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Here's the next most requested fic, just as dark and angsty as you should expect from me by now. Warning this is pretty dark, even by my standards, and involves rape, so if this effects you in any way, maybe you should stop now.

I don't know if this is the right word to use, but - Enjoy!

It is late in the evening, and every apartment surrounding the Winchester's latest residence is quiet, but theirs, theirs is another story all together. John and Dean have been engaged in a screaming match with the youngest member of their family for near an hour.

And it doesn't end until Sam storms out of the room, towards his and Dean's shared bedroom. "Just leave me alone!" Sam screams at his father and brother as he violently slams his bedroom door shut.

After taking a moment to breathe, Dean and John turn towards each other, and Dean frustratedly tells his father. "I just don't know what to do, Dad! What does he want us to do?! Ever since we got him back from that god damned place, he just isn't Sammy any more ...It's like I don't even know him."

Flashback – Three months earlier

Sam sighs with relief as he reaches the door out of the classroom, there's only so long he can pretend that he isn't in serious pain from a hunt on the weekend that didn't end well, but just as he pushes the door open, his teacher calls out to him. "Samuel, can I see you for a minute?"

"Um..." Sam mumbles nervously, he just wants to get out to the parking lot, meet Dean, and go home.

But the teacher, Ms Clement doesn't give in. "I insist, Samuel. Just come take a seat."

And here is where Sam makes a mistake that he will never forget, never forgive himself for, he sits down, he should have run, met Dean and gotten out of town, but he sat down, and before he can even comprehend what is happening, a woman, dressed in a cheap suit, a social worker comes into the room and within minutes he is being dragged kicking and screaming out of the room by two police officers. They tell him it's for his own good, he'll be safe, looked after. No one will hurt him again. That's shit.

A week later Sam is put into a foster home, he hasn't even seen his father or brother since the day the police took him away. The social worker barely acknowledges Sam or his new foster parents before she leaves, it is quite clear that she couldn't care less what happens to Sam.

And his foster parents, Laurie and Nikki, it doesn't take a genius to see that they are only doing this for the money, Laurie is the typical lower class, out of work drunk, and Nikki, his 'partner' isn't any better.

Sam just prays that they will leave him alone until he can get back to his family as he lies down on the small, dirty bed that is now his, and not for the first time that week, he cries.

But Sam's prayers go unanswered when late that evening, as Sam is lying in bed, still crying, his stomach complaining bitterly that they hadn't offered him anything to eat that night, Laurie stumbles into the room.

Before Sam can respond, Laurie climbs into the bed with him and presses his filthy self against Sam, grabbing hold of him with one hand so that he can't run, while the other hand quickly finds Sam's crotch, and starts undoing his jeans.

Sam is stunned, and he can only lie there, too petrified to move or cry out as the large man puts his hand inside his underwear and rubs his penis forcefully.

He feels the man's erection growing, pressing against his ass, and much to his own repulsion and disgust at his own body's betrayal he can feel his body responding to Laurie's touch.

It isn't until Laurie has pulled his and Sam's pants and underwear completely off, and he is slicking himself up with lubricant that Sam comes to his senses and realises what is happening, and when he does, Sam screams, he screams until his throat is raw, but no one comes, no one comes to help him.

Sam doesn't stop screaming at all as Laurie violently forces himself inside Sam, his screams turn to those of pain as he feels his body being torn apart in ways he never thought possible.

And then just as Laurie finishes, and Sam thinks it is over as the man stands up, Laurie grabs Sam by his shirt collar and throws him into a wall, and he screams at him. "This is your fault! You disgusting little brat!" Before he storms out, leaving nothing but the scent of cheap liquor and body odor behind.

As soon as he is released from Laurie's grip, Sam falls to the ground, and there he lies, crying desperately, wishing that he would die, until late into the next morning.

Things don't improve from there, and Sam quickly gets to know the routine of his foster home – He is woken every morning with a swift kick to the ribs or groin, and is sent to school to avoid suspicion, he comes back as late as possible in the afternoon, Laurie and Nikki are drunk, sometimes passed out, he goes into his revolting room and does as much of his homework as possible before either his body collapses under the stress and pain or Laurie, sometimes Nikki too come into his room and rape him until they get bored, and when they do, they lay into him until they get sick of it and then they leave him where he falls until morning when it starts over again. He tries to tell his teachers, anyone near him what is happening, but it quickly becomes clear that they don't care and aren't going to get involved.


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