This is an AU with no magic. I was listening to the song Rest Stop by Matchbox Twenty and this is what happened. I don't own the song or the characters, I am just borrowing them for my amusement. This will contain slash, femslash, drug use, death, though nothing descriptive. I know there's another word but I can't think of it right now. Ginny is a mean spiteful bitch what she says is her own opinion and doesn't reflect mine, though I would question some of the movies watched...


Rest Stop

Ginny glanced over to the sleeping form beside her. The glow from the radio cast a blue glow over her sleeping boyfriend.

They had just finished a term at the uni and were driving home for the holidays.

He murmured something in his sleep and Ginny wondered what he had said only to realize that she didn't particularly care. She stopped the car, 'Get out.'

Harry who was still asleep didn't move.

'Get out!' she practically shouted startling the sleeping man awake.

'Gin- what?'

'Get out and take your shite with you.' She said not looking at him.


'I don't care.' She replied as she got out and began to toss his bags onto the road.

Harry finally got out of the car, 'Ginny are you alright? Did something happen?'

'I'm fine and the only thing that happened was I realized I didn't care.' She slammed his door shut after locking it and got back into the car.

'It's three miles to the next rest stop.' Harry shouted.

'Start walking then.' She replied before she left him coughing up dust.

Harry stared after the tail lights as the vanished in the dark.

'Fuck!' he shouted kicking the dirt. He gathered his stuff up, two duffle bags of gifts, a backpack and suitcase on wheels and started walking in the direction Ginny had disappeared in.

As he walked few cars passed him, it was rather late for most travellers. 'Apparently it's farther than three miles...' he mumbled at one point. Finally a car pulled onto the shoulder and popped its trunk.

'Thank you!' Harry greeted the driver after tossing his bags into the trunk.

'You don't look like a standard hitchhiker.' The cool drawl replied.

Harry who had pulled open the door froze, then rather cautiously bent down to check and make sure. 'Malfoy?'

'Potter?' the driver stared at his new companion. 'Well shite. Don't just stand there dolt, get in.'

Harry blushed and climbed in, 'Thanks again.'

"So why was the great Harry Potter hitchhiking?' Draco Malfoy asked, the usual sneer gone having been replaced with mild concern.

'My girl- No actually make it the ex-fiance decided that she didn't care and tossed me out of the care. I'm just lucky that the car wasn't still moving.' Harry replied obviously still quite bitter about being left in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night in the middle of winter.


Harry nodded, 'Yeah, and I think she's been seeing someone else.'

'How long have you been together?'

Harry had to think for a minute. 'About 3 years. It was right after Seamus.'

'I am sorry about him.'

Harry shrugged, 'It was his choice, I tried to help but the drugs were stronger than me.' Harry had loved the Irishman but Seamus had fallen in with a bad crowd and after being clean and with Harry for almost 2 years Seamus had been given a packet of a new drug. It had been too pure and had ended up killing the Irishman. He had come to terms with it long ago, it still hurt but he has accepted it as something out of his control.

'What about Taylor?' Draco asked trying to change to a better topic.

'So how's your life? Still with Patty or Patsy or...' Harry completely ignored the question but Draco didn't miss the pain that flashed across his eyes.

"Pansy.' Draco offered with a sigh.

'Yeah her.'

'No, it wasn't meant to be, we realized in our first year at uni that we were better friends then lovers. Especially since I liked cock more than she did.' Harry choked on his spit and started to cough as he was trying not to laugh. 'Last I heard which was last week she was flirting with some scholarship chick named Harmony or something.'

'Hermione?' Harry offered when he could breath.

'Yeah, her. You know her?'

'Yeah who do you think sponsored her?'


'He also helped them get away from her mum,' Harry offered.

"Wow, so how's he doing? Is he still seeing Bill?' he hoped Harry couldn't hear the jealousy that was working its way through Draco or see the light blush that stained his cheeks.

'He's good, he's teaching again which he loves. No, once again they were better friends then lovers.' He tossed Draco's words back to him.

'That's too bad. Remus deserves to be happy.'

Harry started laughing suddenly, and Draco started at him like he lost his head. "You have a crush on Remy!' he sputtered between his fits of giggling.

Draco huffed and focused on driving again, 'I do not,' he pouted, which only got Harry laughing harder.

'If you say so,' Harry replied, still clearly amused.

'Jerk,' he grumbled.

'Bi-aaaah-' Harry yawned in the middle of his retort which got the blonde yawning too. 'Maybe we should find somewhere to crash for the night?' Harry offered, looking for something that resembled a motel.

Draco yawned again as he nodded.

They continued filling each other in on the lives of old classmates that they were still in contact with. It was another half hour before they came upon the welcomed sight of a travel lodge.

Draco was about to pull into a spot when Harry let out a rather unmanly squawk.

'What the hell was that?' Draco asked staring at Harry like he'd grown another head and announced that men could become pregnant.

Harry was banging his head ineffectively against the soft head rest. 'Could you park on the other side of the world maybe?' he asked.

'I would but I'd like to at least have a nap before driving that far. Would the other side of the parking lot work?'

'See that purple Miata?' he pointed to the vehicle that was parked 3 cars over. Draco nodded, 'Park far away from that.'

Suddenly Draco realised Harry's problem, 'you know the window or the dashboard might be better for you.'

'Thanks I'll keep that in mind.'

'Just try not to get blood on anything, I just had it detailed.'

Draco headed to the office with Harry trailing behind mumbling about a 'stupid, no good lying cheating twat' and presents.

'We'd like a room for the night please.' Draco asked as he rummaged through his wallet for an appropriate card.

'That with a king or two queens,' the clerk asked, eyeing Draco.

'Two queens,' Harry snorted behind Draco.

'Shut up, you flaming homo.'

'I'm not the queen.'

The clerk just stared at the two men.

'A room?' Harry prompted the gaping man.

'Oh right,' he accepted Draco's card and handed over the keys.

'Where is this?' Harry asked trying to find the room on the map.

'The second floor of the block in front.' He replied.

'Where'd you put the redhead?'

'Underneath you,' the clerk was confused.

Harry slid the key back to the clerk, 'can we get a different room? As far from her and her toy as possible, please.'

'A nice looking thing like that, what she do to you?' the clerk smirked.

'Left me in the middle of nowhere in the middle of the night and took my mother's ring with her.' Harry snarled.

'Now that's just cruel.' The clerk handed them a new key, 'that's at the back, one of the cabins. Take what you want from the bar and watch whatever you want on the dish. It'll all get charged to her somehow.' He grinned.

Harry grinned, 'Thanks.'

'We have to stick together guys like you and me.'

'What happened to you?' Draco asked, curious.

'She ended up in an accident, she'd been driving drunk. She ended up killing someone and tried to blame in on me.'

'I'm sorry,' Harry wasn't sure what else he could say, Draco just remained silent.

'Yeah well I did have some help,' he plucked a picture off the wall, it was of a Vietnamese man with red hair and a toddler about 3 that had hair more blonde than Draco, 'that's Hugo and our daughter, Cara.'

'She's beautiful.' Draco commented.

The clerk smiled as he put the photo back, 'I'm Aidan,'

'I'm Harry and this is Draco.'

Aidan studied Harry for a moment as he shook hands, 'you know what tonight is on me. Don't worry about anything.' Draco and Harry shared a curious glance but both just shrugged and thanked Aidan. 'You look about ready to pass out, go get some sleep, both of you.'

Draco and Harry stumbled into their room and were both asleep in about 5 minutes.