by Erin Griffin

Fandom: Murder In Suburbia

Rating: PG for one swear, I think

Disclaimer: ITV owns them, not me.

Author's Note: Unbeta'd. All mistakes and Americanisms are my own.

Scribbs looked away, embaressed. She hastily wiped her tears away and turned off the DVD player. She then got up to get tissue. She should've known that that time would have been no different from the others. No matter what, the blonde just couldn't make it through the film with dry eyes, and now she'd have to look at Ash to know if she was laughing at her or not. She worried that even if she heard no sound from her brunette partner, that Ash was still laughing at her with her eyes. "Scribbs, its no big deal. Lots of women cry at movies. Some even need a movie to let it all out. I don't see why you won't look at me," her partner said. There were no hints of laughter in her voice, and Scribbs ventured a look at her.

"Sure, but who cries at E.T?"

"I'm sure many people do-"

"Many children," Scribbs cut in.

"Not just children, Scribbs. Its a triumphant sort of movie, and I'm sure lots of people need a good cry afterwards," Ash repeated.

"Yeah, but every single time?" Scribbs asked. Ash had to admit she was stuck there, but she reached out for her girlfriend.

"Look sweetheart, its not like I've never seen you cry before."

"This is different," Scribbs said somewhat roughly.

"I don't think so. I've seen you cry after getting a papercut-"

"That was a nasty papercut, and you're not helping your case any." Scribbs had a pout on her face now.


"I'm not like Alex, you know," Scribbs said after a moment. At this, Ash looked at the blonde as if she'd taken out a wand and started shouting spells at her.

"Is that what's the matter?"

"You didn't like that he was such a crybaby."

"You don't cry after sex, well, except that one time-"

"The first time, and I was happy that you finally got the hint!" Scribbs protested.

"I know. I don't see you like that at all," Ash said. "I don't understand how you got to that conclusion." Scribbs was still silent, and finally, Ash said, "Alright, fine." She went to their movie collection and found a VHS tape that she hadn't seen in years and handed it to Scribbs, who raised an eyebrow upon reading the title. "I promise you it will make you feel better."

"I don't see how watching Home Alone Two will make me feel better, but alright." She put the movie in and fast forwarded through all of the trailers. 'Those movies must be a good ten years old by now,' Scribbs thought as she settled into the couch with Ash, who put her arms around her almost immediately.

About a half an hour later, Scribbs looked up to see twin streak in her girlfriend's eyes. She leaned forward, moving Ash in the process, and grabbed some of the tissue. She then handed it to Ash. "Thank you,"

"You know, you're right. I do feel better," Scribbs said, feeling bad because she knew there was a smile in her voice as she said this.

"Shut up," Ash all but growled. Scribbs did let out a laugh at that, then kissed the brunette's forehead.

"I love you, too,"

"We're even now, yeah?" Ash said after her eyes were dry.

"Of course. Thank you," Scribbs replied, settling in a little more so she was comforting her girlfriend, glad she wasn't the only crybaby between them.