Disclaimer: I do not own The Authority, and if I did, it would probably just be Apollo and Midnighter doing it all the time and killing people. Well, the Engineer, Swift, and Jack would be in there too, of course. :)

Title: Beginnings

Author: Tokkida/Eosophobia

Rating: K

The office was crowded with potential super-humans, all awaiting their chance to meet with the illusive Henry Bendix. A man was leaning back in an orange plastic chair, arms crossed and his copper haired head resting uncomfortably on the brick wall. He took in his surroundings, glaring at the other men and women with distaste. He stopped abruptly, eyes resting on the chiseled God standing in the corner. The man laughed, his bright blue eyes twinkling as he wrapped a lock of silky white around a large finger; he glanced over, noticing the black clad man eyeing him from across the room. The soon-to-be sun God excused himself and crossed the crowd, not taking his stare off the stranger.