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"Nyota, are you sure that my father is a satisfactory babysitter? Dr. McCoy offered to look after her, as did Mr. Scott," Spock said worriedly, not that he would admit it, as he drove the hovercraft to their hotel in Paris. They were taking a two-week leave to enjoy their honeymoon, and Sarek had volunteered to watch Aurora.

"Spock, you worry too much. Besides, Sarek watched Rory before when we were assigned to the more dangerous missions. He did a fine job. Aurora came back more knowledgeable about the Vulcan culture each time. Besides, I think your father is lonely," Uhura said, touching his arm to comfort him.

"He is teaching her the Vulcan way, as he did with me. He will be dissatisfied when she chooses the human path."

"Actually, it was Rory's idea. She says that she wished to learn both sides of her heritage, but I think she just wanted you to be proud of her when you returned."

"I would be proud of my child, no matter how she behaved."

"I know Spock, and I love you for that. I admit that I wish she behaved slightly more illogically sometimes, so that she could just play and enjoy her childhood, but she seems happy. I think she's just a daddy's girl at heart. She wants to be just like you, you know. I walked in on her the other day trying to fix her eyebrows to look like yours," Uhura chuckled.

"As a child I disliked my eyebrows," Spock said as he unconsciously raised one eyebrow.

"Oh Spock look! It's the Eiffel Tower!"

"Indeed. You need not be so excited. We will have a satisfactory view from our room."

"Oh really Spock? That's fantastic. We'll have to go sight-seeing one day."

"Correct me if I am wrong, but is not it customary during a 'honeymoon' to not leave the room?"

"Hmm…now that you mention it yes. Whatever do you wish to do in our hotel room?" Uhura said as she ran her nails down his neck.

"My research was inconclusive in that area, perhaps you could inform me? I assumed the time was used to plan for the future."

"Oh Spock…" Uhura said as she leaned up and whispered the real reason in his ear.

Spock's eyebrows rose. "Fascinating."

"Grandfather? How long will Mother and Father be gone?" Aurora said, tugging at Sarek's sleeve.

"Fourteen Earth days, Aurora."

"Ah," Aurora returned to her reading. A few minutes passed. "Grandfather? What is a honeymoon?"

"A honeymoon is an Earth custom in which newlywed couples take a vacation away from others to get to know each other better."

"Oh. You mean that they engage in sexual intercourse, correct?"

"Aurora, have I shown you the garden yet?"

"No Grandfather. It would please me to see it," Aurora said, getting up to join him. Too easy…, she thought with a smirk.

Spock stared solemnly at the Paris skyline from their hotel balcony. The room was beautiful. Uhura was currently partaking in a bath in their oversized bathtub. It was so rare to find a bathtub in this time, since most people preferred the efficiency of a sonic shower.

"Spock? Could you come in here a moment?" Uhura called from the bedroom. Spock followed the sound of her voice. He stopped cold when she came into view. She was lying seductively upon the large bed, wearing absolutely nothing but her wedding ring.

"Nyota…you are beautiful," Spock said as he tried to push the air back into his lungs.

"Mmhmm, as are you husband. Now remove your clothing and come join me."

"Nyota, there is something we must first discuss," Spock said nervously.

"Yes Spock?"

"We are married in the human sense, but we have not yet joined our minds in the Vulcan tradition. If you do not wish to complete the bond then I will understand."

"Spock, I wish to be as close to you as I possibly can. Go ahead," Uhura said, raising his hand to her face. Spock closed his eyes and began to meld their minds. Uhura was pulled into a rapid progression of memories that made her head spin.

"Your father was a traitor for marrying her."

"No Vulcan has ever turned down admission to this academy."

"Her name is Nyota Uhura; she will be acting as your aid."

"Would you like to join me at the concert, Commander? I promise to keep my hands to myself this time."

"I love you, Spock, and there is nothing your Vulcan logic can do about it."

"Spock…she's yours."

"I do."

Uhura was jerked roughly from his mind, her eyes filled with tears when she felt his love for her in the back of her mind. Her entire body was thrumming with emotion. She acted in the only way she could. She kissed him.

"Nyota…there is one more thing," Spock said, pulling his lips from hers.

"Spock please, it can wait, fuck me," she said as she grinded her lithe body against his stronger one. "I need you."

"Very well," he rolled on top of her. Uhura seemed to have a different plan in mind, as she rolled him over and straddled him. "Nyota, I must inform you that this is not the proper position for intercourse."

