Hello! This is my first Star Trek fic. I was inspired by the movie...which I saw three times. lol.

This story is set in a timeline in which Spock did not return to the Enterprise after the Nero incident. Other than that it follows the movie.

Disclaimer: I own nothing other than the laptop on which I am typing.

She has his eyes. Uhura thought to herself as she watched her daughter examine her model starship. Most little girls wanted dolls, but Rory did not like dolls. She said they were anatomically incorrect, and thus frivolous. She wanted to play with the starship she had put together herself. Quite a chore for most four-year-olds, but Aurora was special.

Aurora was born almost a year after the Nero fiasco aboard the USS Enterprise. Most members of the crew that saw her commented that she had his ears or personality, but Uhura first noticed her eyes. Her shipmates chuckled silently among themselves at that name: Aurora Uhura.

"Quite a name, for such a wee lass," remarked Scotty when he first laid eyes on the squalling infant. She was healthy, and Uhura had managed to carry her the full term. A relief, for the first-time mother. She had ten fingers, ten toes, a little button nose, caramel colored skin, and pointy ears. Yes, Aurora was part Vulcan. It shocked Uhura's family, for she would not tell them the details of how she came to be pregnant, or the whereabouts of the father.

"Mother, are you well?" a quiet, steady voice interrupted her musing.

"Yes, Rory, I'm alright. Just thinking about how happy I was when you were born."

"Ah. And about my father?"

"Yes, about him too."

"Do you think I will ever get to meet him?"

"I pray that you will every night." Aurora studied her face for a moment longer, and returned to her toys. Uhura smiled at her lovely little girl. Rory was becoming prettier by the day, and one could hardly tell that she was a mixed species child. The only indication was when Rory pushed her hair behind her ears. Her pointed Vulcan ears.

Somewhere in the galaxy, warming himself by a fire, Commander Spock sneezed. If he were human he would say that someone was talking about him, but he was Vulcan, and that notion was illogical. Spock had been here since the fight with Nero. His ship had taken fire, and he knew that if the red matter was activated he would. So he ejected himself from the ship, hoping someone from the Enterprise would pick up on it, but they did not. He floated aimlessly in space, taking shallow breaths to conserve his oxygen supply. His half Vulcan heritage probably saved him in that sense; Vulcan's oxygen supply was rather low. He did not know how long he stayed in space, it felt like years, but it was actually hours. Finally he landed on a nearby planet. It was a miracle in itself that he made it through the atmosphere. It was pure luck that it was a planet that could support oxygen-requiring life forms, and it was just amazing that there was water. Spock had been here for over four years. He had been working on a communicating device, but his progress was slow without tools. He had not seen another life form for four years, and it was beginning to wear on him.

One thing kept him sane. The thought of her. His lover and friend, Nyota Uhura. He prayed everyday, to any deity that could possibly listen, to reunite them. It was an illogical behavior, but there is no room for logic in isolation, or he just might lose his mind.

"Captain? I'm picking up a life form on the nearby planet Lucretia. It seems to be…Vulcan, sir." Sulu said to the captain, trying to keep his voice from sounding too hopeful.

"Could it be Spock, Sulu?" Captain Kirk asked.

"There is a distinct possibility."

"Then get a shuttle ready for me and let's get down there."

A whirring noise could be heard from the surface of Lucretia. Spock's ears twitched at the sound as he began to wake up from his meditative slumber. He slowly rose from his makeshift bed and walked out his hut. It was a shuttle, finally. He was saved. The shuttle landed a few meters away and Spock ran as fast as he could, only to run into Kirk.

"Spock? You're usually more graceful than this," Kirk joked.

"Indeed Captain, I am…relieved to see. You are a sight for sore eyes, as they say." Spock said, offering his hand for Kirk to shake. Kirk pushed his hand away and hugged him.

"Welcome home, friend. You've missed quite a bit. Come on, there are a lot of people who want to see you."

"And they lived happily ever after," Uhura murmured, closing the storybook she had been reading to her daughter.

"Mother…happily ever after is illogical." Rory mumbled sleepily, her eyes fluttering closed.

"Ahh…but if a person has no happily ever after to reach for, then they will simply stop trying. So happily ever after is essential for personal growth."

