Bratz- Love's Unexpected Results

Chapter 3

Survivor Challenge part 3

The girls and I were in the car driving to the survivor challenge.

"This is going to be so much fun!!" said Yasmin.

Once we stopped we saw two rocks on either side of a river. There, stood Byron, with Cameron, Dylan, two pink dressed identical twins except one had a bandage on her nose and James.

"Oh no! It's Kirstee and Kaycee!!" said Jade.

We were being split into teams by names being pulled out of a hat. I was with Kirstee and Kaycee then Byron pulled out Jade's name. she joined me sitting on the rock. Then Byron pulled out Dylan's name. Dylan sighed and walked to us, hiding behind Jade and me from Kirstee and Kaycee who were all over Dylan. Cloe, Sasha, James, Cameron and Yasmin were the other team.

"Now! For the first challenge!!" said Byron pointing to the boulders around the river.

"I've already had enough challenges for one day." said Jade.

"Come one Cool Cat!" said Yasmin, pulling her off the rock. Dylan then started running and the twins started running after him.

"Now what are you going to call yourselves!?" asked Byron.

"We're the Pinkaroos!!" said Kirstee.

Then the twins chanted, "Yeah, here's what we think, the other team stink, go Pinkaroos!!" Cloe looked disgusted and wanting to claw someone's eyes out.

"By my family heritage, we should be known as the woodland adventurers!" said James. James's father was one of the richest men in the world, that's what he meant by his family heritage.

"uh, great." said Cameron.

"Well I suppose you'd prefer the grease monkeys!" said James and that made Cameron look really angry.

I growled under my breath.

The first challenge was a tug of war between the two teams. We were tugging the rope with all our might and no one seemed to be going anywhere. Suddenly the woodland adventurers flew forward.

Cameron yelled, "Come on! Can I get a more richer effort of enthusiasm?"

James growled and said, "Is that a not so clever reference to my family's heritage?"

Cameron said, "Hey, if the richy little shoe fits!"

James then looked behind him and said, "oh look. A snake!" and he let go of the rope and Cameron fell into the water as everyone flew forward.

"Yaz, quit slacking!!" yelled Sasha.

"Hey, I'm pulling as hard as I can!!" yelled Yasmin.

"uh, a snake!!?" yelled Kaycee.

"Just shut up and tug!!" yelled Kaycee.

Kaycee let go of the rope and turned to face Kirstee yelling, "You shut up and tug!!"

Kirstee then let go of the rope and the twins started fighting. Jade, Dylan and I went flying forward, yelling as we fell into the river. I fell on top of Cameron and we sank into the river. Cameron grabbed hold of me, flipped me around so I'd go head first back out of the water instead of feet first, then pulled us both up.

I took a deep breath as my head rose above the surface. I then looked around to see Cloe, Sasha and Yasmin on the rock. Cloe and Sasha stood up while Yasmin stayed on the ground.

"I think I did something." said Yasmin.

"Yeah, you nearly made us loose!" said Cloe.

"Yeah, you gotta pull your weight Yasmin!" said Sasha.

I frowned, wondering why they were being so mean to Yasmin. Cameron then helped me out of the water and we looked at Byron.

"The next stage is easy, until it gets hard!" he said, pointing to two rafts, then held two boxes in each hand.

We were standing on the rafts, split into our teams.

"What's so hard about this? Give me a chair, some sun screen, I'll stay out here till dark!" said Cloe.

"Open the boxes!" said Byron.

Dylan opened the box to find a snake inside. Everyone gasped and Dylan threw the box away and the snake fell out and onto the raft.

Cameron opened the box to a rat! He threw the box down and Cloe screamed, jumping onto Sasha and they fell into the water.

We were backing away from the snake as it crept closer. It slid up Kirstee's leg.

"Ew, it's on me! It's on me!" she yelled and kicked her leg up high and the snake flew into Kaycee's dress. She screamed and started jumping around trying to get the snake out. Eventually the snake fell out and she jumped onto Kirstee and they fell off the raft.

Cameron bent over the side of his raft.

"Cloe, Sasha! Are you guys okay?" he asked.

