This is a silly, fun story I wrote during the time when I was completely obsessed with Draco Malfoy. It went into hiatus hell for a while and has been resurrected 4 years later. There are inconsistencies with HP canon and some form of AU with a minor character death that didn't occur in the books. Despite it all I love this story and Lilah and the struggle has been real to get her story finished and I'm very happy with it, flaws and all. ^^


"Lilah, could you come down here?" Mother Dina shouted from the first floor, Lilah pulled the young sleeping girl from her lap and laid her softly on the bed. She tiptoed around the others sleeping children on the floor and climbed down the stairs to the bottom floor, where Mother Dina was waiting.

"Yes, Mother Dina?" Lilah asked.

"There's a man here to see you, he's waiting in the front room."

"Is he…is he wanting to foster or adopt a child?"

"No, dear, but you should speak with him, he says he knows something about your family."

Lilah's eyes lit up and she sprinted towards the front room, stopping to catch her breath before she entered. When she did walk inside, she saw a man sitting on the couch, he was dressed in black robes and his black hair fell loosely around his face, he watched Lilah enter with a pair of coal black eyes.

"Lilah Leavers?" the man asked.

"That's me," Lilah said, nodding.

"Please sit, we have much to discuss."

Lilah quickly sat on the nearest couch she could reach and turned back to the man.

"My name is Severus Snape, I have been asked to come here and speak with you about your heritage," the man, called Snape, said.

"And?" Lilah asked excitedly.

"The news of your birth just barely reached the closest of your kin, if she can be called your kin. She had never known of you before she received a letter recently from her late husband, it told her that while they were married, her husband, your father, had a child out of wedlock. He didn't talk of the mother, just that when you were born he sent you away to an orphanage in America. He wished you to be as far away from him as possible. However in his last years he knew he could possibly die and to clear his conscious he wrote a letter to his wife explaining his sins and where to find the child he had given up.

"Upon his death his wife was to receive this letter but it was delayed as the man who was to deliver it perished as well. Wherein she just recently received said letter and learned of you."

Lilah sat back in the couch as the information sank in, her father was dead and no one knew who her mother was, it wasn't exactly what she wished to learn about her family.

"What's the point in telling me all of this, if my father is dead and my mother is gone, why even bother?" asked Lilah.

"Because your father's wife would like to meet you," answered Snape.



"Why not, I guess I would like to meet her too, after all she knew my father best didn't she?"

Snape inclined his head then stood up, he walked over to the fireplace and drew green sand from his pocket. Lilah stood up trying to understand this strange behavior.

"Malfoy Manor," Snape said, then threw the dust into the fire which erupted into emerald flames.

"Whoa!" Lilah said, taking a step back. "What is happening, what did you do?"

Snape quickly stuck his hand into the fire and Lilah ran forward to make him pull it out but as she watched, his hand didn't burn.

"What…what…" Lilah tried to say, but the room spun and she felt herself hit the ground and the world around her got sucked into darkness.