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Sam has been home for several days, and things have been going relatively smoothly, Sam mostly stays in his room, and Dean and John give him his space, trusting that when Sam is ready to talk to them, he will. That day comes sooner than they expected one night, when Dean walks into their shared room while Sam is reading on his bed.

"Hey Sammy. How was your day?" Dean asks cautiously as he goes over to the closet to look for his pajamas.

"..." Sam doesn't respond, but this is nothing new. But then, much to Dean's surprise, after a moment, Sam says. "Can, can we talk, Dean?"

Dean does a double take, but quickly masks his surprise as he stops what he is doing, and goes over to Sam's bed. "Sure thing, Sam. What do you want to talk about?"

"I... I don't know, maybe- Maybe this isn't a good idea." Sam mumbles softly, but Dean just places a reassuring hand on Sam's arm, and after a moment, Sam says. "They raped me, my foster parents, and hit me, pretty much every day. And now there's this hold inside me, and I just feel... It never feels better, it always hurts."

Dean is silent, shocked for a moment before he is snapped out of it by the sound of his brother crying, he silently pulls Sam closer to him, and holds him comfortingly, listening to him crying, having no idea how to make this better.

Dean cradles Sam against his chest as he cries himself to sleep, and as he listens to his baby brother's heartbreaking sobs, all Dean wants to do is kill the bastards that hurt him, who almost killed him, but Dean knows that he has to be there for Sam, and right now that is more important than revenge.

Once Sam eventually falls asleep and Dean has put him into bed, Dean goes out to where his father is sitting at the kitchen table, beer in hand, flicking through a magazine.

John looks up at his elder son, and as soon as he sees his face, silent tears still running down, he worriedly asks. "What's wrong, Dean? Is Sammy alright?"

"He told me." Dean says, not even able to look at his father, he just stares at the floor dejectedly.

John is silent, he doesn't understand what Dean means.

"He told me everything, Dad. Damn it, Dad, those bastards he was with when he got taken away, they hurt him so bad Dad." Dean says shakily as he sits down beside his father, and lays his head in his hands.


There is silence for almost a minute before John hesitantly asks. "What, what did he say, kiddo?"

"They raped him, Dad, and beat him." Dean says frustratedly, slamming his hand down on the table.

John almost loses it upon hearing this, his baby boy was raped! Because he wasn't around, his son was put in foster care, and he was fucking brutalized! But he forces down the anger that threatens to overwhelm him as he sees the tears polling in his older son's eyes, the slight shaking in his shoulders. He moves closer to Dean, and pulls him into a hug, wishing desperately that he could take away all the pain his sons are feeling, pain that is his own fault, that he could have avoided if he wasn't so damn obsessed with hunting, with revenge.

It is only now that John truly sees that his kids deserve so much more than this life, and from now on he's going to make sure they get it.

A month later, Sam is continuing to slowly improve, he is still going to see Dr Fisher at Woodlands Clinic twice a week, and it is helpful, but spending time with Dean, hanging out, slowly rebuilding his confidence and trust is doing so much more.

After another few months, John agrees to a suggestion made by Dean that while they need to be settled for Sam's sake, they should get out of town, this place has too many bad memories, and John actually, much to his sons' surprise, purchased a small three bedroom house in South Bend, Indiana, where he's lined up a job at the local garage, and Sam is enrolled to start at the high school, even Dean has been looking into taking a course at the community college.

Hunting has to take a backseat, John knows that now, he's already lost his wife, and he came far too close to losing his youngest son; next time he mightn't get his boy back.

The End.

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