"Careful biker boy, wouldn't want to fall off the edge!" said James as he attempted to kick Cameron over the edge. I gasped! Luckily Cameron grabbed his foot just in time but they both fell off the raft. Now it was Yasmin on the other raft, and Jade, Dylan and myself on the other.

"I can do this, if I just stay still, it'll go away eventually." said Dylan to himself as the snake slid up his leg.

"I can do this, I can do this, I can't do this!!" he yelled jumping off the raft as the snake fell off. The snake got closer to Jade and she screamed, jumping off. Now it was between Yasmin and myself.

"Oh you poor little thing, you must be so scared. Come here, I won't hurt you!" said Yasmin to the rat. It scurried off in the other direction. Yasmin got up to try to catch it when she stepped on her foot funny.

"My ankle!!" she yelled, holding her foot as she fell off the raft. I gasped and rushed to the edge of the raft.

"Yasmin!! Are you alright!?" I yelled as her head popped out of the water. I saw Cloe and Sasha glaring at Yasmin. I growled and hopped off the raft before the snake got anywhere near me. I swam to shore and walked right up to Cloe and Sasha.

"Guys!! What is up with you!?" I yelled at them. They gave me confused and pissed looks.

"What do you mean 'what is up with us?'" asked Sasha in a pissed off voice.

"I mean, you're treating your team mate and BFF like crap! That's what I mean!! Yasmin is seriously hurt, and you guys are giving her daggers!! What sort of friends are you, anyway!!? I had a good impression about you from what I heard from Yasmin from her emails, but you guys are acting like total bitches!!" I yelled at them. I walked to the water's edge, turning my backs on them. I helped Yasmin out of the water and supported her on my shoulder.

Cloe and Sasha looked ashamed with themselves and if you ask me, they should. They want to win so badly they'll treat their friend like dirt. I mean, what friends do that? That's right, not very good ones.

We were now at the final spot, the third challenge.

"Now for the third and final challenge that will determine a winner, either the Pinkaroos, the Woodland Adventurers, or him!!" said Byron pointing to the cave.

"Oh no! Not the bear!!" said Jade.

"Quick! Where's a good tree?!" yelled/asked Cameron as he was about to run to a tree when Sasha stopped him.

"Hey! The Woodland Adventurers do not run from challenges, right?!" yelled Sasha.

"Right!" said everyone but Yasmin of the Woodland Adventurers. I rested Yasmin on a rock close by.

"Right." said Yasmin in a pain filled voice.

"You'll split into pairs and pluck a whisker from the bears face, the team with the most whiskers at the end wins unless they get eaten, in which case, they loose!" said Byron laughing to himself.

"Uh, but we each have odd numbers, someone from each team will have to sit out!" said Sasha.

"I'll do it!" said James., "I'm allergic to bear fur!"

"Chicken!!" said Cameron.

"I certainly am not!" exclaimed James. Cameron then started making chicken noises.

"Fine! I'll prove it to you!" said James.

"Good, you two can be one team, Cloe and I'll be another. Yasmin, I'm thinking it'll be better if you sit out!" said Sasha.

"What!? Why!?" exclaimed Yasmin.

"uh, we're in this to win and you just haven't been showing any killer instincts." said Sasha.

"Sure I have!" said Yasmin.

"When?! When you tried to cuddle with the rat?!" asked Cloe.

"He was cold! Fine, I'll do whatever you need me to do!" said Yasmin.

"Hold it!" I yelled. Everyone turned to look at me.

"Yasmin isn't getting her fair say with the Woodland Adventurers! Byron, can she join the Pinkaroos?" I asked. Byron stood there thinking.

"Of course!" he said. I smiled at Yasmin and helped her over to where the Pinkaroos were.

"Okay, you two up for this?" asked Jade to Kirstee and Kaycee.

"No prob! We're like not afraid of wild animals, we once had a guinea pig!" said Kaycee.

"Yeah!" said Kirstee.

"Practically the same thing, except this guinea pig has six inch raiser sharp claws!" said Byron.

"Then like someone should really give him a manicure!" said Kaycee. I shook my head in disgust.

"Ok, Yaz and I'll be one team. Jade and Dylan, you two are the other team, right?" I asked them.