"Mmmk, if you say so mother." Rory said as she fell asleep. Uhura smiled and tucked the blankets tightly around her chin. She was so beautiful. It was amazing that she and Spock could conceive a healthy child at all, much less one so perfect. Uhura thought back to Rory's conception.

"What do you need?" Uhura whispered tearfully, kissing Spock's hardened face.

"I need everyone to continue performing admirably."

"Ok," Uhura whispered as she kissed him on his lips. Her tongue teased his lips and slowing caressed them into reacting. Spock viciously returned the kiss, nipping savagely as he pushed her into the wall of the elevator. Uhura worked her way down his chin, biting at his neck, and pushing her nimble fingers into the waistband of his pants.

"What are you doing, Nyota?" he growled.

"Performing admirably, Commander," Uhura said with a sad smile. She moved back up his body, taking his shirt with her. Spock, being a rather quick learner, pushed down his pants as well. Uhura stepped away from Spock and with a seductive wink removed her panties from beneath her uniform skirt. Spock took the garment from her, and raised it to his face. As he inhaled her aroma, his eyes hardened. Gone was the cold, logical Vulcan, and in his place was a primal, aroused man. He advanced on Uhura, pushing her into the wall.

"Must you provoke me like this, Nyota? Were you not content to let me maintain my composure?" he snarled, grinding against her.

"You need to let it out, love. Bottling that anger inside of you will be your downfall. Let me help you, Spock," Uhura said as she pressed her lips to his. Spock took the hint and roughly pushed up her skirt and impaled her upon himself. Uhura saw stars, she had never seen Spock like this. His usually lovemaking was slow, and wonderfully thorough. Now, seeing Spock lose control was earth-shattering. He thrust harshly into her one last time, taking them over the edge. They sank to the floor together, their weight too great for him to support. After a few minutes Spock regained his composure and began putting his uniform back on. Uhura straightened her skirt and smirked as she saw him place her panties in his pocket.

"Thank you, Lieutenant. You are unparalleled in your work," Spock said. Uhura was almost insulted, until she saw the corner of his mouth twitch.

"Glad to be of service, Commander," she smiled.

Uhura was snapped out of her musings by the buzzer on her door.

"Enter." she said. Kirk strolled leisurely into her quarters.

"How are you doing, Uhura?" Kirk said, scratching the back of his head.

"Fine, but that isn't why you're here. What is it this time? Rory hasn't been getting into your Terran candy stash again, has she?"

"No, nothing like that…we just…we found him." Uhura froze at those words.

"Y-you….found him? Spock?" she said, her voice cracking from her tears.

"Yes. And before you ask, he's fine. He's a little malnourished, but nothing a few days in sickbay can't cure."

"Oh my God…" Uhura was still in shock.

"He's been asking about you…the crew isn't sure what to tell him. We figured you'd want to tell him about Rory"

"Can I see him?"

"He was awake a few minutes ago, Bones kicked me out. But I bet you can sweet-talk him into letting you say hello." No sooner did the words leave his mouth that she was out the door. Kirk just sat down in the chair next to Rory's bed. Her life was about to change, hopefully for the better.

"You can't go in there, he's sleeping!"Spock's ears perked up at the doctor's yelling.

"Dammit Len, if you don't let me in there right now I'll…" Nyota! It was Nyota's voice. She was here, finally.

"Let her in," Spock croaked, his voice weak. Immediately she heard the sound of her feet moving as she entered his room. Then she was in front of him, kissing his forehead, nose, lips, even his ears. Her tears wet his face. Her soft check scraped against his rather long stubble.

"Spock…thank God you're here."

"I…missed you, Nyota. It is a great joy to see you," he said with a real smile.

"Where were you? What happened? How is it that you're still alive?"

"Uhura stop badgering my patient, he needs sleep. He will be released in the morning IF he is a good patient, you can see him then," Bones said, pulling Uhura from his bed.

"The doctor is, unfortunately, correct. I do require rest. I will visit your quarters when I am released."

"Ok, but I'll be expecting you Spock," she said as she kissed him goodbye.

Poke. Poke. Poke. Pinch.

"Wake up," a little voice intruded upon his slumber. "Hey mister, wake up! You aren't dead, are you?"

"I assure you, I am not," Spock said opening his eyes.

