I watched a lot of Rugrats this past week. And then I started watching All Grown Up on the Internet. I really like Chuckie and Kimi's relationship. I wish that I had a brother like Chuckie. This is my first Rugrats/All Grown Up fanfiction, even though I've thought about others.

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Kimi sat up and stretched. Chuckie snored softly beside her. Her back ached from falling asleep on the couch.

She had rented "Revenge of the Dentist From Beyond the Grave" to celebrate Chuckie getting his braces taken off. Unfortunately, the movie turned out to be a total snooze-fest. And if the current position of her stepbrother was any indication, he thought so too.

Kimi nudged him with her elbow. "Chuckie, wake up."

He batted at her arm and returned to his snoring. Kimi rolled her eyes. Well, there were other ways to wake a Finster.

Whispering to the darkness, she said, "Sure, Tommy. I'd love to marry you."

She giggled as Chuckie's eyes shot open and he sat up straight. He turned sleepily to her.

Raising a finger drowsily, he mumbled, "No sister of mine…marry…best friend." His words faded as he slipped back into dreamland.

Kimi sighed and considered leaving him there. She knew though, that Chuckie always carried her to bed whenever she dozed off somewhere.

Well, she couldn't carry him, so Kimi draped his arm around her shoulders and forced Chuckie to his feet. She realized that she wouldn't be able to drag him up the stairs. She needed to wake him up a little.

"Chuckie, Lil's here to see you."

His eyes opened again. "Huh? Lil?"

Kimi rolled her eyes once more. "Yes, Lil's here to see you at three in the morning. Wake up so we don't get killed on the stairs, okay?"

It was much easier to pull the redhead up the steps after that than it would've been if he'd been fully asleep.

After dumping him on his bed, Kimi chuckled when she saw that Chuckie had neglected to remove his glasses before snuggling beneath the covers.

She gently lifted the purple frames and set them by his alarm clock.

"Goodnight, bro."

Before she closed the door on the way to her room, Kimi heard Chuckie whisper, "Sweet dreams, sis."

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