They both nodded.

Everyone had been in but me and Yaz. It was our turn. I hoisted Yasmin's arm over my shoulder and we walked inside. When we got close enough the to the bear we crept to the bear's side. Suddenly Yasmin cursed under her breath in pain, just that bit too loud. I breathed in and it stayed there as we waited for the bear to wake and tear us apart. But it didn't.

It just kept snoring. I placed Yasmin on one of the nearby rocks and bent down to the bear's face. I picked one of the whiskers and plucked. It's eyes shot open and they narrowed in my direction. I carefully backed away slowly. It's eyes closed again. I helped Yasmin over my shoulder again and we started creeping out of the cave. Suddenly the bear roared!!

Yasmin and I froze and we turned to see the bear running at us. Yasmin and I screamed in fright. The bear swung one of it's giant paws down! I grabbed Yasmin and pushed her out of the way as the giant paw with the razor sharp claws hit me, making me scream in agony!

"Abby!!!" yelled Yasmin as she attempted to run out of the cave. I was flung to the side of the cave. I slowly slid down groaning in pain. My eyes opened slowly and I saw my left side of my waist was bleeding, badly. I covered it with my right hand and attempted to stand up. Suddenly Cameron appeared and saw me in the mess I was in. He gasped and rushed over to me, helping me up and started tugging me out of the cave. I gasped as I saw another attack coming our way! I got my wrist out of Cameron's grip and stood between him and the bear as the attack came for us. I was hit again. I screamed again and fell just as Cameron caught me. He gasped at the sight of me again. He then picked me up, bridal style and ran out of the cave. The bear ran out of the cave and stood on it's hind legs roaring! Everyone ran to different directions. Cameron carried me over to a nearby bush. The bear ran along and tried to attack Dylan.

Yasmin then said something to Jade, but I wasn't quite sure what it was because my hearing was starting to turn into static. My vision was getting blurry. I was bleeding heavily and I could barely keep my eyes open. All I could see was Cameron's face, he looked like he was yelling at me. Probably telling me to hold on.

Suddenly I saw everyone's faces, including Byron, but not James. My eyelids started sliding down and my eyes started rolling up. I saw Cameron's face suddenly gain tears.

My world went black. I couldn't hear or see anything except nothing. The emptiness became my only friend during that time.

Suddenly I started to hear something. It sounded like blurred out voices. It took a while, but I finally was able to hear all the voices clearly.

This is what I heard.

The doctors said she'll survive, but she may have some sort of damage to her, like some sort of brain damage or something like that. Definitely Cloe's voice.

Then why doesn't she wake up?! that was Cameron's voice.

She'll wake up in her own time, don't worry Cameron! that was Jade.

Yeah man, you worry too much! I laughed to myself, Dylan was such a character.

For once, I agree with Dylan. Sasha, with her weird sense of humour.

I'm with Cameron guys. I'm worried. She sacrificed herself to save me and Cameron from the bear. aw, Yasmin being as sweet as ever.

Geez Cameron, the way you're acting is making me think you like Abby or something! I gasped at that. Cloe was sometimes a bit too strict when getting to the point.

Well… Cameron was confused and didn't know what to say to that?! I was expecting, 'of course not! She's just a friend!' but he wasn't answering? Did that mean he actually likes me?

I suddenly saw a blurry light. I was then greeted with all my friend's faces. I smiled and they smiled back.

"Well, that was some challenge huh?" I said, then gasped in disgust at the sound of my croaky voice. Everyone laughed and I laughed with them.

Suddenly Byron walked in with the trophy.

"Abby, Jade, Dylan, Yasmin, and Kirstee and Kaycee wherever those two rascals may be, you guys won the trophy with the last whisker. Congratulations!!" said Byron. The Pinkaroos cheered and I said a mere yay.

Suddenly there was a scream. Jade opened the door.

A ladies voice filled the room, "My jewellery! I've been robbed!!!"

"not again!!" exclaimed Yasmin.

"Huh? What do you mean not again?" I asked her.

"This happened again while you were out. There's a thief on the loose on the hotel campus!" said Yasmin. I frowned. This would be interesting.