Okay, so I am not 100% on where I was taking this story when I first started writing it but now I realize it's going to need to make it's way into Deathly Hallows. Which is bad. :P I have only read DH once. When it first came out. Haven't read it since then and thus my mind is so completely blah about it. I have been using the movies as super big helpers for my other stories but there is no DH movie yet! haha I really need to figure a few things out in DH so I can tie this story in so I may not be updating it as often while I work out all the kinks. I have a plan of action, just need to work on executing it. There is one chapter left till then so that's something! I hope you enjoy this new update and I'll be skimming DH in the meantime. ;)


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When Draco and Lilah arrived back at the manor Lilah saw a big clump of ash on Draco's chest. She reached forward and began to dust it off and Draco looked over at her like she'd lost her mind. Before she could say anything to him she was interrupted.

"Where have you two been?" came Bellatrix's voice. Lilah looked up hand still poised on Draco's chest going for another swipe. She looked up at Draco not knowing what she was supposed to say.

"I took her to see father," Draco said. Lilah's eyes grew big when she realized he was telling Bellatrix the truth.

"You did what?" Bellatrix growled, and Lilah casually stepped behind Draco. He was much better with a wand than her.

"If we didn't tell her those blood-traitors would have," Draco spat. "What would happen when they did?"

"He'll know about her now, Draco, we can't protect her anymore."

Then we need to tell her everything."

"You should have waited," Bellatrix said, and began to pace back and forth. "What did Lucius tell her?"

"He told her why he is in Azkaban," answered Draco.

"Tell her of the war, Draco, past and present. We also need her to get better with a wand, start today, time is short now."

Bellatrix turned around and stalked out of the room and Lilah turned to Draco expectantly.

"I'm not the right person to tell you about everything," Draco said.

"But Bellatrix said for you to do it," said Lilah.

"I'll teach you magic but as for explaining about the wars, only one person can explain it correctly and he'll be stopping by this evening."



"Snape is coming by?" Lilah asked excitedly, and Draco looked at her oddly.

"He's having dinner with us," he answered coldly.

"Great! Then he can tell me about the wars?"


Lilah smiled widely and took the last swipe she had been intending to on Draco's chest before Bellatrix had interrupted.

"Will you teach me a few spells before then?" Lilah asked.

"We need to go to the backyard, mum would be mad if we broke anything," Draco answered, not sounding too enthused to be teaching her now. Lilah wondered why his demeanor had suddenly changed so quickly. He walked over to the arcadia door and Lilah followed him to it. They both stepped outside and Draco stood a few feet away from Lilah with his wand held out. Lilah pulled out her wand and held it in front of her like Draco was doing.

"We'll try the disarming spell," Draco said. "Expelliarmus!"

Lilah's wand was pulled from her hand and flew quite a ways from her into the grass.

"You could have warned me," Lilah said, walking over to her wand and picking it up.

"I figured doing it would be better than trying to explain it. Now try to disarm me, just point your wand at me and say expelliarmus."

Lilah took position in front of Draco once again then grasped her wand as she had with the spell Bellatrix had taught her.

"Expelliarmus!" Lilah shouted, and nothing happened. She held her wand tighter and this time tried flicking it. "Expelliarmus!"

Draco's hand twitched but that was it.

"Do it to me again," Lilah said, and Draco didn't hesitate.

"Expelliarmus!' he shouted, and Lilah paid full attention to how he used his hand when he cast the spell. Lilah retrieved her wand once again then took her position; she practiced moving her hand a few times.

"Expelliarmus!" she shouted, and watched Draco's wand fly from his hand as hers had. He stalked over to where his wand had landed then took his position in front of Lilah.

"Alright, we'll try a different spell now," Draco said. "Stupefy!"

Everything suddenly went black, then Lilah opened her eyes and saw she was laying on the ground. She sat up, looked around, then stood.

"What was that?" she asked, slightly annoyed, couldn't Draco just explain these spells to her?

"That was stupefy, it knocks out your opponent," answered Draco. "I used the counter-spell on you which is ennervate."

"Why couldn't you have just said that before instead of doing it to me?"

"Eye for an eye, Lilah, you're going to be doing the spells to me, might as well do them to you. It's also good practice to have these spells performed on you, that way you'll be prepared for them and know what to expect. Now, do stupefy on me, if it works then use ennervate."

Lilah took the same spot in front of Draco and once again practiced flicking her wand.

"Stupefy!" Lilah shouted, once again nothing happened. She practiced flicking the wand again. "Stupefy!"

Draco folded his arms across his chest and Lilah saw him yawn. That frustrated her and she tried another three times to unsuccessfully cast stupefy.

"Do it on me again," Lilah said. Draco smirked and Lilah drew right to his hand as he shouted the spell. Once again Lilah felt herself slip into blackness; she opened her eyes again and stood up. She looked at Draco and pictured him casting the spell, then she realized she hadn't been saying stupefy the same way he had been. His accent had thrown her off.

"Stupefy!" she shouted, putting the right hand flick and correct pronunciation to the test. Draco suddenly dropped his hands then fell backwards into the grass. Lilah watched him for a moment making sure he wasn't faking, then decided he wasn't.

"Ennervate!" she shouted, but Draco didn't move. "Uh-oh."

She hadn't told him to show her how to cast ennervate; she rushed up to him and kneeled down next to him.

"Ennervate!" she tried again, but to no avail. "Draco!" Lilah shouted, tapping his shoulder and poking at him. "Snap out of it!"

He continued to lay there, unmoving; she was glad that he was at least breathing, that was something. She stared down at him trying various things, pinching his cheeks, flicking him, shaking him but nothing worked. After trying to cast ennverate another four times she gave up on trying to get the spell to work. She sat back and watched Draco for a while wondering if he would wake up. Not knowing much about the magical world was definitely a downside. Suddenly Lilah got an idea, it was from old movies she'd watched when she was young.
If it didn't work no harm no foul, if it did work Draco would wake up and that was worth a try. She leaned over Draco and then leaned her head down; she took a deep breath then pressed her lips to his. At first nothing happened then she heard a groan escape his mouth. She quickly leaned back and watched Draco open his eyes and look up at her.

"What just happened?" he asked.

"I stupefied you," Lilah answered, and looked down at the grass. "I kind of couldn't get ennervate to work so I had to…..improvise."

"How long was I was stupefied?"

"More than five minutes, I don't think it got to ten."

"Did you snog me?"

"Snog?" Lilah asked, she wasn't exactly sure what that meant.

"Never mind, if it took that long for me to wake up it must have worn off," Draco said, waving his hand. "We should get back to teaching you spells."

Lilah nodded and she and Draco returned to the spots they had been standing in and Draco continued to teach Lilah various spells.