The middle of August found Harry and Severus, with Rowan of course, in the middle of nowhere somewhere in Northern Ontario. As Harry swatted at quite possibly the biggest horse fly he'd ever seen he wondered again why they were here. Oh right.


Damn cryptozoologists.

Rowan giggled as he splashed about in the shallow water.

'Da! Da! Da!' he cried suddenly pulling on Harry's shorts.

'What? What? What?' Harry said picking him up.

'Pretty,' Rowan stated pointing across the water.

Harry followed Rowan's finger and could only stare at the pure white stallion across the lake. While the white made the beast stand out against the dark greens and browns that wasn't what caught one's attention.

'Stupid tourists and their bloody blurry video evidence, pfft evidence my left nut,' Severus was muttering as he made notes in the spiral notebook he was using.

'Severus,' Harry called his name softly.

'don't know the difference between a bloody wolf and a bear,'

Harry cleared his throat, 'Severus,' he called slightly louder.

'stupid sasquatch, stupid yeti, stupid bigfoot, stupid Manitou, stupid everything,'

'Severus,' Harry pulled his "you better listen now young man" voice.

'What?' Severus snapped looking up, immediately apologizing.

Harry waved him off, 'look,' he pointed.

The first this that Severus noticed was the shiny two foot opalescent horn that was growing from the forehead of the white stallion.

'Sweet merciful Zeus,' he mumbled, awed.

The three of them watched the magnificent creature for Merlin knew how long before a loud crashing announced the arrival of the other campers.

They glanced back to see Remus appear with Moony as Draco and Amelia supported a limping Lucius.

When they turned back he was gone.

'What happened to you?' Severus didn't let his disappointment show but Harry knew he felt it because he felt it too.

'Stupid rabid beasts, I was attacked by a wild animal.' Lucius replied as he stretched his leg out, 'ow hey I need that leg.' He scowled at Draco who had roughly grabbed his father's injured limp to examine it.

'You are such a...' Draco fumbled for a word to describe his father, 'Snob!' he finally blurted. Amelia, who was helping Draco started to snicker.

'I'm glad you find this funny,' he glared at his partner.

'He is right you know,' Amelia replied unphased by the man's glare.

'Fine take my son's side,' he turned his nose up at her, 'fuck Draco, that hurt!' Draco had intentionally prodded the sore spot if for no other reason than he could.

'Don't be such a wuss father.' Draco drawled as he continued to roughly bandage Lucius' swollen ankle.

'Remus?' Harry asked standing next to his father.

'Lucius stepped in a rabbit hole, it had just given birth.' He replied. Harry snorted trying to be polite.

'Slick Lucius, real slick.' Severus commented dryly. 'At least it wasn't a skunk like the last time.' He added with a familiar smirk.

Remus, Harry and Amelia had been holding up pretty good until then. They burst into peals of laughter.

'Yeah yeah laugh it up.' Lucius had turned pink and glared at the ground.

'Oh put on your big girl panties and suck it up,' Draco patted his father's leg that he had just wrapped, 'If there was anyone less made out for camping and the wilderness it's you. Not everyone is made to camp.'


'Do you want to tell everyone what we saw today?' Harry asked Rowan when they were alone and Rowan was about to nap.

Rowan shook his head. 'No tell, promise.'

Harry smiled, 'I promise,' he replied.

'Papa too,' Rowan demanded.

'He promises too.'

'No,' Rowan pulled himself up, 'Da and Papa pinkie.'

'Severus,' Harry called. 'Rowan wants you.'

Severus came out of the bushes, 'yes?'

'He wants us to pinkie swear that we won't tell anyone what we saw.' Harry explained seriously.

'Very well,' Severus replied just as serious.

Rowan held up his pinkie finger that Harry locked with his before Severus locked his in too. 'I swear,' Harry said before he kissed Severus and Rowan's fingers.

'I swear,' Severus repeated, kissing Rowan and Harry's fingers.

'Swear,' Rowan licked them both.

'Ew!' Harry made a big show of wiping his hand off on Rowan's shirt, Rowan just giggled and tried to squirm away.


Later that the night Harry was curled up into Severus, Remus and Draco were sharing a sleeping bag and Amelia had given her wounded warrior some special treatment.

As they slept they had no idea that they had a visitor, they wouldn't know until morning when they'd find all their chocolate missing. In its place they'd find a fur pelt made of the softest fur of the strangest Auburn and a foot print bigger than any man's.


I just want to thank everyone who took the time to read this. I hope you enjoyed it. ;)