Ooooookay………so this story hasn't been updated in ummmm several months. *winces and shudders* The problem is that my creative juices have been flowing towards Trigger instead. I don't want to abandon this story either, but I still got that horrible writer's block going on. You see, I have several flashes of stuff I want to write, but they don't link together correctly yet. Jeeze.

But anyways, this is another one of my little "want to know reader's opinions and ideas" kind of thing, hopefully to refuel my muse. So I definitely want to write a flashback chappie on the talk between Yassen and Alex about his father. But the problem is, I can't seem to think of any good action scenes regarding Yassen and John. Or scenes that helped inspire them to create SHADOW. Got any ideas? I'd love you guys forever if you suggest some stuff, ya?

Thanks muchly and Happy Holidays!