Upon arriving at the dinner, House was greeted by Wilson, Chase, Cameron, Foreman, and Thirteen. They had a big table right up toward the front of the conference room. Apparently, the company was looking to appeal right to Cuddy, House, and their big group. The talking ceased as soon as Cuddy and House walked into the main hall. Apparently Cuddy had to go up onstage and start the dinner with a speech she was less than prepared for. Her table of supporters stared at her, unknowing of the circumstances that lead to her arriving with House at the very last second. Swallowing the last twenty four hours with grace, Cuddy walked onto the stage and the rest of the group moved to a table. She looked confident enough in House's eyes, and she seemed to know so as soon as she saw him in the crowd.

"Good evening, Princeton Plainsboro staff and supporters. Tonight's dinner and seminar are put on by none other than MarkingLabs Inc. to demonstrate new equipment and, um…" she cut off for a second, before looking at House who looked like he was telling her to tell the truth. Wilson seemed to be nodding as well, so she continued in a different light. "Okay, here's the truth. I'm not prepared, as some of you already know. I was in an accident a couple of days ago involving a car with my neighbors pinned inside. I almost died, lost my kid, and really, I've had a lot of help the last few hours."

The sponsor's table looked on unbelievingly. House snorted, knowing they probably had their heads so far up their pompous asses they didn't know of the goings on of their own hospital. Wilson gave House a disapproving look.

"What, It's TRUE!" House whispered back. Wilson shrugged and they looked back at Cuddy.

"Trust me, no one's enjoying tonight more than me," the crowd chuckled and clapped as Cuddy made her way towards House.

"How'd I do?" she asked.

"Fine, just fine. The dress I picked for you is totally stunning," House gloated.

"Yeah…yeah…can it. We're having a nice night, okay?" He smiled and pretended he had just looked up. "You are such a pig."

"No I'm not, I'm a guy." Wilson nudged House.

"Ex-nay on the pig thing!" He said. The rest of dinner went off without a hitch. Cuddy stayed alert for most of it, but it was evident she was still tired and was in need of some more rest, so House decided to make a beeline for the door around the time the demos were half over. Over by the door, though, stood one of the hospital's biggest contributors. Cuddy groaned, knowing this could only end one way.

"Lisa, where are you going?" he asked invasively.


"Under my orders, she is to go back to her hospital room and rest now," House interrupted. Cuddy almost seemed relieved House would step in for her and try to get her out.

"Sorry, but you're not leaving until you have to be CARRIED out," he said.

"Now look here—"

"No, no. That's fine. Let's go, House. We'll just…just…" and she fell over. Thinking she was serious, House rushed to her side.

"Lisa, Lisa! You okay?!" he then noticed the smirk on her face, and just kept playing along. "Oh god."

"My god, I'm so sorry I doubted you for a second, um," the man stuttered.

"Um uh, Greg House! The reason you keep supporting this place!" House replied rudely as the man opened the door and let them out.

Halfway down the hall, Cuddy dropped the act, and House was glad. To get out of eyesight and be able to set her down was good, because for as little as she weighed, his leg killed.

"Nice acting," House commented.

"Greg, thought I'd never stoop to your level?"

"Lisa, I hate that guy as bad as you do. I totally believed you were going down, though," House admitted. Cuddy pushed the elevator button, and luckily, the elevator was right on the floor. They got on and stood in the elevator in awkward silence.

"Um, thanks for being so concerned. You know you can drop the act and go back to being an ass anytime you want to," Cuddy suggested kindly.

"Nah, I enjoy this… and I will just a bit longer."

"Why?" Cuddy asked, as the elevator doors opened to her floor.

"Because of this," House picked her up again and they were half sprinting down the hallway, making sure no one saw they were back. Once in Cuddy's room, House drew the shades.

"I had a good time tonight," Cuddy admitted. "It felt good to not be confined to that dreadful hospital bed and—what are you doing?" Cuddy looked at House, who had gone to the bathroom to get the clean hospital gown that had been left there.

"Save the game and get over here and kiss me, right now, before I can change my mind."

"Should I bring the gown?" House mused.

"Sure, sure, why not?" Cuddy said. "Just get over here!"

"No way, my clothes are here too!"

"You're such a scammer." She scowled.

"Do I have to go now?" he asked. As much fun as Cuddy was having messing with him, she cut him some slack. Feeling him around her was just too much to hold back on. They kissed passionately for a long time before unexpectedly, Wilson walked in.


"Aww, Dad!" House grumbled.

"Hey, I said she had to go to bed, not go to bed WITH YOU," House and Cuddy both blushed.

"No, he can stay, really."

"Yeah, dad, I can handle it!" House whined.

"Fine then. Everyone go off and change and come back ONLY when DRESSED," Wilson said. House looked at Cuddy, who returned the glance.

"Yes, dad," they replied in unison.

"You guys are impossible," Wilson said. Ten minutes later, though, House and Cuddy were on their own again.