"Oh Spock…so naïve," she murmured against his lips as she lowered herself onto him. His mouth went slack with the new sensation. His breathing became erratic and he began thrusting up into her. Her nails scraped his nipples, as his own fingers dug into her ample backside.
"I…retract my former..oh…statement."

"Good boy," Uhura said as she lowered herself onto to him one final time. She let out a throaty moan and gave in to the waves of pleasure coursing through her. Spock joined her momentarily, and slowly pulled her off of him and rolled her to her side next to him.

"That was…educational," Spock said, out of breath.

"Which reminds me…I have a gift for you," Uhura said, leaving the room and returning momentarily with an old book. "It's called the Kama Sutra," she said handing it to him.

Spock opened the book and his eyebrows rose in reaction. "Interesting. It seems to me as if I need to undertake some more in depth research of human sexual practices."

"Did I mention that I love how thorough you are?"

"You have, yes, but I appreciate the sentiment all the same."

"Nyota? There is something I wish to speak with you about," Spock said, interrupting their comfortable silence as they prepared for bed.

"Yes Spock?"

"Do you wish to produce more offspring?" Spock said nervously.

"You want another baby?" Uhura said tearfully.

"Every time I look at Aurora, I think about all the things I missed. I would like to experience fatherhood from all aspects."

"Oh Spock, of course. I would love to have another baby with you!" Uhura said, rushing to hug him.

"Then we shall speak with Dr. McCoy once we return to the ship, to discuss postponing your pregnancy preventi…does something amuse you?" Spock said when Uhura interrupted him with her giggling.

"Apparently we were on the same wave length. I missed my appointment to get my new shot in all the wedding madness. I could already be pregnant."

"Nyota…" Spock said, pulling his wife to his chest. "You have made me very happy."

"I thought Vulcans did not feel happiness."

"They know not what they are missing," he muttered into her lips as he kissed her.

"Grandfather? I wish to learn a skill today," Aurora chirped cheerfully as she entered the room.

"That is reasonable. Is there a particular skill you wish to learn?"

"I would like to learn to fly a starship."

"Aurora that is a highly unreasonable request for a child your age, perhaps I could teach you to play the Vulcan lyre? Your father took great pride in it in his youth," Sarek said trying to placate her.

"Very well. Can you teach me to play Happy Birthday? Mother's birthday is coming soon."

"I am afraid I am unfamiliar with that particular ballad," Sarek immediately regretted this statement, as Aurora began her four-year-old rendition of the tune. In the fashion of most small children, she was terribly off-key. "I cannot teach you that song, but I can teach you a song that Spock loved as a child. I believe Amanda referred to it as "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star."

"I know that song! Yes, Grandfather, that will be most satisfactory!" Rory said excitedly.

"Let us adjourn to the other room to begin."

"Spock! I'm back!" Uhura called, entering their hotel room loaded down with bags.

"I am glad. How was shopping?"

"Very productive! I got something for you," she said, bringing him a small bag. He opened it neatly, and pulled forth a tiny shirt with the words "Daddy's Little Boy" printed onto it.

"I am afraid it will not fit."

"That's good because it isn't for you." Spock's eyes widened in realization.

"Nyota…" Spock said expectantly.

"I'm pregnant. Almost a month along," the words barely escaped her mouth before Spock was upon her. He gently kissed her, and began running his hands all along her body. His hands stopped on her stomach. He molded his hands to her now-flat belly and waited. He was rewarded with a light nudge in his mind.

"I can feel it," he said excitedly.



"It's a boy."

"Aurora will not like this. She informed me last week that boys behaved irrationally and she wanted nothing more to do with them."

"She will adjust, just as you will have to adjust to me growing fat."

"Ah, Nyota, you will always be beautiful to me."


"I have no idea to what you are referring."

"I bet you don't," she said with a smile.

"I believe we should celebrate. Perhaps you would like me to rub your back?"

"Spock, you are perfect."

"The state of perfection is illog…"

"Shut up and kiss me." And he did.

Spock and Uhura returned from their honeymoon at the end of two weeks as promised. Aurora played "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" as a welcome home present for them. She was thrilled at the prospect of being a big sister, and decided that she would have to teach her little brother to act differently from the other irrational boys. Spock had thought on his wedding day that things could not get better. He was never so happy to be proven wrong.