New story, but don't know if I should continue or not. Just the full summary for now, and tell me what you think. If I get enough good reviews (at least two) I'll put up the next chapter to see how everyone likes it, and yadayada, so on and so forth. Ok, so on with the show…

Bella, her younger brother Jacob, and her dad move into an old house in Forks, Washington, called Cullen Manor, after a family that lived there during the 1900's. It's a beautiful house, but it's also old. And scary.

Bella's the only one who had seen them that first night. Three handsome boys, two beautiful girls, and five adults. She only saw a boy, but she is aware of the others.

The house isn't normal, and she is determined to find out what- or who- else is lurking in the shadows. But will she survive it? If Edward can help it, yes, but if James can, no.

SO what do ya think?