Fighting to Breathe Ch. 25

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Previously: Thirty minutes later found the hunters all resting on their behinds as they waited for the fish to take the bait attached to the hook at the end of their lines, each feeling more carefree than they had in years. And for the first time since Sam had been hurt, they thought about something other than how badly he had been hurt and the dialysis sessions ahead.

Looking back on their time at the lake as he waited for Sam's latest dialysis session to complete, Bobby realized it had been truly a turning point for the youngest Winchester. Sam had gained a brighter outlook on things and for the first time in a while, he really believed he could beat the kidney problem and become completely healthy once again. Even though his first session had been near disastrous, Sam had faith that things would go much better for him and that faith had been rewarded many times over during the past few weeks as his health continued to improve with each consecutive dialysis session. So here he was now, waiting for Sam to come back from the tests he was undergoing to find out if he could stop taking the dialysis treatments.

Glancing at his watch, his knee bounced up and down with nervousness at the boys having been gone for over forty five minutes now. He knew the doctor had said it would take some time to run the tests, but jeez, Dean could have least kept him updated throughout the process. He had no idea how long it would take to test for the creatinin levels or the other things the doc had mentioned, but surely they would have known something by now. Blowing out an exaggerated breath, he stood up and walked over to the nurse's desk.

"Excuse me, but can you find out for me how things are going with my nephew Sam. He's been undergoing those tests for quite a while now and I'm getting kind of anxious here." Bobby pleaded.

"Mr. Singer, I'm sure the doctor will let you know as soon as he has the results. I know it seems like it's been a long wait, but these tests take time." The nurse cajoled hoping to relieve the man's anxiety. She knew how close he was to his nephews since he had been here for ever single treatment Sam had undergone.

Sighing, Bobby walked away dejectedly and sat down in his chair. Taking off his trucker's cap, he tugged his fingers through his hair in agitation. "These tests take time." He snidely repeated before taking his hat off and flinging it across the room towards the doors where Sam had been taken through, Dean choosing to walk through the doors at that very moment.

"Whoa, what did I do?" Dean asked as he reached down to pick up the trucker's cap tp return to the gruff hunter.

"Sorry Dean, I was just…well, it's your own damn fault ya idjit for not coming out here sooner to talk to me. Don't you know I've been worried as hell out here boy, waiting to find out some information?"

"Damn Bobby, I'm sorry, I didn't think." Dean apologized contritely as he gave Bobby back his cap. "I would have came out sooner, but Sammy was refusing the catheter test to check for sugar levels in his urine. It took some talking to get him to agree to the phloridizin test and have the catheter inserted."

"Can't say I blame the kid." Bobby retorted as he unconsciously squeezed his legs together at the thought of having a catheter up his joystick.

"Yeah, well, they're doing the test now. They'll be checking his urine every fifteen minutes for sugar levels. His doctor says it's one of the best tests for determining just how healthy Sam's kidneys are now." Dean informed Bobby as he took a seat by the man to wait. Sam wouldn't allow him to be in the room while the tests were being done.

"Great, so now we both get to play the waiting game." Bobby grumbled as he slumped down in the chair at the thought of having to go through another long wait.

Three hours and four cups of coffee later, Dean and Bobby were both relieved to see Sam's doctor finally walking towards them. Pushing quickly too their feet, the hunters walked across the room and met the doctor half way.

"So how is my brother doc?" Dean questioned as he nervously tapped his fingers on his muscular thigh while waiting for an answer.

"I'm happy to report your brother is doing just fine Dean. I've just gotten all his test results back and Sam's kidneys are functioning normally once again. He will no longer have to take the dialysis sessions, though I am recommending that he take some beta blockers and ACE inhibitors to help him maintain good renal function, at least for now."

"That's fantastic news doc, when can he go home?" Dean asked with a broad smile on his face.

"Well, he's getting dressed now. I just have to write his prescriptions and get his released papers signed, then he can be on his way." The doctor answered.

"Thanks Doc. We can never repay you for what you've done for Sam." Bobby stated as he reached out to take the man's hand and gave it a firm shake.

"You're welcome, but I was just doing my job. Sam walking out of here in relatively good health is all the payment I need." Dr. Carson Brady said as he walked over to the nurses desk to get the release papers. His patient was ready to go home.

