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Chapter Nine Sweeties.

Deep in the forest of Fangorn, in the centre of a Circle of the Ent Elders, bloomed a glowing silver flower. It was the single largest flower to bloom in the forest since the Ent's themselves were birthed from the earth.

In the centre of the blossom, curled in a fetal position, lay a sleeping Harry, newly named Erutáwë. With his rebirth into Arda, life was renewed, reinvigorated. A youthfulness seeped into the bark of the Ent's, spreading to their forest domain.

A burst of magic roared through the forest, spreading across all of Middle earth. Hobbits in their hovels looked too and fro as a warm breeze, scented with honeysuckle and clove washed over them. The Elves, in their forest dwellings, shivered as pleasure tickled their spines. Humans grew heartened by the magic, while the servants of Sauron gasped in fear as the magic caused them pain.

Harry now stood in the centre of the flower, silvery tears still running down his face as he mentally searched through his whole being for the comforting weight of his powerful magic. Upon finding it gone, washed clean as if he had never been a wizard, Harry sank to his knees and sobbed again.

He was lifted from the ground and cradled in bark covered arms, swaying gently from side to side. An Entish lullaby sent him spiraling into oblivion.

Draco couldn't comprehend what he had been told, and what he had experienced. He was devastated that his last link to the wizarding world had been carelessly slain due to the action of a mere muggle. But the feeling he had gotten from his brief glimpse into the soul of creation, had felt like a hug from Harry.

Resolving to figure out his feelings later, he dressed quickly, but carefully, and began his search for this Boromir character.

He found the sobbing man curled up under a tree. Aiming a kick at the man's side he gave a satisfied smirk at the pained grunt he received in response.

"Get up you son of a bitch!" he hissed. Boromir rolled over, spotted him, and scrambled to his feet. "Mind explaining to me just what the hell you were doing interrupting Harry during a fight?"

"I-I." Boromir started, but hung his head. "I have no excuse. I misjudged Prince Harry, and it cost him his life."

"You're damn right you misjudged Harry! Harry is the least evil person I've ever met! If you're looking for an evil wizard, then look no further! I served the evil creature that murdered Harry's birth parents, for two years! I did everything I could to antagonize him and his friends! And he forgave me. I caused his mentor to die and he forgave me. He saved my life from that prick Saruman. He is the most selfless man I know. And you killed him." Draco spat.

Boromir fell to his knees, heart wrenching sobs filling the air. Draco kicked him again just to be spiteful and stomped off, brushing past a wide-eyed Legolas. Realizing just who he'd shouldered past, Draco whirled around and fixed th elven Prince with a glare.

"And you! You're the worst fucking bastard of all of them! You don't deserve Harry's affection!" he whipped his hand in a snapping motion and stunned the elf, before stomping away. Legolas' eyes widened at the thought that his growing feelings for the Elf Prince might have been reciprocated.

Draco stormed through the covered and uncovered walkways, mouth set in a firm line. Everyone gave him a wide berth, which was wise considering the dark look on his face.

Harry came to awareness floating over a half-naked Draco. He reached down a ghostly hand and poked Draco through the eye.

"Ow! Fuck that was cold!" Draco shouted as he came awake instantly. "Watch where you put that thing, Potter! Potter?" Draco took a second look. "Gah!"

Harry had to laugh as the always graceful Draco Malfoy fell from his bed in a heap of bedclothes.

"Potter! What the hell? You're a fucking ghost now? Oh fuck, you're going to be haunting me now aren't you? This is my punishment for being such a hot and evil sexy man!" Draco cried dramatically.

"Shut up, Draco! You are such a conceited berk! As if I would haunt you when I can be spying on people bathing. And no, I'm not dead. It's a very long story, one that I'll explain when I see you in person. Just know that you need to take my place among the fellowship. I need you to keep Boromir from taking the Horcrux from Frodo. I have a feeling that he'll try and take it and end up dead."

"It's nothing less than he deserves. That idiot caused you to fall into some deep chasm with some fire monster!" Draco snapped.

"I'm not mad at him anymore, if I ever was. In fact, I've forgiven him, which is why you need to save him!" Harry insisted.

"I don't think I will." Draco said childishly.

"Draco! I need you with him so I can handle some business!" Harry shouted.

"What business could you possible have, dead boy?" Draco asked, crossing his arms over his chest.

"It's a secret, you dolt." Harry said. "And, if you go I'll get you something that no one else has in any world you've ever been too."

"What is it?" Draco asked, curious.

"I wont tell you! But if you want to find out, then you've got to join the fellowship. I'll be able to help out from time to time, but we probably wont meet in person until much later." Harry said, looking behind him at something only he could see.

"Alright fine. I suppose someone needs to be there to keep those children in line." Draco huffed.

"Thanks Draco." Harry said earnestly.

"It's no problem, I'm just so glad you're alive, Haz." Draco whispered.

"I'll explain everything when we meet next. Keep a very close eye on Boromir."

"I will. Oh! You'd better go and see your parents elf-boy!" Draco said, suddenly remembering.

"That was my next stop. Bye Draco!" Harry faded from view, only to reappear at the foot of his adoptive parents huge bed.

"H-Harry?" a red-eyed Galadriel asked, not believing her beautiful eyes. "Oh my son, what has happened?" her partly sobbed words woke Celeborn, who looked at Harry with shocked eyes.

"I'm not dead!" Harry quickly rushed to reassure them. "I'm actually asleep at the moment, though I don't know where the Ents have carried me."

"The Ents? How on earth-?" Celeborn started to ask.

"I don't know. After I fell, and I'll get to that in a moment, I woke up surrounded by Ents. I had a little breakdown, and passed out."

"What transpired after you fell?" Galadriel asked, scooting to the end of the bed to get a better look at Harry.

"I met Manwe and the rest of the Valar. They each blessed me with some of their power. I, am no longer a wizard. Manwe, avatar of Eru Illuvatar, has named me Erutáwë. I am Noldor, Maia, and Vala. I wield the powers of the Valar."

"Oh Harry!" Galadriel said, tears springing to her eyes anew. "I am sorry for your loss."

"I am saddened by it, but if sacrificing my magic allows me to save my home, then I do it gladly." Harry said, smiling gently as he realised that he meant it.

"What will you do now?" Celeborn asked.

"Draco will take my place amongst the fellowship, and I will rejoin him when I am able." Harry said. "I love you two so much, you taking me in means more to me than you will ever know." Harry said as he faded from sight.

"And we love you Harry." Galadriel whispered. Her ring began to glow, and warmth and peace suffused her being. Celeborn's ring glowed as well and the two were cocooned in the love from their child.