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Galadriel peered deep into her seeing basin, water falling in a graceful arc from the stone pitcher she kept for just this purpose. Fire filled her vision, the shouts, dying and victorious, filled her ears as she was pulled into history.

Scene after scene, battle after battle, Death after Death, triumph after triumph, failure after failure. Unknown to her, every firstborn in all of the worlds, saw what she saw. The vision abruptly ended with the scene of a Black haired, green eyed youth, collapsed onto his knees, head upturned in defeat as silver tears coursed down his moon lit face.

Three beings of pure magick floating in front of him, each holding out their hands as if pleading with him to join them. The boy began to glow, his body changing as he looked around before nodding in defeat.

In a flash he was gone and the vision faded.

Galadriel stumbled back from the pedestal on which rested the seeing basin, a headache building just behind her eyes. A huge rush of power appeared somewhere in the forests, and Galadriel felt it overwhelm her.

Haldir, the Marchwarden of Lothlorien, caught her just as she fell, the darkness overtaking her.

Miles away, a fresh-from-the-final-battle, Harry Potter appeared in a burst of light and magick. Harry swayed dangerously as he took a few steps towards a gently flowing river a few yards away. Without warning Harry's legs gave out, just as his precious belongings appeared next to him in a flash of fire.

Harry smiled and touched his beloved invisibility cloak before he passed out.

Haldir and his patrol ran swiftly through the forests of Lothlorien, intent of getting to the coordinates Lady Galadriel has provided, so that they might reach the source of the concerned worry that had overtaken the Elven Queen.

They found a traveller collapsed in a heap surrounded by his belongings a few feet from the river Celebrant. The hood covering his head didn't tell them if he was a man or elf, but this pale skin spoke of an Elven heritage.

Haldir himself picked up the unconscious anomaly, while his brothers Rumil and Orophin picked up his personal affects. The rest of the patrol surrounded them as they leapt nimbly back into the cover of the trees, hurrying to bring their quarry back to the Queen, who worried so.

Lord Celeborn watched his Lady wife as she paced in a manner most undignified before their thrones. In all of the years since he'd known, and been married to the Lady, he'd never seen her so undone.

"Come, my Lady wife, and tell me what is bothering you so?"

"I cannot, I will be quite anxious until I know he is safe under our care." Galadriel said, putting her thumbnail between he teeth and nibbling on it. Celeborn strode forward quickly and pulled the digit from her mouth.

"Should I be jealous, my Lady wife, that you are so anxious for the arrival of another man, that you would debase yourself by committing such a human action as biting your nails?" Galadriel stopped immediately and regained her regal composure.

"There is no need to be jealous, my Lord husband. He is a lover of his own persuasion, and I should be the one to watch your back. I am anxious because I have never met another Seer. He has so much to teach me." Galadriel said, body beginning to hum with excitement.

"Come, I will distract you." Celeborn said, drawing the Lady of the wood close and pressing a kiss to her throat. Galadriel sighed in pleasure as she was led from the throne room to their bedchamber.

Harry shifted, and felt the softest fabric slid against his naked skin and shivered as a roll of pleasured goosebumps popped up all over his body. He sighed, before tensing, expecting the sharp sting of pain to roar through him.

When it didn't he slowly relaxed and opened his yes, amazed to find that he no longer needed glasses to see. He checked his face to make sure he wasn't wearing them, before he continued on in amazement.

He flipped the soft silvery quilt down and took stock of his body. All of his battle earned scars were gone and replaced by pale, smooth flesh that was almost as soft as the quilt he'd woken up under. The only scar he could see was a starburst over his heart, he counted sixteen little spindles flaring off of the circular white scar.

He was relieved to see his commemorative tattoos were there. He had a different symbol for each person near to him that he'd lost in one way or another. On his left arm, nearest his heart, he had an image of a grim and a wolf wrapped around each other, muzzles raised to howl at the moon. He'd had his father and mother's portrait imprinted on the moon, which was on his shoulder.

On the inside of his arm above the elbow, were the symbols for Hogwarts; the school crest, a symbol for Dumbledore; a shining lemon drop, and a bubbling cauldron for Snape. His right arm was dedicated to the memory he had of the people who'd abandoned him. Ron, Hermione, Ginny, the rest of the Weasley's, and other various symbols that Harry had liked enough to have permanently etched into his skin.

He looked around, and only then noticed that his hair was down to his arse, and as straight as it never had been. He reached out his hand and summoned his trunk to him, eager to put on some clothes.

He fished out some ragged pants and bent over to put them on, when the door to the private room opened. A stunning man entered, a bundle of clothes in his arms. Harry dropped the jeans and stood to face the man, uncaring of his nudity, as someone had already seen him naked.

"Hello." Harry said. The man looked confused, before pointing to the clothes and then at Harry and then back. He said something in a lilting and flowing language that Harry sighing at the sheer beauty of it. "I cannot understand you, but please keep talking."

The man jabbered on, as he pulled each garment out and held it up showing Harry. Harry looked confused to the man gestured for him to approach, and he began to dress harry. Harry's body apparently loved the luxurious feeling of the supple hands running all over his flesh because his member sprung to life and made putting the pants on difficult.

The blonde man blushed at seeing the raging hard on and gently touched it, only to tuck it into the tight pants and tie the belt. The Grey tunic came down and hid all evidence of the arousal. Harry was shown to a mirror where he caught a glimpse of himself for the first time in over a month.

He tossed back his hair and gasp. He had pointed ears.

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