"Uh, hey doc, can we go in there and sit with Sammy until he's released?" Dean questioned with a need to get back to his baby brother.

"Sure, he's in treatment room five." The doctor answered as he filled out the release papers with the required information the family would need to take care of Sam over the next few days. He couldn't help but smile at how quickly the two men shot off through the door upon getting his consent. Sam was obviously a very important part of their world.

Pushing through the treatment doors, Dean and Bobby walked down the small hallway, their noses scrunching up at the antiseptic smell. Striding into treatment room five, the walked in just in time to see Sam pulling on his shoes.

"Hey kiddo, the doc says your ready to make your grand escape from this fine institution." Dean voiced with a huge smile as he reached out his hand and ruffled Sam's chocolaty brown locks.

"Yeah, can't say I'll miss this place though." Sam voiced a little shakily as tears misted his eyes. He couldn't believe that he was finally putting the place and kidney failure behind him.

"I know what you mean Tiger. If I never see this place again, it will be too soon for me." Dean replied, his voice cracking a little also. He had watched Sam go through the fight of his life and it had scared him more than a couple of times to think Sammy might not have come out on top when his situation had been dire.

"Well if you two are finished running your mouths, we can finally get the kid out of here." Bobby said as he leaned against the door watching the two Winchesters with fatherly concern. God how he loved those boys, even if he never said it.

A few hours later found the hunters preparing a celebratory dinner at Singer Salvage. As Dean worked on grilling the steaks, Bobby put some potatoes on to bake and then went to work on making a salad. They had all been eating bland meals for so long that they couldn't wait to sink their teeth into a man's meal, at least that was the way that Dean had referred to it. Of course he couldn't help but pick at Sam for wanting the salad, saying how girly it was of him to need the rabbit food to complete the meal. He had paid for the comment however when Bobby swatted him hard on the behind for it, telling him to leave his brother alone.

Standing there at the grill, Dean relished in the laughter he heard coming from Bobby's house. Sam had gotten a big kick out of seeing him rub his behind after being chastised by Bobby. Damn, but that man had a hard hand. But the embarrassment of having been spanked was well worth the price with the reaction Sammy was now having. Turning the steaks over so that the other side could cook, Dean felt a little wistful wishing his dad had been here to share in such a happy time.

"Hey bro, is something wrong? You look like you've got something on your mind." Sam inquired as he walked over and placed the A1 steak sauce on the side of the grill. He knew how much Dean liked the sauce grilled into his steak.

"Nah, I was just remembering a promise I made to you when you were in that other hospital and fighting for your life." Dean said not wanting to bring up their dad knowing how his death still affected Sammy.

What promise? I don't remember you making any promise." Sam retorted as he searched his memory.

"That's because you were still unconscious." Dean explained as he poured the sauce over the steak. "What do you think about taking a vacation to the Grand Canyon Sammy?"

"What?" Sam asked incredulously as his mouth gaped open in surprise. "Dean, we've never taken a vacation from hunting. You know that."

"That's the point Sammy. Hunting has been our whole lives lately. I just think it's time we took a small break and did something we've wanted to do for years now.

"Dean, I, I don't know what to say." Sam admitted, the whole idea having taken him by complete surprise.

"Say that you wanna go bitch." Dean replied with a smirk as he looked at his baby brother. It wasn't often he caught Sam by surprise and he was relishing in the moment.

"Of course I want to go jerk." Sam replied, his eyes twinkling with merriment at the idea. He'd always dreamed of going to the Grand Canyon since they drove past the billboard advertising it years ago when their dad had taken them out west on a hunt.

"Fantastic. We'll spend another week or so here at Bobby's to make sure you're fully rested and then we'll hit the road. I don't want to take any chances with you not being back to full health."

"Hey, maybe we should ask Bobby if he wants to go." Sam said as he held out the platter for Dean to put the steaks on now that they had finished cooking on the grill.

"Sounds good, he's been there for us a lot over the past month. And besides, the old coot needs to do something fun once in a while too." Dean agreed as he and Sam walked back towards the house. Dean didn't know how he would have ever gotten through the past month by himself without Bobby's shoulder to lean on. The man had become more than just a friend, he was now a father figure to them. Entering the house and sitting down to dinner, the hunters talked excitedly about their upcoming vacation, content in the fact that Bobby had agreed to join them.

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