Fighting to Breathe

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"Just hold on Sammy, we're almost there." Dean begged as he drove the Impala towards the hospital looming in the distance. He could hear the air gurgling from what he feared was a sucking chest wound. He kept his hand plastered over the entry wound on Sam's chest knowing how grievous the wound was as he drove at top speed towards the hospital in town. His heart broke at the way Sam was pleading for his help knowing there was nothing he could do to take away Sam's pain and fear.

"De' can't br-breathe, help m-me." Sam pleaded as he struggled to take in air. He felt like he was suffocating and black spots were beginning to dance in front of his eyes. "De, please, I don't wanna die." Sam gasped just before passing out, a pale blue tinge showing around his lips.

"Sammy, don't you do this." Dean begged as he pulled up to the ER entrance applying the brakes forcefully, with the tires loudly squealing. Climbing out of the Impala, he screamed, "I need some help over here." As he rushed around the front of the car and quickly pulled open Sammy's door, bracing himself as his baby brother fell limp into his waiting arms.

Dean didn't take the time to notice if anyone answered his call for help and instead focused his attention solely on getting Sammy out of the car. He secured his arm around the middle of Sam's back and then placed an arm under his legs as he pulled him from the car. Standing up with a grunt, he noticed two EMT's rushing towards him with a gurney for him to place his brother on. Taking a deep breath, he hesitated for just a moment before placing Sam onto the portable bed, afraid of losing his baby brother if he didn't hold on to him tight. He quickly placed his hand over the wound in Sam's chest once again and then they all started jogging towards the hospital entrance pushing the gurney along between them.

Entering through the sliding doors, Dean saw a doctor motioning them towards the nearest treatment room and ran alongside the EMT's as the did as instructed. Upon entering through the room, Dean relinquished his hold on Sam and stood back to watch as a doctor and the two EMT's transferred Sam from the gurney onto the small bed located in the center of the room.

"What are we looking at?" the doctor questioned as he immediately placed an oxygen mask over Sam's mouth and nose and hooked him up to a heart monitor to keep a close eye on his vital signs. It was obvious the young man wasn't getting enough oxygen by the graying tinge of his skin and the bluish color surrounding his mouth.

"If I'm not mistaken, the kid has a pneumothorax from the sounds he was making when we first got to him." Bradley, the burly medical technician informed the doctor as he started cutting off Sammy's shirt so they could have better access to his chest. Pulling the shirt apart, the EMT gasped at the sight that met his eyes.

"Holy shit, what the hell could have done this much damage?" Dr. John Kelly questioned upon seeing the deep hole that was surrounded by frothy pink blood and four deep gashes that crossed his young patient's chest. He didn't take the time to contemplate that thought however knowing that time was of the essence since his patient was indeed suffering from a sucking chest wound. Taking a deep breathe, John shouted out, "Bradley, get me a pressure dressing to put on this wound until I can get this kid into surgery and do a thoracostomy on him."

Cleaning the blood from the surrounding area, John applied the pressure bandage to the wound and then placed the sterile packaging it came in over the bandage to make an airtight seal. He then taped down all sides of the material leaving one small corner unsealed which would allow trapped air to escape, hopefully making it easier for his young patient to breathe. Motioning Danny, the other EMT over to help, they rolled Sam onto his left side to take some of the pressure off of his good lung.

John was in the process of calling to schedule an operating room for the thoracostomy when he heard the heart monitor begin to signal that his patient was in distress. Looking at the monitor, he saw the wavy lines indicating that his young patient was now in ventricular fibrillation. "Damn it, he's going into cardiac arrest." He shouted as Sam's room suddenly became a flurry of activity.


Forty eight hours earlier:

"Hey Sammy, you about ready to stop for the night?" Dean questioned as he spotted a sign up ahead for the Stardust Motel proclaiming that the weary traveler could receive "the most heavenly night of rest available on earth" within is rooms. Receiving no answer, Dean glanced over to see his little brother with his head resting on his right arm as it was propped against the window. From the light of the full moon, he could see that Sammy's eyes were closed and that he was breathing evenly in slumber.

"Guess that answers my question." Dean thought with a smile as he reached over to lightly ruffle Sam's hair. They had been on the road for four days now and it was obviously taking a toll on his baby brother. He hated the fact that they had been forced to sleep in the car for the past few nights since they had been low on funds. Luckily, he had won four hundred dollars earlier in the evening when they stopped for a beer hoping to get in a few games of pool with the locals so they wouldn't have to sleep in the car again.

