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Chapter One: Enough

Alex tapped a nervous beat on his desk. He looked at the packet in front of him. It was an exam on the Cold War. He grimaced. He knew next to nothing about this event except that it was mainly between the United States and Russia. For crying out loud, he hadn't even been present for the past couple of months because of his god-forsaken missions.

He chewed on the tip of his pencil and leaned forward to scribble an answer to a question. He knew it wasn't exactly right, but at least he made an attempt. Alex flipped a page and answered another one, this time on weapons used in the Cold War. He half-smiled to himself. Yes, he knew a lot about those.

"Five minutes left!" called the grating voice of Mr. Garner, the history teacher. Alex's tapping resumed double tempo. He still hadn't even finished half the test yet!

The students around him looked at him disapprovingly. Everyone could hear his tapping since it was the only sound in the room besides the frantic scribbling of classmates finishing the test.

Mr. Garner glanced up at Alex and said, "Mr. Rider, please stop your incessant tapping! Some of your classmates are trying to concentrate."

"Sorry, sir," muttered Alex. He always knew Mr. Garner hated him. His history teacher was the kind of man who regarded his own words as if they had came from the lips of God himself. Alex wasn't too fond of the man himself.

He tried in vain to squeeze out a couple more answers from his already dead brain cells. He sighed to himself. Alex, for the past couple of weeks had been, well there was no better word for it, slacking off. He felt listless and didn't seem to want to do anything. Especially not his wretched history homework.

"Times up! Turn your papers face down while I come around to collect them. Oh and take out your research paper as well. I will collect them together," said Mr. Garner to the class.

Research paper?! Alex groaned out loud. He had definitely not done that one. Heck, he didn't even know there had been one assigned. He watched in trepidation as Mr. Garner wound through rows of students collecting the exam and the research paper.

Finally, Mr. Garner reached his desk. The history teacher picked up his exam and glanced through it scornfully. It was obvious that Alex was in for some tongue-lashing.

The teacher stared down at Alex and spoke in a carrying voice, "Mr. Rider, did you even read about the Cold War chapter? You only filled out half of your exam. And where in the world is your research paper?"

Alex mumbled quietly, "Didn't do it."

"Sorry, what was that? I couldn't hear you," said Mr. Garner with an uncharacteristic sneer on his face.

Oh how he loved picking on the Rider boy. The boy was almost never present in his class. He was missing out on the best lectures. From the rumors he heard, he thought Alex was a druggie or a criminal. Besides, what else could those long absences be? In his opinion, these people were the scum of the country.

"I didn't do it," repeated Alex louder and this time, glaring at Mr. Garner.

"You didn't do it. Why am I not surprised," replied the teacher sardonically. "Just like you haven't done the hundred other assignments this year."

The classmates watched in fascination as the teacher ragged on poor Alex. Tom, Alex's best friend, glanced sympathetically at him.

Alex gritted his teeth. He hated the tone in which Mr. Garner spoke to him, as if he were a bug that the teacher wanted to squash. In fact, he hated Mr. Garner. The man knew nothing about what he had done through. Alex's serious brown eyes bore into the dull gray of the teacher's.

Mr. Garner suppressed a shudder while looking into Alex's eyes. He always felt uncomfortable around the boy. He watched Alex's cold brown eyes and saw shadows behind them. He broke eye contact.

Alex's anger was beginning to brim over. He had enough of this man who relentlessly taunted him this school week.

Mr. Garner continued, "You know, I always thought you were the good sort. Good student, star athlete, social, but that was before you uncle died."

The class drew a collective gasp. Everyone knew the tragedy of Alex's uncle's death. A brutal car accident, they had been told. Even they winced at the teachers words. This was crossing the line. Teachers were not supposed to be hurting their students like this.

"Look at what you become," said Mr. Garner, obliviously to the growing tension in the room. He was on a roll and wasn't about to stop anytime soon. "I wonder what your uncle thinks of you now. Perhaps it was your uncle who……"

He never got finish his words. Alex had leapt up from his seat, trembling in anger. How dare that fool of a teacher insult his uncle! His uncle, like him, had been in the spy business, protecting his country. The teacher was insulting his uncle's memory. He can rag on me, thought Alex angrily, but I won't take any directed at my family even if they are dead now.

"Shut up!" Alex half-yelled.

The students and teacher alike were stunned. Normally quiet Alex had erupted so violently. In addition, he had yelled at the teacher. There was no doubt Alex was in for it now.

"You..you…dare…" stuttered Mr. Garner in anger at this blatant show of disrespect.

Alex interrupted in a deadly whisper that sent shivers down everyone's spines. "You have no right to speak about him like that. He is worth ten times of you."

Before Mr. Garner could reply and most probably give Alex months of detention, if he was even here for that long, the bell rang. In one smooth motion, Alex grabbed up his book bag and stormed from the room. He slammed the door behind him.

"Well, I never….," said the teacher trying to recover himself, "Class dismissed!"

The rest of the class hurried out into the hallways and whispered excitedly. News of the confrontation between Mr. Garner and Alex Rider spread far and wide in a matter of minutes. Whispers and finger pointing followed Alex as he hurried down the halls.

God, why had he blown up like that, thought Alex regretfully. He was just so angry, for some reason. He wanted release, freedom in fact from all the nasty rumors about him. He especially wanted out with MI6. This incident probably killed his reputation even further.

"Alex, wait for me," came the shout of his friend Tom. Alex slowed down as his friend ran down the halls to catch up with him.

"Mr. Garner is the world's most humongous git," said Tom firmly. "I can't believe he said all those things to you. He could get fired, you know. That would do the whole school a favor."

Alex smiled at his friend's words. They cheered him up a little.

"Thanks," he replied. "I don't know why I reacted so strongly. I just felt so irritated with him."

"You should have gone karate on him," joked Tom, "Show him whose the man!"

Alex chuckled.

"And ruin my reputation further? I don't think so. Anyways, want to come over for bit today?" asked Alex. They hadn't hung out for awhile now.

"Sure," replied Tom easily.

Both headed out the main doors of the school and out into the bright sunlight.

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