone who wishes to see you. Say hello to…" but I cut him off covering his mouth with my hand, stopping him from saying my name. I wanted to see if Yasmin could guess.

"don't you say anything else, okay? I want to see if she can guess." I hissed at Dylan, who nodded like his head was going to fly off. I removed my hand from his mouth. I walked closer to the table they were sitting at.

"It's been a while, huh Yasmin?" I asked to her. She gave me a lop sided look.

"Do I know you?" she asked. I giggled a bit.

"Well, I guess I have changed over the years. How long has it been now? Let's see, three years I believe." I said, knowing that was a huge give away. Her face brightened up as she remembered and rushed over to my side of the table and gave me a huge hug.

"Oh I can't believe it!! Abby!! I missed you so much!!" she said in a really happy voice. I smiled and hugged her back.

"I know. It's been too long!!" I answered. Everyone else was smiling, but it was a confused smile. Yasmin pulled away from the hug and turned to her friends.

"Abby, this is Cloe, Sasha and Jade. Guys, this is my friend Abby. Her full name is Abigail Monroe." said Yasmin to me and her friends.

She then turned back to me and asked, "So, how long are you staying for?"

I smiled and answered, "Forever, my family just moved here!" Yasmin's face brightened up and he smile reached both her ears. I always envied how her face could look so perfect, no matter what emotion it showed. But not that much, I still loved her like my sister.

Suddenly some boys appeared, one was a blonde haired guy with blue eyes, and looked kinda cute, the second was, obvious, Dylan, and the third was wearing black with an apron tied around his waist, his hair was shaped to a point at the top of his head and his hair was a dark brown.

The blonde asked, "what's all the excitement about? Why's Yasmin jumping around like a baboon? Who's this?" I cracked up laughing and thought my legs were gonna give way.

Yasmin looked insulted by what blondey said and said, "I was not jumping around like a baboon, I was just excited that my bff from London has come over and actually moved here!! Guys, this is Abigail Monroe, but she prefers Abby, and Abby, these are he guys, Cameron, Dylan and Eitan." so, the blonde was Cameron, we already know who Dylan is, and the one in the apron was Eitan.

Cameron's eyes suddenly lit up and I smiled shyly. Suddenly a rough hand grabbed my arm and threw me to the ground as I screamed a bit. I coughed a bit as I got myself together. I slowly turned to see none other than my not so nice uncle Granger. I got up and shook a bit as he walked towards me. The gang were in complete shock at the way I was letting him treat me like dirt.

"Stupid, stupid girl!! I look after you for the past year and this is how you repay me?! Wandering off with these misfits!!" he yelled at me. I flinched back. My head hung down low.

"I'm sorry Uncle!! Just one of them is my old friend Yasmin!" I said, hoping that he didn't whack me. Suddenly two people appeared behind me. I turned to see my cousins, Hannah and Tianna. They walked past me, pushing me to the ground. I sat up and looked at them.

"ops! Sorry Abby! But then again, you always end up on the ground, maybe that's where you belong?" said Hannah and Tianna started laughing like a pig. I glared at them.

My uncle looked through the shopping bags that had fallen to the ground. He looked at me disgustingly.

"What is wrong with you, you idiot!! You got the absolutely wrong shade of yellow for my shirts!!" he yelled as he lifted me off of the ground by tugging on my arm. He then threw the bags into the pond and ordered me to go fetch them. I sighed and turned around to fetch the shirts out of the pond.

"And after you fetch them, you can go and get some more shirts for me, the right shade this time!!!" he yelled. I sighed and fetched the shirts then put them in their bags, then tossed the bags into the bins. I then walked to thrills with frills. I entered the shop and looked through the shirts that were there. I gasped then fell to my knees. Tears started falling down my cheeks and my breaths became sobs.

Meanwhile outside, little to my knowing. My uncle was waiting outside, pacing. Yasmin was being glared at by the gang for answers as to what had just happened.

"I honestly don't know her uncle or what happened to her parents or anything. It's been three years since I last heard anything from her or seen her. But look. Why don't we go through that alleyway, dress Abby up, you know, change her hair style, then escape with her through to the next mall without her Uncle knowing cause someone has to distract him." said Yasmin. The gang smiled, liking her idea. Jade walked over to my Uncle and started talking to him about how she thought yellow was the colour of the century. The others sneaked in through the alley and entered the back door. They were walking through thrills with frills looking for me.

I was still crying when suddenly arms went around me and I looked up to see a worried Yasmin and worried Cameron. The others must be searching around the shop for me.

Yasmin asked, "Abby, why are you crying?" I sniffed.

"They don't have the right shade of yellow, and if I go out there, saying they don't have the right shade, I'm going to get a beating for sure!" I answered. Cameron gasped and bent down to Yasmin and me.