Pulling into the parking lot of the motel, he stopped the Impala in front of the office where he could keep a watch on it and its' sleeping occupant as he went in to get a room for the night. He handed over the required cash since their last credit card had maxed out a few days ago and the new ones he had applied for with false aliases hadn't arrived yet. Holding the old fashioned keys to the room in his hand, he thanked the elderly motel owner and walked back out to the car. Opening the door, he quietly slid behind the wheel and drove down to room number eleven. Parking the car right in front of their room, he reached over and gently shook his brother's shoulder. "Sammy, time to wake up tiger. I've got us a room and you can finally sleep in a real bed tonight."

"Kay De" Sam replied without truly awaking as he snuggled into the crook of his arm a little further and began to lightly snore.

"Un uh kiddo, I'm not carrying you." Dean informed Sam as he shook him a little harder. "Your gigantor ass is way too big to carry now."

"Dean, wha'?" Sam questioned as he startled awake and rubbed his weary eyes with his fists like he used to do when he was much younger.

"I've got us a room kiddo, Why don't you go on in and I'll get our bags." Dean said as he handed over a key, smiling at how out of it Sammy was. Damn the kid must have been sleeping hard.

"Yeah, okay." Sam replied as he reached over and opened the door. Rising to his feet, he wavered just a little before grasping the door to steady himself.

"Shit Sammy, what's the matter with you?" Dean queried as he rushed around the front of the car and grasped Sam by his elbow.

"Nothing. M'fine, just tired is all." Sam said as he took a stumbling step forward wanting nothing more than to lie down and close his eyes one again.

"Yeah I can see that bro." Dean stated as he led Sam over to the door to their designated room. He kept a steadying hand on Sam as he quickly opened the sturdy motel room door and then led him over to the farthest bed. Turning back the covers, Dean said, "Sit down before you fall down." As he guided Sam down towards the bed into a sitting position.

Making sure that Sam wasn't going to topple over, he said, "I'm going to go out and get our things. Why don't you get yourself ready for bed." Seeing Sam nod that he would, Dean went outside to get their duffle bags from the trunk as well as Sam's laptop. He knew his brother would want it to surf the net in the morning.

Returning to the room and locking the door for the night, Dean turned around and snorted at the sight of Sam flopped over on the bed, eyes closed and still wearing his jacket and shoes. Fearing that Sam was getting sick, he palmed his forehead to find it relatively cool. Breathing a sigh of relief, he bent down to untie Sam's shoes and pulled them off followed by his socks. Next, he pulled Sam up into a sitting position and tugged off the jacket he was wearing as his brother mumbled something unintelligible. Laying Sam down with his head resting on the pillow, Dean swung his brother's legs up onto the bed and then reached over to unsnap his blue jeans and pull down the zipper. "Do you know how long it's been since I've had to undress you?" Dean said quietly knowing that Sam wouldn't hear him. He quickly pulled off Sam's jeans knowing he wouldn't sleep comfortably in them and then tugged the blanket up over his lightly snoring baby brother. Sam would probably be embarrassed at having been undressed like a toddler in the morning, but at least he would get a good night's rest.

"Night kiddo." Dean said as he sat on the edge of the bed and carded his fingers through Sam's hair remembering all the times he had had to put a sleeping Sammy to bed when they were younger. He watched Sam for just a few minutes, noticing how he still looked like an innocent child in sleep and then got up to salt the door and windows. Checking on Sammy once more, he pulled a clean t-shirt and boxers out of his duffle bag and walked into the bathroom to take a quick shower. He didn't like the idea of leaving Sam unprotected for too long.

Climbing out of the shower and drying off, Dean dressed in his night clothes and brushed his teeth before checking the salt lines once again. Climbing into his own bed, he turned on the television and turned down the sound before scanning the channels. Finding nothing to catch his interest, he was about to turn off the television when a breaking news report flashed across the screen. Turning up the sound just enough for him to hear, he listened intently as the reporter talked about the grisly discovery of three bodies found earlier in the woods outside of Bantonsville, Missouri. Listening to eye witness reports about an unusual looking creature, Dean wondered if they had just found their next hunt. Deciding to check things out in the morning, he turned off the television and then rolled onto his side to check on Sammy once more before fading off to sleep himself.

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