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"You're not trying hard enough." Sam groaned. She had been with me for four hours trying to teach me how to lie.

"I know but it's hard for me to do" I replied.

"If you don't give me a good lie in the next minuet, I think you should just pay for the video," She was starting to get really piss, I could tell.


"This is pointless," she started to leave "Sorry Spence but you're on your own."

She got to the door but before she could open I held it firmly shut. She looked up at me fuming; I really thought she was going to hit me.

"Don't leave, please" I really needed to learn because I do not have $3000.

"Then give me one good lie, Spencer Shay." She stood up on her toes and poked me in the chest.

My face got real serious as I held onto her shoulders and said the only thing I could think of.

"I am not madly in love with you."

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