"don't worry, we'll make sure we'll get you out of here without getting beaten up or your uncle recognising you. After the girls are finished with you, even you won't recognise yourself." he said. I smiled a bit and wiped a tear away from my eye. Yasmin helped me up and we walked to the dressing room. Yasmin, Cameron and I entered the room and saw the rest of the gang there. Yasmin held out her mobile and I knew how they had gotten there.

Yasmin then gave me a playful whack on the back. Little did she know I had multiple wounds there. The moment her hand hit my back I fell to the ground, holding my back, groaning in pain. Yasmin gasped and bent down to my level. She looked really worried and sorry.

"It's okay, you didn't know." I answered. She helped me up again and the girls managed to bandage me up and dress me up. They then put make-up on me, did my nails, then styled my hair. When I looked in the mirror I gasped. I didn't even recognise myself, just like Cameron said.

My red hair had black streaks in it and on my head was a styling hat. I had a dark pair of glasses on, bright red lipstick, a black jacket on with a white rockin top, and black scorchin long pants on with black knee high boots on. I didn't recognise myself at all. I turned to look at the girls, a huge smile lit my face and they cheered. The boys suddenly came in wearing some cool rock outfits, and the girls were wearing the same type of outfit as I was. The boys' faces changed the moment they saw me, and they cheered with the girls.

Then, we needed to do the harder part, getting away without my uncle noticing. We peered around the corner that led into the mall. My uncle was there, still talking to Jade. I gulped. I wasn't so sure this disguise would work anymore. Yasmin gave me a determined look, which rose my confidence a bit. Suddenly Jade distracted him by making him look the opposite direction. Yasmin grabbed my hand and pulled me with her and the group, making it look like we were just a group of rockers walking past the smoothie bar. Jade then suddenly joined us and we walked away naturally. I couldn't help myself, I turned back to see if my uncle had noticed us. I then noticed that in my bag, my yellow dress was kinda hanging out. So did my uncle.

"Argh!! Police! Police!! Kidnappers!! They're kidnapping my sweet little niece!! Those girls over there!! Get them!!" he yelled. I gasped and so did everyone else as two police officers started running towards us.

"What do we do?!" I yelled.

"run!!" yelled Cameron. Yasmin grabbed my hand and we ran into the main plaza. He officers were still hot on our tails. We then entered the dance heaven plaza and stopped to a sudden holt. My cousins were there. I hid behind the girls.

"You're not going anywhere, got that Abby!?" said Hannah.

"Yeah, and once we get you back to the house, daddy's going to beat you so badly for this stunt that you won't be able to move for at least a day!" said Tianna. Suddenly I felt strong arms grab my arm.

I screamed as my uncle threw me against the wall. My head hit the wall hard and I slowly sank to the ground, in a daze. The gang gasped and got into fighting poses. The police suddenly arrived and saw me, in the mess I was in. one walked to my uncle and the gang, while the other one tried to get me back to normal.

Cameron growled and got in a position to jump at my uncle if he tried anything else. Sasha, Jade, Yasmin and Cloe got ready to knock my cousins apart if they tried anything and Dylan and Eitan backed up Cameron.

"Hello, miss, are you okay? Can you answer me?" said the police officer in a kind voice. I groaned and tried to sit up. He held me down.

"You shouldn't try to move just yet, you hit your head rather hard. Can you tell me who did this to you?" he asked.

"m unle." I tried to answer, but it came out in a slur.

"what?" asked the officer.

I took a breathe and tried again, "my uncle. He did this to me. He does it to me all the time, my friends were trying to help me escape from this reality." the officer gasped and said something into his device. The other officer suddenly grabbed my uncle and put his hands behind his back.

The boys sighed with relief. The officer that helped me ran to my cousins and arrested them too. The boys ran to me and asked me too many questions at one time. I held a hand forward to stop them. I was confused, dazed and sore as anything. The girls then ran to me and Yasmin and Sasha helped me up.

"I'm so sorry Abby. This was my idea and look what it's done!! This is all my fault!" said Yasmin.

"No Yasmin. This is my dream come true! I no longer have to worry about my uncle anymore. Thank you Yasmin, you're a life saver!" I said.

I then looked at everyone, "Thank you everyone. I couldn't ask for a better wish. I got away from my abusive uncle and made some bff's for the rest of my life! Thank you!" they smiled at me and I smiled back before I suddenly got dizzy and my head suddenly hung low. I didn't say anything else after that. Everyone gasped and they laid me flat to see if I was okay.

"she should be fine" said Cloe, "she just fainted from the knock to the head." they sighed, then carried me to a bed where I rested till the next day…