"Oh good. I'm Dr. Bones' assistant. I am under direct orders to check on you," Rory said in her most grown-up voice.

"Oh really? And you are?"

"Nurse Aurora. So what's wrong with you?"

"Nothing, now. Should not you know that by looking at my chart?"

"Ah yes, you're chart," Rory said picking up the board. "Yes, says here you are….Vulcan," she said glancing at his ears.

"Indeed. How old are you, Nurse Aurora?"

"Four year, two-hundred and forty-five days. Why do you ask?"

"I was just curious, I have never met a four year-old nurse before."

"There you are you little demon!" Bones said, grabbing the little girl.

"Put me down Dr. Bones! I was just tending to this patient!"

"Your mother has been worried sick about you. She said that this would be the last time she let Mr. Scotty babysit if you kept running away from him."

"But Mr. Scotty is highly amusing! It's not my fault that he has a shortened attention span."

"Go now before you get in more trouble, your mother wants to see you."

"Yes Dr. Bones…goodbye Mr. Vulcan."

"She is…charming," Spock said, hiding his smirk.

"She's deceptively cute and has everyone on board wrapped around her little finger."

"Ah. I did not realize that this ship had become a child rearing facility in my absence."

"Nope, just Rory…say how are you feeling?" Bones said, changing the subject.

"Much better. May I leave now?"

"Yes, but you have to promise me to take it easy. You went through quite an ordeal."

"Indeed, Doctor. And thank you," Spock said as he exited sickbay. First stop…a shower.

Spock walked quickly to Nyota's door. He felt like his old self again, clean shaven, immaculately dressed, hair perfectly combed. He buzzed the door, and entered when he was prompted from within. He entered the room as saw that the living room had been converted into a child's bedroom complete with a child sitting on the bed.

"Mr. Vulcan!"

"Ah, hello Nurse Aurora. It seems that I have the wrong quarters."

"Spock!" he heard from behind him. He turned to see Nyota, dripping wet from a shower, wrapped in her towel. "I didn't expect you so soon. Please, sit down. Aurora, could you go play in Mommy's room for a little while?"

"Mother, I do not 'play,' I create scenarios using my model starship."

"My mistake," Uhura said, hiding a smirk as she watched Rory retreat to her room.

"She is your daughter," Spock said.

"Yes. Her name is Aurora; she is almost five-years-old."

"Ah. Seeing as she is human, I am led to infer that you have found a replacement for me in my abscence. Perhaps I should leave," Spock said as he moved to leave.

"Spock…she's yours."

"You mean…I have a child?" Spock said, with emotion in his normally steady voice.


"I cannot accurately express my sorrow that you have been forced to raise her alone. I should have been there to support you."

"But you weren't, and it's ok. The crew has been amazing. I'm fine…even better, now that you're back."

"What if she hates me?"

"She will not. She's part Vulcan, hate is an emotion," Uhura said with a smirk.

"Yes…I suppose it is," Spock smiled at her.

"Alright, Aurora, you may come in now. I know you were listening," Uhura called.

"Yes Mother. Must you insist on making me leave the room, when the conversation pertains directly to me?" Rory walked slowly and stood in front of Spock. "So you are my father?"

"You are correct. It is a pleasure to meet you," Spock said, extending his hand to her smaller one.

"I am told it is customary among humans to hug at such moments."

"Yes, I believe you are right," Spock said, holding his daughter to his chest. A burst of pure happiness filled his heart. This was his child, his child with the woman he loved.

"So am I correct in the assumption that you and my mother will wed?"

"Rory, I don't think now is the time to…"

"You are correct. I was just about to ask her to be my bondmate before you entered the room," Spock said as Uhura gasped.

"Spock, you do not have to do this."

"Yes I do. I have thought of nothing but your face since the moment my ship crashed. The fact that we have a daughter together is only the first step towards being a family. I would like it to be official. Nyota, will you marry me?" Spock asked. He did not kneel on one knee, there was no ring. He was not riding a horse or carrying flowers. She was not a princess, and he did not having long, flowing locks. But somehow his proposal was more perfect than anything Uhura could have imagined.

"Yes Spock, I will," Uhura said through her tears.

"Mr. Vul…uh…Father. Welcome home," Rory said, tugging on Spock's hand. Spock smiled. Finally, he was home.